[Newcastle, UK] Beyblade Northern Brawl 09/10/10 MAJOR UPDATE


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Welcome one and all to the first official beyblade event to be held in the north, Located in the heart of Newcastles Leasez park.

Date: Saturday 9th October 2010 ( 9/10/10)
Time: 12pm UPDATED
(Oct. 08, 2010  9:47 PM)Newt Wrote: MAJOR UPDATE

Early this morning my grandma suffered a stroke. Due to this Im moving the tournament forward 1 hour to it now starts at 12PM it will not go past 2PM. This is so I can visit my grandma tomorrow afternoon with Spoonigan.

Ive been in 2 minds on deciding to pospone this but if we start an hour earlier it will allow enough time for the tourney before the visiting hours open.

Venue: Leazes Park (Band Stand Area) Newcastle (NE, UK).
Direction from St James Park
Directions from St Jamses Park metro station.

If anyone is travelling from out of the area I would reccomend using the tye and wear metro service to get to st james park metro station.

We will be under the band stand if it decides to drizzle. If anyone has an umbrella I would sujest bringing it just incase Smile

Format: Block round robin MFB only. (HMS plastics will be allowed in free

Entry Fee:
Without Passport £3
Blader Passport holder Free

Banned parts:
Standard WBO rules apply, no worn parts, no Libra wheel, your parts will be checked if they're behaving in an unconventional way.

Judges: Newt, Black_Rose

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3. Stay Aware of Your Belongings

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4. The Tournament Will Last At Least a Few Hours

This event is likely to last at least a few hours. If you can't commit to the entire tournament, you're welcome to come watch and play for fun instead!

5. Listen For Your Username To Be Called

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6. Players Must Meet Regional Product Age Restrictions

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7. Players Under 18 Must Be Accompanied by a Parent/Guardian

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Another great tournament, thanks Newt! And Black_rose, for judging and keeping us all in check Tongue_out
Yet again, I proved to be Newcastle's second best blader, hahah.
Really enjoyable - and such a nice atmosphere! I'd met a few of you guys before, but there was a fair few people I hadn't met - but everyone was just so nice, it felt like I'd known everyone for years Smile We gotta do more to keep this community going, and flourishing!

haha, I look forward to seeing my victory pose photo xD
would have gone but sadly i live in coventry Unhappy

Tournament photos.
alright newt its me scott just to let you know so you can get my points passed.
(Oct. 10, 2010  8:51 PM)tastygaara Wrote: alright newt its me scott just to let you know so you can get my points passed.

nice one just need sam to sign up Smile
(Oct. 10, 2010  9:29 PM)Newt Wrote:
(Oct. 10, 2010  8:51 PM)tastygaara Wrote: alright newt its me scott just to let you know so you can get my points passed.

nice one just need sam to sign up Smile

If he hasn't made one by tomorrow can you make one for him ??
I made sam am Account and I've puvhed in half the results. I'm gonna finish them off tomorrow I've been busy today.
Northern Brawl Report

Friday night I get a text from Newt telling me there has been a change in plane and that the tournament would be starting at twelve o’clock instead of one. So with that in mind I set my alarm for eight instead of nine then packed my bag and went to bed.

Saturday morning I got up a little later then planned and decided to brave world outside by opening my bedroom curtains to check if the BBC had the weather right for once but again they prove they’re about as good at predicting things as a fair ground psychic. I have breakfast and then I leave for ten and say my goodbyes to my parents and nephew who was to absorbed in lego star wars to notice me utter a single world. The morning was nicer then I thought it would be and a bit warmer to boot but that would change later on in the day. I get to the train station just after a train had just left leaving my to wonder up and around the platform for ten minutes.

I get into Newcastle about twenty minutes later and then text newt to see if he was on his way up. With that I decide to take a little wonder around completely losing all sense of time and forgetting I had text Newt at all, by this point it was nearly eleven o’clock so decided o call him and find out he was at Fenwick with Sam and Scott decide ding what he should pick up for prizes. He picks out the prize and we go on our way to meet with the other players then on the ground floor of the shop we stumble upon a woman with eyelash extensions so long they looked like antennae. When I see this I exclaim my horror to all parties with me at the time and they agree with me without question.

