NFL Football

Clippers and Lakers, Angels and Dodgers. Must want to start doing things in pairs in LA, I guess...
Patriots, Steelers (Upset), Seahawks (Another One -DJK), Packers (I would hope not, but I feel it coming).

These are my picks. 3 upsets. I'm just going with my feelings, because I'd rather have Packers lose after they beat a certain team last round.
I'm WANTING Chiefs, Panthers, Cardinals, and Steelers, but knowing how unlucky I am at picking it'll be all of the teams I don't want.
Patriots at Broncos and Cardinals at Panthers.

Seahawks Super Bowl run is ended, but not easily. They nearly overcame a 31-0 deficit. Panthers were very lucky.

Patriots held off against the Chiefs fairly easily.

Cardinals game was an amazing game to watch and the Packers got what they deserved (for beating my team xD). Aaron Rodger's hail marry was a piece of art, but "the toss" apparently ruined the game. I do agree with OT rules being unfair, but the toss wasn't that big of a deal.

Steelers Broncos game was great with the Steelers leading most of the way, but a fumbled run ruined the Steeler's game. Guess that's the cost of having to start a third string and Antonio Brown's injury. The Steeler's were great, but too battered to win it.

All the games were so close, but the teams that were supposed to win, won. Great weekend of Playoff Action.
Patriot vs Panthers super bowl I predict.

I wish the Hawk's could've made it, but they were simply outplayed. This will be a close super bowl me thinks Tongue_out
Agreed with Dragon King, Pats-Panthers. Panthers will struggle with Palmer a bit, Brady will steamroll Denver.

I painted out a scenario for NE-DEN game that I almost want to believe will happen. Manning is QB for 3 quarters, goes 13-32 for 136 yds with 2 Int's and no TD's, and Pats lead 31-0.

4th Quarter, here comes Brock. 17-22, 212 yds, 3 TD's, no Int's, and Pats only win 31-24.

It's stuck in my head, I can see it. Manning fails so hard, and Brock nearly brings it back, proving ultimately to the world that Manning needs to either retire or be on reserve.
The PvP matchup is coming. Unless Manning can pull a Kobe, they're outta here. Looking to be a fun Sunday.
I'm surprised how Manning pulled off the win on the Pats despite a sub-par completion percentage. But now they face Carolina, looking to storm to the Championship. No reason Carolina shouldn't do it.

Final score 34-27 Carolina, with 21 of Denver's points coming in the 4th quarter.
oh man i have never seen Carolina do any thing good tell this year yipykia
and my friend was a Cardinals fan sweat. ps. i also love seahawks
to bad my two fav. teams had to vs but go panthers!
fyi he even went to see the game poor feller.
So the Broncos stunned everybody and won 24-10, made Cam look like the crybaby he was trying to hide all career, and did it without practically any help from Peyton Manning. All defense.

After this, Peyton should retire. GOod run, but just stop there. 2 is good enough.

Speaking of retirement, Marshawn Lynch retiring. Surprising, but good riddance. I never liked him. A bigger ego than Sherman and Chancellor combined.
He was only there so he wouldn't get fined!