[Perth, Australia] Perth Bladers Check In!

I'm in Perth =] I feel the same so anyone want a battle
It's still something and it would be really fun
Guys, who else here has a TT attack? Don't get your hopes up, but yeah, if you've got a TT attack, post here. If you know someone does and they haven't posted, pm them and ask them to post.
On the off chance I got time/motivation to organise something official, I'd need to know how many stadia we'd be working with. And, also, how many people would be able to attend an official tourney given the entry fee (whatever it is, you'd need to check the faq or something).
I got a tt attack stadium
Oooh, that's good news. Would you theoretically let it be used for a theoretical tourney in Perth?
What do people think about Sunday 3rd of July, theoretically? I might make a new thread for this, but yeah.
i'd like to come what section of kings park? and will csutom beys be allowed?
yes, custom beys will be allowed
Can my friend come to the tourney? and will explosion or 4d beyblades be allowed? FYI BTW my friend does NOT have a WBO account.
I'M IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hi,will you be selling overseas beys(takara tomy) and if you do will it be discounted already? or have to have a bey passport to have it discounted and PS. will you be using a takara tomy and if you are which one?
Anyone who attends should have a WBO account beforehand if possible (just sign them up), or I can take their details and create one for them after the tourney. Entry fee is $5US (WBO rule, all money goes to them to help run the site and fund tourneys etc), and only confirm attendance if you're SURE you'll be there.

But yeah, all details are in the thread, and I think I've answered your questions there already.
hey good idea but i am 11 years old and at school every one beybattles so i can gather a lot of people from schoolTongue_out_wink
oh yeah i also have a L-Drago stadium
well you need a Legal stadium which would be a attack , balance or super attack stadium and if your looking for a tourney there is one coming up here: http://worldbeyblade.org/Thread-Perth-We...#pid680311

If there is a tourney in November i might be able to come Wink
Rusty, ahahahaha, remind me in October and I'll see if I can't do something, meeting you in person would be cool Tongue_out
think could I have your phone number incase I'm goin?
Isn't th!nk's tournament today?

Edit: Nevermind, it is.
Spamming this around cos I want to get this sorted ASAP

Okay. I want to do something for Plastics Remembrance Day.

I've got enough plastics to loan them out and run a tourney like that. but the loaned ones won't be amazing (one has trygles jumping base FFS). So, people who can bring their own and share will be given priority. That said, if you don't have plastics, you're still welcome to register your interest. I'm only gonna make it an 8 person affair, because I don't want to run over, but do want to do normal Round Robin.

Anyway, July 17th. Details HERE!
It was long and harsh, but GOOD =D
We were like that episode of the original series where Kai just got black dranzer and we're all battling on ice.

Tokyo Boyy was Kai, though.
...... yeah...... Pinching_eyes
well in more depth, Tokyo Boyy was using a Combo of Basalt Kerbecs 230 CS that pretty much out spun or rarely smash people out.

th!nk wowed everyone with his various combos of parts that Hasbro hasn't sold in Australia as well and when it came to him VS Tokyo Boyy, it was a stressful battle between Basalt Kerbecs 230 CS and Basalt (don't remember) TH170 (I think it was FB).

The match they had was won by Tokyo Boyy, at the time th!nk was still experimenting which of the 3 height of TH170 was more suitable against the 230 track.

Based on Points won on the day, th!nk & Tokyo Boyy faced each other once more in the finals, but this time th!nk won the match.

but as quoted by th!nk


We were like that episode of the original series where Kai just got black dranzer and we're all battling on ice.

Tokyo Boyy was Kai, though.


On that day out of 13 people (if i remember correctly), Tokyo Boyy only lost 3 times Pinching_eyes
Joyful_3 the only person i lost to was th!nk i want a rematch lol
My mf-h basalt kerbecs th170wf wants a rematch with your combo.

But I've lost interest in mfb since sunday :\
i prefer mfb even tho i played with plastics when they were released. i prefer mfb because its more durable i remember all my plastics broke quickly :[ getting off topic here :\
MFB is too formulaic. Anything can happen in plastics.

I actually don't feel like hosting any more MFB tourneys, but I guess I have to, so mid august, probably. Then, around my birthday, we may do a plastics one at my place. I'll have a whole load of new beys so yeah.