Night Story 0: Heat's Metal Counter Part

xtrozero,I think your character is the one climbing the plane O.0
(Nov. 15, 2010  3:42 AM)UltimateChimera Wrote: xtrozero,I think your character is the one climbing the plane O.0
I know that.

I am 10
its not infinaty its just heat made with bronce

and anyway make me in the story pls

Face: tranperant blackish face
clear wheel:black leon
metal wheel:a black earth
track: EA150 (eternal attack 150 basicly a shorter ed145 with 6 longer wings)
bottom: AB (attack bearing basicly a free spining wf tip)
special move: Dark void
I ll like to keep my name s200401150 as a code name of some sort
and thanks
Hmm I have an idea what if Xero faced somebody also with an ED145 Track?
could you put me in to
Face: a wolf howling
clear wheel:midnight black wolf
metal wheel: a very dark grey storm
track: 100
bottom: wide metal flat
special move: thunderstorm nightmare howl slash

you dont need to if you dont want to

also i love this story it is the best on this forum
thanks dude you are the best
My name is classified as it is not your business. This episode half is from my point of view.

Episode 8

I got a call on my phone. I shall not tell you the name of that because it is also classified. The speaker was an agent from a lower level group. He stated,
"There's a 10 year old kid on the plane coming to your very location, Lori Town!"
"What!?" I exclaimed,"How'd you let him slip in!?"
"The kid won't sit still! He's--" I dropped the phone. That's ridiculous. How did a grown man let a boy get in a Jet for celebrities only? Anyway, I went to the coffee shop to have a double booster hot choco special. I was incredibly tired, being a double agent. No one could resist this. It jogs you up, and you'll be bouncing like a bey with a Q bottom.
That kid, Xero must've noticed the Infinity I dropped on the floor. I must lure him in, but slowly. A double agent must always be patient. Even if his mission lasts 10 years. You may not know why I need Xero. It's classified also. Anyway, after drinking the hot coffee, I saw a small Jet in the sky. It was definitely preparing for landing... and definitely the one with the kid inside. I took a trip to the Landing spot, and I was allowed through by showing my Badge. When I walked into the end of pathway, I saw a swift line becoming bigger. It was the destined plane with the boy inside. The plane bounced along the pathway and stopped a few metres away from me. The celebrities walked out. Three of them. One was a professor from Japan (s200401150's character). He was a sort of a mad bey scientist who was in America for studies. Possibly the strangest man I've met. I offered to shake his hand.
"Greetings, Sir..."
"s200401150" he replied.
"Okay, Sir s204030..."
"Ha." he laughed,"It's a complicated name. Just call me S.
"S it is." His name was probably a code of some sort.
The second and third were two Canadian twins (Beybladers rule's Characters). Not particularly famous for anything. Just that their parents were billionaires... One looked very egotistic and arrogant, and the other was quite stationary and quiet. The arrogant looking one marched around while his twin simply walked forward. I shook both of their hands.
"Hey, Gen." said the jumpy one,"Let's show him our beys."
"Okay, Kon." said the gloomy one, apparently named Gen. Kon got out a Storm Bull DF105XF. Down-Force 105...? Strange. I know of Down-Force 145, but this is new. Gen got out his Flame Bull AD145MB. Metal Ball must be is like Wide Ball, but obviously made of Metal.
"Nice..." I replied. Their customizations were quite neat.
Then, I walked into the plane. I looked around...
"You can come out now." I said. A ten year old boy crept out. "You have some guts..." The impatient boy launched his bey straight away, so I launched mine. His bey was Galaxy Pegasis 135CS. A quick bey for an impatient boy. No wonder. My bey is Meteo Perseus 85LRF. LRF is the left version of R²F. Two Attack Beys. Perseus smashed his Pegasus through a plane window, so he jumped out to follow it. THe kid was agile. I climbed out of the plane also and saw the boy injured. I didn't bother to help because as an Agent I should be saving the world, not being vulnerable. I heard a voice behind me.
"We'll take care of this!" It was Kon. Kon and Gen came running and launched their beys. They thrashed him around a little, but he handled them swiftly.
"Comet Shower!" Pegasus Duplicated itself and hit into both of the Bulls at the same time. Then both Bull's smashed into each other. The two Pegasus' also smashed hard into each other, launching them both into the air. "This aint over yet!" the boy yelled. Both of the Pegasus' went down and soared downwards.
"Special Move!" The twins cried,"Chorus Inferno!" The twins' beys started dancing around, then they drilled into the ground, creating a crater. Storm Bull was soon surrounded by wind and forced Flame Bull into the air. Then, Storm Bull, bounced onto the Crater then zoomed up. Flame bull was then engulfed in Flames, and both Bulls smashed into both Pegasus'. I ran off. Being an experienced blader, I knew that this impact was going to be violent. And I was right. The Impact through me away, and the G6 plane was blown up. All three beys were on the ground. Not spinning. It seemed that Galaxy Pegasus' clone had dissapeared after the battle. Maybe, the clone can only come when it's using it's special move.
"Sorry we blew up the plane." said Gen.
"It doesn't matter," I laughed,"That's your flight after all. Your punishment will be a delay back to your country. Kon and Gen walked away, sulking.
"You." I said, looking at the Ten year old,"What's your name?"
"Don't you have parents?"
"Yeah. Who cares?"
"I'm gonna send you a flight back home."
"I have a secret..."
"Are you even listening?"
"I have a rare gift."
"Hey, Kid!"
"I can speak to Beasts." This Kid was strange. He takes a plane here for no reason, and know he's got a silly stories. "And I can ask Beasts to do things for me. Pegasus! Take me away!"
"Are you kidding?" All of a sudden, a Pegasus came out of his bey, and carried him away. I'm I growing Tired? This must be my mind playing games. I took an hour trip back to the coffee shop and ordered another double booster hot choco special. How did that kid do that?

