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(Dec. 09, 2014  1:09 PM)DefStamina88 Wrote: Usually each season nowadays, You can see Denver and New England no contest headed to the playoffs.

With Green Bay's win (despite a margin of six to Atlanta) they should get a spot too. Indy should be good. Philly and Dallas close in the NFC East. AFC North is rough. All .500 teams there.

Also, unrelated, but my college (West Virginia) is in a bowl game with Texas A&M. Oh boy.

I'm kinda hoping (even though I always root for them in the regular season) New England or Denver don't make it to the super bowl this year, it would just be kinda boring... But if none of my other teams make it far in the playoffs, I guess i'd go for them.

I really thought Kansas would do better this year. Cleveland still has a CHANCE of a comeback...

Cool, if I see that game I'll go for West Virginia Tongue_out
For the record, isn't this NFL Football thread, not college?

On NFL Football, I love the Redskins, but...

I am supporting the Patriots to go all the way. Philidelphia is doing pretty good, and Seattlr doesn't look to hold their title.
Well I said it was unrelated for a reason...

Anyways, Seattle's not doing bad enough to lose their title, but there are teams that are overall doing better than them. Honestly, they should have the NFC West right now, but they don't. Philly and Dallas are doing good. As is Green Bay and Detroit. If the Hawks keep playing well they should be able to attempt to defend it, even if it's a wild card.

And realize guys, if New England and Denver were on opposite conferences, it would probably be a Pats-Broncs bowl a lot (until Peyton retires). One of em, have to fall though, and I say it's Denver. New England has had a lot of bad luck, yet consistency, in the playoffs. i expect them to meet in the AFC championship game, 31-13, onto the bowl. It's too tough to call the NFC right now, but New England's my bet to the bowl from the AFC.
Saints owned Chicago. 7 sacks, 3 interceptions, a few fumbles (most of them by the bears, they recovered most of them though).

It was overall a very weird game. The first field goal attempt was a fail and the holder (& a backup QB) messed up and had to throw it away, but there were flags so it was redone, but shayne graham missed (it was a 51 yarder though), the failed Chicago onsides kick attempt, the umpire getting hurt, the fake punt run fail, the the callapse of the Chicago offense to the New Orleans Defence. Result: 31-15. Saints need to win they're last 2 games for a confirmed wildcard spot. Tampa bay shouldn't be a problem, the main worry is Atlanta...

Anyways, did anyone see that Cincinatti player's rejected "Lombardi dive" or whatever ? Silly Bengal, your in Cleveland! Not worse as when a Bengal tried to give a ball to a Cincinatti fan (old guy "intercepted") in NO, that actually made it on one of those morning talks shows IIRC...
Well, Hill saw two Cincy fans and wanted to give em a hug. Nothing wrong with that. THat was was the real jerk in this case. He just didnt have to get involved, but he did. He was dumb to do it too cause they got wrecked. Somebody's just being a spoiled little brat that Cleveland got swept with Manziel out there. Chuck up the football jerseys and go see LeBron play.

Meanwhile, Seattle's still fighting for a wild card (since Arizona's clinched the NFC West), Green Bay's slipping at a bad time (Detroit and Green Bay are battling for the division), Dallas and Philly are still close. Denver and New England are in, and Indy got it Sunday. Looking at it though, I think the AFC match will be Denver-New England.

How New Orleans can still get into the playoffs if insane, yet I can see them getting assigned Arizona, getting the upset, and getting taken out.
Green bay and Detroit both have pretty easy next games (Chicago and Tampa Bay), the last (Detroit vs Green Bay) will decide who gets stuck in the wildcard round. im going for Detroit. Wow, 3 out of 4 AFC north team could make it to the wildcards round... I was hoping Philly would beat Dallas, they still have a chance though; the Cowboys have to go against the Colts then red skins, Eagles only have Redskins and Giants, If every goes how I thing It will the records would be tied 11-5, the eagles would have a slightly better Divisional record Grin.

