[Perth, Australia] Perth Bladers Check In!

(Jan. 10, 2014  12:07 AM)DRAGON KING Wrote:
(Jan. 10, 2014  12:05 AM)BladerDanger Wrote: Would there be an age limit or something?

There are no age limits with WBO tournaments Smile.

Then that would be AWESOME and I know a few people who I think would like to attend a tourny here.
(Jan. 10, 2014  12:14 AM)BladerDanger Wrote: Then that would be AWESOME and I know a few people who I think would like to attend a tourny here.

Cool, make sure to tell them to sign up and a tournament could actually finally happen.
Cool. Also, you should try register on the Beymap. It perfect to see how many bladers are near there and you could register events (I'm not sure if that's just the calander?) It does come in handy. Good luck with things!
I will ask them asap. And one other thing I have a 6 year old brother who may or may not be interested and if he is would he be able to participate if not I understand. (he has a Hasbro Legend Cyber Pegasus and a Takara Tomy Meteo L-Drago).
(Jan. 10, 2014  1:55 AM)BladerDanger Wrote: I will ask them asap. And one other thing I have a 6 year old brother who may or may not be interested and if he is would he be able to participate if not I understand. (he has a Hasbro Legend Cyber Pegasus and a Takara Tomy Meteo L-Drago).

Absolutely : as long as he follows the rules like everyone, or at least that he does not touch the stadium during battles and does not touch the Beyblades while they are in play, there should not be any real trouble.
Cool. My brother doesn't touch the beys or the stadium when we're in a battle so that should be fine. Ps: Me and my brother aren't particularly good so if the idea of a tourny in Perth come's to life (which would be GREAT) if anyone battles me or my brother don't be expecting an awesome battle as we don't have many beys to take apart and customise ( I have 7 metal series beys and my bro has 2)
Just a question: what is the average age of participants of WBO tourny?
In past Perth tournaments, we've had a wide range. I'm 22, and only r0ckbull, if I can get in touch with him, is older than me. We've had kids as young as ten or eleven if I remember correctly. We have adults play and young children play and honestly, as it turns out adults don't really have a big advantage aside from being able to buy more parts.

Perth has always been a very friendly community so there's the possibility someone might be willing to lend you a part or two to improve your combos. I'm usually a bit more protective of my stuff just because it's hard to keep track of what I've lent out and run a tournament at the same time, but we'll see.

Definitely notify your friends and have them sign up, If we can get eight people, I can quite happily host - I need a new stadium but that can be sorted out I'm sure. Right now I'd rather host one in Limited Format, so you should head to The MFB Limited Discussion subforum and read up about it and let me know what you think via PM. If you need any help etc with that or anything really seeing as we're both in Perth, feel free to shoot me a PM, I might not respond right away because I'm kinda busy at the moment but I'll get you sorted as fast as I can. Smile
Sounds good I guess...just a shame about ALL 4D wheels being banned as I JUST ordered a Takara Tomy Fang leone and my lil bro ordered 1 bey and it added up to almost $70 if you're more happy to host a tourny in limited format then i won't complain but why are u more comfotarble hosting a limited one?
I prefer the gameplay of Limited, and also I think we've got a much better chance of getting people who played in past perth tourneys to play Limited rather than Standard, given most of them have good stuff for limited but not so much for standard.
That said, if we can get a Limited format tourney off the ground I would certainly be willing to host a standard format one in future if we can get enough people for that too.
Fair enough still sounds good! The only reason I asked about Limited is that all my beys and parts that are legal in limited are, to my knowledge, very outclassed against other beys and parts that fit into the Limited format.
I may be able to lend combos/parts to people if it's organized well in advance (so I can write out a checklist etc to make sure I get my stuff back), so don't worry about it too much, but if you have time/money to buy stuff beforehand I can probably give you some advice etc if you need it.

There should also be plenty of notice before the tourney to get new stuff, as we'll have to find a weekend that works for people and I don't think we'll be able to organize something before school starts again for most people, but we'll see what happens. Smile

I'll send out a PM to all the old Perth attendees etc, and try to track down any mobile numbers given to me (I lost them all a while back). Let's see if we can't revive Perth Grin
Sounds real good man! I got into beyblade's when I was 4 but never got 1 until I was 6 and it was Dragoon G and that's when I was living in Brisbane but never went to a tourny but always did.

*but always wanted to

Where would this tourny take place? I'm guessing it'll be in Perth but where in Perth??
The answer may be obvious or not but why 8 people exactly? Edit: Kings Park sounds good read your pm's though
Just for future reference, try to edit your posts instead of double posting haha.

8 people is the minimum for a tournament to be accepted by the WBO, I forget the exact reason why, though.

As for the location, we used to play in Kings Park but depending who is interested in coming along, we might find somewhere more convenient for everyone (though it'll have to be in a public park or whatever as hiring a community center room or whatever isn't cheap or particularly easy).
It is eight because otherwise, with anything less, you basically have one chance on two to be in the top three, which is not reasonable. There were once tournaments with only five participants I think, but it was ridiculous because it allowed strong Bladers to possibly choose only weak friends to play with and win way too easily the first place. A firm number had to be instated, and eight was the one that made the most sense.
Hi! I am BladerDangers lil bro and I would love to come to a Perth tourney some time xD
Awesome! I'm making this post to say if anyone in Perth sees this and they aren't on the following list of usernames, please post or message me so I can add you to my list so I can keep you in the loop for tournament/meetup stuff okay? Also generally speaking yes people in the following list might be inactive, so u no don't spam them or w/e, I'm sending out a PM later today about our plans to get a tourney together and so on, but yeah I'd like to keep inbox spam to a minimum haha Smile

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wow, nice to see you guys bringing back the Aussie scene. somehow you have more bladers than Melbourne at the moment.
You're telling me, I was pretty shocked but BladerDanger has done a pretty great job getting in touch with a few people I didn't know were in Perth and with people having friends and such we're getting pretty close. I do still need a new BB-10 but yeah, my parents will probably see the need/benefit etc and let me get one, specially if that WBO host discounted BB-10 thing is still going.
This hole Tourney thing is going HEAPS better than I had first expected when I signed up xD
If there are ANY other Perth/surrounding area's bladers wanting to come to a Limited Format (if all goes good its possible that a standard tourney is in the works xD) tournament we still need some more bladers so if you have younger/older siblings freinds WHATEVER tell them if you think they might wanna have a good time and come to this tourney. Oh...there are prizes...
Well currently the tournament date is Sunday the 2nd of March 2014! As of now the prizes are 3rd place : TT Phantom Orion B: D 2nd place : Sonokong Thief Phoenic 1st place : TT BB-96 Super Deck set! Entry fee is $5.00 USD ($5.80 AUS). So PM me or Th!nk if your interested!

PS: The link to the new Thread: http://worldbeyblade.org/Thread-Perth-Au...2-Mar-2014
Come on like SERIOUSLY there MUST be more Perth bladers out there if we want this tournament to be a sucess WE NEED MORE PEOPLE!! So if you know people in Perth contact them and direct them to the "Retaking Perth" Thread which is in the post above!
I'm near Perth... And I'll join too, I just don't have much variety in beyblades at the moment...