We go to Grainger Market to pick up little Dave and Eddy then we make our way up to St. James Park metro station to see if there are others waiting there. While trying to get in contact with big Dave we send off Eddy to find him and then little Dave to find Sam and Scott and the green. While they were gone myself, Newt and spoonigan begin to observe the cars owned by metro staff and the amount of damage each car had on it and there was a Punto with more scratches and dents then an APC used in Iraq. So naturally we comment on how train drivers only know how to operate a box on wheels that can only move forwards and backwards and anything more complex then that usually results in giant pile ups on the M4 motorway.

With everybody taking so long to get back to the train station we decide to move on when spoonigan spots little Dave with Sam and Scott and then again she spots Eddy and big Dave across the street. Now that everybody is there we go to the park were I get snap happy with my iPhone and start getting pictures of the park and everybody under the band stand. Uni was waiting at the park and made his way over when he seen everybody under the band stand. Not long after Newt got a text from Kaiser saying he was going to be a bit late so everybody gets unpacked then me and newt check over the blocks which right went over my head and I didn’t have a clue how it worked but we made due and I managed to get round pairings done as we went through the day.

Kaiser arrives about 10 minutes after we get set up and then we get started but we soon realised we would need a bigger blanket because of the large amount of tops leaving the stadium and over shooting the blanket onto concrete. As the time went on the day got colder and Sam and little Dave messing around to the point were it was annoying the hell out of me and everybody there, so I was threatening them both with a match loss if they didn’t buck up and act like they should. Around round six a bunch of tweens walked past who knew Sam and of course Sam being Sam knows everybody in Newcastle and they start to crowd the band stand dropping the already limited space to almost nothing.

Not long after they arrive they decide to leave and do what ever it is twee-mo’s do these days once again freeing up the limited space once again. So we make it to the semi-finals without to much drama *little Dave* so Newt played Kaiser first followed by Uni against Sam and what a surprise it’s stamina customs galore . . . So eventually it’s the finals and it’s Kaiser vs. Sam it was uneventful apart from Kaiser and his little comeback kid moment once again but to no avail and Sam wins. Newt then pulls out the double pack form his bag, Kaiser decides to take the Flame Sagittario and then Sam takes the other weird looking chocolate coloured custom.

Now that all is said and done everybody parted ways and headed on home. I head back with Newt and spoonigan and take a few more pictures of the park on my way back, we grab a couple bites from the over priced vending machine but then again a mars bar is usually 60p anyway so I’m not going to complain when I can get a mars duo for £1. We catch our yellow box and have a quite time home on the train, I get home wishing I brought a pair of gloves with me but I had fun non the less.


Good people
Better turn out then I expected
Good location
There was a freaking cow next to the park!
Simplistic metro drivers


Block round robin is confusing
Haha, the teenies sat on a bench opposite us drinking cider. XD
And yeah, I really seem to have a habit of going 2-0 down straight away... And then winning 3 straight rounds.
Totally on purpose, of course ._.
Glad the rankings have been updated, at least I'm above 1000 now haha
Looking forward to the next event, glad this one was such a success =)
[its uni, username change]
(Oct. 14, 2010  5:17 PM)ViPeR Wrote: Glad the rankings have been updated, at least I'm above 1000 now haha
Looking forward to the next event, glad this one was such a success =)
[its uni, username change]

Sam (the guy who won) is 9th!
(Oct. 14, 2010  9:44 PM)Newt Wrote: Sam (the guy who won) is 9th!
The rankings themselves were not completely OK yet, it takes some time before they get rearranged correctly. I think he is thirteenth now ?
Yeah, I've gone up from like 93rd or something I think Newt texted me, to 47th. Which suits me fine haha!
Looks like you had a good time and congrats to the winners. I completely forgot about this, i was going to come up and test my metal against you northeners. Oh well next time i guess.
(Oct. 18, 2010  5:24 PM)LeeDraciel Wrote: Looks like you had a good time and congrats to the winners. I completely forgot about this, i was going to come up and test my metal against you northeners. Oh well next time i guess.

You would have been very welcome bud Grin
All Credits and Faces were handed.
my granny wouldnt take me cause she was really ill snd congratulations to the winner and have a good time with rock pegasus and Trace Kaiser with flame saggitario and are anyone of you coming to the tourney in london st james park????
Oh god, wish id seen this, want to go to a tournament real bad Uncertain