Atleast they'd get another divisional champ title Tongue_out. It's be hilarious if they actually won a couple playoff games.
The way I see it so far:

NFC (seeded 1-4, then the two wildcards): Arizona 12-4, Dallas 12-4, Green Bay 12-4, Saints 8-8, Seattle 12-4, Detroit 11-5
AFC (same as above): Denver 13-3, Pats 13-3, Indy 11-5, Baltimore 11-5, Pittsburgh 11-5, Kansas City 10-6

Sorry DK, but Philly's only out cause Detroit will take the win against Chicago and has a better record with conference. So 3 tiebreakers, Lions edge Philly for wild card 2.

Here's how it goes:

First, Wild card weekend. Seattle taking the win over Orleans 27-14, Detroit gets revenge on GB for week 17 with a 31-24, Pitt revenges Balti 17-14, and Indy holds off KC 27-16.

Then the divisional playoffs, Seattle beats Arizona in a landslide 28-0, Romo's back comes to haunt him again as they choke to Detroit 21-30, Denver beats Pitt when Manning has a great game 42-24, Pats beat Indy by a field goal in overtime 22-20.

Seattle will go to the Superbowl with Wilson getting a 75% pass completion percentage, Lynch putting up 3 TD's and Sherman getting a game-clinching interception on the 4th to last drive of the game with a score of 30-28. New England goes as well with Manning's receivers failing to catch anything on the night. No Interceptions for Manning, just his teammates dropping the pigskin. 10-24.

Finally, New England and Seattle face off in the bowl. Brady and Wilson have great games. Lynch does well, Sherman barely touches the ball, and New England takes it 21-20 with a last-minute catch from the Gronk.

A-course, I'm bad at predictions, so watch all of this be wrong. XD
You sure are detailed with your predictions, I must say XD.

I don't think the Seattle/Arizona game will be such a landslide, they might win, but 28-0? I doubt it.
Arizona proves to be quite consistent in the regular season, but usually leave a question make on their schedule by dropping an easy one (like Atlanta this season). I figure this time, they'll flop one in the playoffs to a team that is much tougher. If this was flopping to, say Tampa Bay, then yes, close score, 10-7 maybe, but this is Seattle we're talking about, Superbowl Champs! They might sneak a field goal, DK, but minus well be 28-0.
Saints: Bye Bye playoffs.

Yeah, it was a flop, but honestly, Atlanta was starting a roll, and Carolina was facing Cleveland. What else did ya expect?

So 5 of the 6 teams in the NFC are in. Green Bay and Seattle are in, as is Dallas. The NFC South is still in question, Detroit and Green Bay are fighting for their conference, and Arizona and Seattle are still fighting for their conference.

Meanwhile in the AFC, New England got the 1st round bye, but only by one point over NYJ of all teams. Pittsburgh has also claimed a spot. There's also a lot of open chances for a Wild Card. the AFC North is still close, Miami, Buffalo, San Diego, Houston of all teams, still have a chance at a Wild Card.

Speaking of San Diego, did you see Philip Rivers play with those injuries? He's one tough dude, and despite the bulging disk in his back, he's STILL wants to play in the last game of the season for them against the Chiefs (provided he can reduce his injury before play time. He missed practice for the first time since 2007 on Sunday.
I expected Cleveland to win tbh. Now, even if the saints won they still won't have a chance in the playoffs, unless the Carolina/Atlanta game is somehow ties ... That last game is probably going to miserable for both teams :\. I miss the old days where the NFC south would consistently have Carolina as worst, Tampa above then AT and NO on top, NO mostly.

NYG beat Pittsburg, wow. Washington over Philly.... Noooooooo, Dallas beat Indy ;(. OAKLAND BEAT BUFFALO??!!?!??? STOP THE MADNESS, THIS ISN'T SPARTA !!!!

That's Seatlle defence though, that was awesome. You 'twas right.
What about that Cincy/Denver game?