I am s200401150. An Illegal bey master. This is my half of the Episode.

I went to a lab that I was directed to. It wasn't big, but I lived with it. I then emptied my bag of Illegal Beys. Illegal Beys are not beys from fake sellers, they are beys that have homemade parts that wouldn't be legal in a real WBBA battle. I then switched off the lights, pulled out a little lamp on my desk and sat down. My main bey is Earth Leone EA150AB. EA150 stands for Eternal Attack 150. It's like Eternal Defence 145, but it has 6 wings instead of 3, and they're more sloped than usual. AB stands for Attack Bearing, a free spinning Wide Flat. I also customized it so that it can spin in both directions. My main job is helping people. I am like a Charity for people who want better beys. If someone gives me a bey for maintenance, I'll make their bey 10x better! And all for a low price! I went out of my lab for a walk when a young man came to me.
"Hello, Sir. My name is Kua. Are you that Illegal Bey Master?"
"Can you battle me!?"
"In public? No."
"We can battle somewhere else."
"In that case..." I knew this kid wouldn't leave without a fight (literally) so I decided that I should battle him in my temporary lab.
"Don't tell anyone about this." I said. I didn't want a whole town knocking on my front door.
"Three, Two, One!" We launched our beys... What happens next is for me to know and for you to find out!

Yeah, his bit will be continued.

Episode 8. End
My character is adiccted to caffiene and sweets hah
That's actully wat I like it's like u stalk me

Next thing I know i'm going to chow down on 15 bags of chips in 1 ep
Awesome story i just read all the parts in 5 minutes lol it is cool and good choice meteo l-drago
and can you put me in just call me big

face: infinity sign
energy wheel: infinity attack
metal wheel: dark red lighning wheel
spin track: 100
performence tip: hf/s

thanks a lot and please put me in thx
(i know this is alot) i want to be in too
name??? (havent thought of one)
bey) flame wolf 125 sd
btw when are you going to make more?
what about me will i be in
can you fit me in there night? with my bey from the story sonic drahelix plz? and then if you want i can include you in my story? but as in one of the main characters! and what is your bey called?
(Nov. 17, 2010  6:04 PM)lord Wolfblade Wrote: what about me will i be in

Yes, of course. Eee
(Nov. 17, 2010  6:29 PM)Nwolf Wrote: can you fit me in there night? with my bey from the story sonic drahelix plz? and then if you want i can include you in my story? but as in one of the main characters! and what is your bey called?

Yes. You can use Xero and Infinity Phoenix ED145JB.
yay you are awesome Stupid
(Nov. 17, 2010  6:29 PM)Nwolf Wrote: can you fit me in there night? with my bey from the story sonic drahelix plz? and then if you want i can include you in my story? but as in one of the main characters! and what is your bey called?

What's your bey's parts called?
Episode 9

Different colours for different characters.

