Most annoying character

For me it would be tetsuya the crab idiot. The way he talks is annoying as hell. A runner up is Kenta cuz hes a whiny kid imho.
Benkei, mostly because of his B-b-b-bull bits, and for stalking Kyouya. His voice was really low at the first episode. What happened?

And Ginga, his high voice, and that thing on his nose. I think it's to help him breathe better. Also his voice was low at the first episode..
Tetsuya is a fool with his 'kani kani kani kani!'.
Everyone in the Nelvana dub.
After a while, Kenta's whining just gets in the way. I really wish they would crack his voice already.

Benkei is annoying in the American dub, at least the Japanese original made him sound badass...

Ryuuga tries too hard to be hardcore, in fact, Damien should just silence him.
YUU! Because he likes messing up Tsubasa(In the american dub). And because he uses Flame Libra.
Benkei wins by far in the American dub. His voices pops out of anywhere and makes me jump.

When he talks it's more like a scream...
(Dec. 29, 2010  2:27 PM)Chaos Blader Wrote: Everyone in the Nelvana dub.

haha! i lol'd in real life and i second this, but Tetsuya is surprisingly my favourite in the DUB due to his comedic parts O.o.
I'd say..........Doji his glasses ate crazy!
In the metal fight beyblade anime. I would have to say everyone but damian hart Ryuga and Jack... Everyone else is annoying to me.... Jack personally relates to me and my sadistic artistic creations...<_<
It has to be Gingka , i usually like protagonists but Ginga is the first one i hate his cloths are carp & he really annoys me in each episode , MFB is the first series in which i like a villain , namely Ryuga
Reji really ticks me off. Just because of his general appearence, attitude and his voice.
I don't know about MFB as I haven't really seen it but from the original I'd have to say the most annoying character for me was Robert he was always up himself so badly
sorry to offend an one but i feel hyoma is just stupid gping like when fighting reji ARIES ARIES WIND STORM WIND STORM just make the stupid move
Ginga all The way his voice is too high to be Alive. Surprisingly I like Tetsuya but why does the Crab have to have Such a Retarded person. At first I thought he was cool when I bought Gasher.
Kenta with is annoying whining little wimp who uses a stupid beyblade.
Benkei who's stomach get in the way of my TV.
Benkei for sure! Oh my gosh! Do the voice actors try to sound like idiots! Even when they are trying to be serious they just can't because they make their voices so convulutedly silly that you can't take them seriously
Benkei, gotta be, he sounds like a freak O.O
Ryuuga is the worst he thinks he is so evil a jigglypuff from pokemon is scarier than him
The only characters that really annoy me is Jack and Mizuchi all else just kind get pushed away as I idolize the two guys that I love and adore.
Ehheheh...Well..Firstly I extremely disliked Ryuuga, well, because every time he spoke and my cousin was in the room, she would run behind the sofa and claim that 'some scary boy with a purple dragon was going to kill her.'. Gawd. I have such a lame collection of cousins...I liked Hikaru, Surprisingly.
Kenta's carpy carp whining whenever he enters a tournament
" But gingaaas supposed to be my friiend"
"I can't win withoutt gingaaa"
" I haveeee noo chancee"

I laughed when Reiji almost killed him and destroyed his sagitarrio. or "segiterial" xD, for that matter
This isn't Beyblade, but Otis from Dead Rising.

*carrying a survivor, guiding two, and running from convicts when walkie-talkie rings*
Frank: *hit by jeep*
Me: Balls!
Otis: DUN INNERUP MEH!! It r teh rudz!
Frank: *shot down, whacked, and ran over to death*
i hate kenta i want to beat him up he is obsesed with ginga
I must be honest... Tsubasa always looks like he is full of himself. It looks like he came out of some snobby cologne commercial with that accent. This is a kids show. Come one.