Great game. To bad I missed the last quarter. I stopped watching when it was 27 to 28. And I i just looked it up and Cincinnati won?! Oh well Unhappy. That Talib interception touchdown was awesome. There were a lot of turnovers.
Cincy's a good team. It's just that nobody seems to like them aside from Cincy. COmpared to the other teams in their conference, Pitt's got Ben, Balti's got Flacco, and Cleveland's past Cincy in popularity with Manziel. Dalton is a great QB provided the defense helps him out. Giovanni Bernard, Jeremy Hill, and Jermaine Gresham usually tend to be the big guys for them. Honestly, for a team that fails against its division, it makes up against non-division opponents, like Denver.

I think Cincy's got what it takes to head in with the division, provided they play solidly against Pittsburgh. Its the battle for the division, and winner takes division, loser is a wild card.

Only thing left for the AFC is the 2nd wild card. Buffalo, San Diego, Miami, KC, and Houston in the running. NFC's also clear except for the worst conference ever. A 7-9 team may be going to the playoffs..
The Carolina/Atlanta game decides it. I'm going for Carolina. Down with the falcons.
Despite being from the Carolinas, I gotta go Atlanta on this one. They can play well in crunch time. Im also not confident in Newton's back. I say Atlanta comes from 14 down tin with a feeld goal (it's speeled with feel in it cause Carolina will feel bad afterwards)
Didn't have the heart to watch the saints game today, atleast they ended the season with a win.

Wowza, Atlanta is getting they're butt kicked Grin

Really hope Detroit wins.
Take back hoping Detroit wins. I will bite you. Green Bay deserves the top NFC North spot. Rodgers getting MVP this year is something else deserving.
Those were the most creative Detroit onsides kicks I have ever seen XD. Only got one of though.
Boom. Rodgers comes back, 30-20 Green Bay. Woop Woop!

I like what's going on. Bucs got the 1st pick. Take Mariota, boys. Actually, take Winston. You deserve to keep sucking. Grin
What is Destroit's fetish with literally STOMPING on offensive players?
Tri, have you missed every Ndamukong Suh incident the Lions have had. They're into hurting people. Quite a lot, ever since Suh joined them. They get very rough when they want to. Fine ain't gonna hold em back (Hell, they're paid 500K. a 10k fine ain't gonna hurt, especially when they may be getting bonuses for it. Saints did it before.)

In other news, Rex Ryan has been fired, which means the Jet's are going 11-5 and returning to the playoffs next season.
(Dec. 29, 2014  2:38 PM)DefStamina88 Wrote: Tri, have you missed every Ndamukong Suh incident the Lions have had. They're into hurting people. Quite a lot, ever since Suh joined them. They get very rough when they want to. Fine ain't gonna hold em back (Hell, they're paid 500K. a 10k fine ain't gonna hurt, especially when they may be getting bonuses for it. Saints did it before.)

In other news, Rex Ryan has been fired, which means the Jet's are going 11-5 and returning to the playoffs next season.
T_T I remember when people were wearing those "Free Sean Payton" shirts lol

That dude (suh) is crazy. Gives Detroit a bad rep.
Yell yeah, duh. He had this problem in college too. Coaches thought he hit too hard, but never removed him from the team cause they thought his talent overruled it. Hell naw. Now that he's in the NFL getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars, his history shows us that he'll just do what he wants in a play and find an excuse for it, and if that fails, appeal the fine. He has 9 personal fouls in 2 years, highest of any player. He shoved a players face into the ground three times and stomped on his arm, calling it a "loss of balance" (showing an example of how bad his excuses are). He kicked Matt Schaub in the groin, low-blocked John Sullivan, He even did a throat-slash gesture in a game. Most recently he successfully appealed another fine of him stepping on Aaron Rodgers and won.

He's violent, but can pretty much pay his way out of it to stay in the league. He's gonna be around for a while, and you can expect more carp like this to happen for his long career. He'll end his career with well over 20 personal fouls and definitely 500K in fines, without anybody even thinking about kicking him out of the league.
Anyone watching Carolina and Arizona right now? What a game. Didn't expect this from CAR at all.