My bey threw is into a wall, then mine started spinning extremely fast, burning the very floor we stood on.
"W-Why is it doing that?" said Kua.
"Y'see..." I replied,"My Attack Bearing bottom is free spinning, and while they bey is spinning left... the bottom is spinning right, creating heaps of friction." Earth Leone drilled his Thermal Pisces into the wall.
"How are you not losing stamina.?" he asked.
"My track and bottom are free spinning so I can regain stamina easily, also my bey is spinning left, so it's stealing your bey's stamina."
He grunted and put his hand on the ground. I was trying to figure out what he was doing. I knew it then, that he was concentrating his energy into Pisces, the Pisces started floating. Then a wave followed Pisces as it spun around.
"That move cannot work on me." I said,"My bey is spinning left." I pointed towards the wall at the opposite side of the room where the crack in the wall was. Leone bounced off the crack and neutralised Pisces' Shock-Wave. But-- My bey bounced off.
"Hmm. What happened wrong?"
"You did. Your bottom was spinning right, so my wave knocked it off balance."
This boy was smart... But he wasn't as smart as me. I pointed to the ground, and so Leone leaned forward and smashed into Pisces' Bottom. Pisces bounced a few times, but was still spinning fine.
"My bey is spinning right," he said,"But it's bottom is spinning left!"
I had remembered. His bey also has a free spinning bottom. He changed it to left-spin to reduce the damage and stamina loss when I hit it.
"Special Move!" I chanted,"Hi'-Burst Attack" Earth Leone EA150AB was coated in a black aura, then it's track started spinning extremely fast. It zoomed into Pisces multiple times, stealing it's stamina. The more stamina I stole, the more red Leone's track became. Then I noticed something, as I attacked Pisces, it leaned forward. Then it hit into my track, clogging it up slightly.
"Special Move!" Kua cried,"Vacuume Stance!" His bey's bottom started spinning really fast, and so it created a vacuume like earlier. The shape of the bey increased the power. He was trying to make a vacuumed that would destroy the wings on my track!
"Release!" I yelled. Leone released the heat and power, being bided in it's track, then a strong wind rushed through the room, thus distorting it. When I looked down, I saw my bey spinning... And not his. He was not angry, though. He picked up his bey, filled with excitement.
"Thank you for the battle" He said. He was soon to walk out my door when I alarmed him to wait,"What is it?" he asked.
I said nothing, all I did was throw a bottom at him and sit on my chair.
"Thanks again!" he said.

I walked out of his lab and slowly closed the door. Then I looked at the bottom that he gave me. It was a free-moving bottom, like Eternal Sharp. But I could tell it was ten times better. On the side, it said Ultimate Sharp. It was even closable... I took the bus home, then I found a boy was standing there. A few yards away from my house, just staring. I tried not to take note of him and walked home.

He knew I was there... But he didn't care. No-one cares... ABOUT ANYTHING! City people! They just... care about themselves! No-one could be thoughtful enough, just to let me into their house! Grr. I'll get... No. Destroy them. I'll, I'll, I'll pretend to be good. Yeah. . . I will! Then, people will recieve my trust, then, then I'll destroy them all! I am Wolf (lord Wolfblade's Character) and I am the best!! Hehehe.

I pulled out my Storm Wolf 100WMF. WMF stands for, for Wide Metal Flat! I have an attack type, that'll own any stadium! ATTACK STADIUMS, DEFENCE STADIUMS, EVEN STAMINA STADIUMS!! I'LL OWN 'EM ALL! Then I pulled out my string launcher and launched it into the sky!
"Special, Special Move! HAHAHA! Thunder-Storm Nightmare Howl Slash!" I laughed. Then, then Wolf smashed the ground! It skidded all over, and burst one of those water pipe thingies! The pathway was covered by a water-filled crater! But-- Uh-Oh! That man, the FBI guy, with, with the mask! The one who goes to the coffee shop! He tried to destroy me, but I was to fast! I ran on my four legs, away from the scene! D'you wanna know, why I despise the human race? Well, Well when I was just a 6 year old. I was a human... I lived in a small village called Noll Village. But when a large group of Raiders called the Lori Raiders came and took me away, my family and friends left me for dead! Then I got, got angry and k-k-ki-killed the Raiders. W-W-With my m-m-my Storm Wolf! A large Wolf came out of the bey, and patted me on the hair. Th-then it just went and killed the Raiders. Ever since, I've been living in the forest... Until, Until I found the location of Lori. I am goin' to destroy Lori and make the citizens lives a horror!

Yester, Yesterday... I killed a family of cats. D'you know why...? because they were in Lori Town! Enough of my hate for humans, but on with the story...

I ran, and Wolf Followed. Policed came crashing round the corner ready to shoot a young fourteen year old. But when they shot at me, Wolf protected me and bounced their bullet back at the officer, killing him. We continued to run past a long row of houses. One house had an open door with a boy standing by it. When I ran past it, the boy grabbed me and through me in. I gasped for breath.
"Why are the police after you?" The boy said.
"Why are you helping me!?" I replied.
"Answer my question first!"
"If you insist!" I swung my fist at the boy and he caught it.
"Now, let's do this the easy way and start again, shall we?"
He was twisting my hand, really slowly, but it was painful.
"Aghh. Okay, Okay." I whimpered in pain.
"My name is Arix (Nwolf's Character). You are in trouble. I am in trouble. I think we can make a deal here.

Episode 9. End.
at the moment they are Sonic, Drahelix, MS110 and FSF
but soon they become Orbit, Drahelix G90 and X, and after that, Prime, Drahelix, SS100 and MSF