Official vs unofficial WBO tournament

Hi everyone, 
I appreciate that there are a lot of Bey fans on this site but can we discuss why it’s beneficial to host an official Bey tournament if the attendees are generally just Facebook members and usually not members/contributors/ranks on the WBO site? I’m wanting to organise a Comp this year on the Gold Coast and it seems that the WBO makes it so difficult to make an official event even though the comps are free to enter, no prize reimbursement and all based on volunteer time. Other comps throughout the state are simply unofficial because there are too many hoops to jump through when all we want is to let our kids (biggest Bey fans) to enjoy a good comp.

Please enlighten me.
The only reason I can think of is to get more people aware of ur tournament.

There used to be rewards and a point system to get free beys after participating enough in tournaments, but I’m pretty sure that’s not a thing anymore.

I’m pretty sure that in the rules there’s something about having to pay money to the WBO using your paypal when you host a tournament under their name as well.

If I’m going to be very very very honest, it’s a lot easier to just do it on Facebook. Idk if it’s still a thing, but with the tournaments here there used to be a thing where you had to submit tournament brackets, and spreadsheets.
As someone who has tried multiple times, the main issue is mostly that, especially for Australia, mostly older players are the only ones that use Forums. While I love this site, used it for years, that's exactly it, I've used it for years. I know the UI, I know the website well, and that means I can navigate it, keep up and have been through my fair share of rule breaking and following. This doesn't lend itself well to a new generation (and parents) used to Discord, Facebook, Twitter and many other modern social media networks from a marketing perspective, and it certainly doesn't help get new hosts. While older, experienced players can use this site as a hosting platform as we know the process, that process is still long AND needs enough players who also use the site, and for a area like Australia with a low experienced active user count, that means even if I were to try to make an event, no one will see it in a time frame close to other users and overall fast enough to matter. For countries who survived MFB era or managed to pick up quickly at the start of Burst, they keep running, but Australia's scene died before MFB as an era did, and that left pretty much only myself to pick up the pieces, and those pieces kept slipping through my hands until the Facebook page I made suddenly caught attention.

The tournament entry cost to the site and the strict processing standards only make this key issue worse, as it means anyone willing to learn the system and go through the process have extra steps just to be a host. Meanwhile Neko Cards just provides a space and prizes and lets me run the event how I like with advertising going through Facebook, and I was passionate and experienced enough about the game to run it pretty close to how they do it here.