[Perth, Australia] Perth Bladers Check In!

Bladers from Perth, Western Australia check in here and let us know what formats/series you play or would like to see hosted in Perth! We are aiming to get a scene going here and are trying to get as many people together as possible!

- th!nk

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There aren't many bladers in Perth unfortunately ... If you really want to attend a tournament, come to one of Melbourne's or Sydney's.
i know ayee D: rlly want something to happen @ perth...
I'd attend as long as I wasn't working on the day. But yeah, I'm not really good at organising groups of people, so we need an organiser Uncertain
strange... i posted sumthing earlier.... why can't i see it anymore, oh oh , I'm from Perth, Hi all =D
I could organize but I need someone to organize a location...
Great idea, I'd love to have a tourney in Perth,I'm in for sureWink
And where will this be?
can anybody host a tornament
im in
where and when
I would like to do that, but I have to go to school and work as well, so can not.
I would like to do that, but I have to go to school and work as well, so can not.
(Dec. 10, 2010  3:04 AM)hallows64 Wrote: Is anyone planning a tournament in Perth? Everythings always in the eastern states, and personally, I'm sick of it. if there's any Perth users feeling the same way and wants to host a tournament, tell me.

I'm holding a bey tournament for my site in kingswood on the 6th of march. Kingswood is right near penrith.
thye said PERTH
(Feb. 28, 2011  6:24 AM)Nile Wrote: thye said PERTH

I'm not silly but it's basicly next to it.
Penrith perth perth is ACROSS THE COUNTRY DUDE
(Feb. 28, 2011  6:28 AM)Nile Wrote: Penrith perth perth is ACROSS THE COUNTRY DUDE

Oh I miss read sorry.
Sorry about that
it is Australia--Western Australian Perth.
As said earlier, we just need someone to organize the tourney, or even someone to teach me how to, we just need one!
Perth doesn't get enough action here. Come on Western Australia! Lets have a Tourney!
A tourney in Perth would be wicked! I'll Pm the local team omega nova bladers about this for sure!
The problem is, look at how many of us there are, unless we advertise and have a whole bunch of small children using Dark Bull or Poison Serpent or Storm Pegasis coming along, there won't be enough players.

Also, how many of us, other than myself, have an Attack Stadium? Because we'd need quite a few.

And we'd still need someone to organise a venue, though I suppose if there's a park with good level ground, we could use a tarp and go there, but for it to be worthwhile, it'd need to be a day where EVERYONE came along.
AND there'd need to be prizes, we'd need to convince people to buy tourney passes, and find someone trustworthy enough to be the host who has time to record the points, and unbiased Judges.

And, unless someone is willing to spend their own money on prizes, the prizes would have to be pretty lame, like, TWO METAL FACES lame, because there won't be enough attendees to make it worthwhile. At best, you'd get basalt horogium or hell kerbecs, which the winner will probably have anyway.

We could obviously have a non-official get-together, but pretty much no-one would come, and I'd look awkward (I get the feeling I'm the oldest Perth Blader here...)

And odds are unless there are enough lot of us, someone's gonna come over and LAUGH AT THE CHILDRENS GAEMZ or whatever. Or, just laugh at the ranga who's too old for childrens games either losing to or beating children at a childrens game* Tongue_out Which would then involve me wrecking someone (GINGER RAAAGE), which would then reflect badly on the whole thing, and I'd become that guy who got into a fight at a beyblade tourney, and then the joke would get old, and then I'd get even grouchier on here. Also, if it happened before the finals, I'm sure peoples parents would take them home, if they're there, or whatever, and it'd be for nothing.

(I know you're not all Children children but from what I can tell, I'm guessing few of you are out of high school, right?)
So, yeah, I don't like our chances, unless Momiji, Fyuuor, and the other good Australian bladers all decide to take a holiday to perth at the same time. And who'd come HERE on a holiday?

i have 1 attack stadium and live in perth nearperth city and rockingham
im in as lon as it's on a weekend