[Michigan, USA] Tournament Discussion

Yep still in Farmington hills
Do you have a specific location to find directions to?
And is it still on the 17th?

omegas power you'll have fang leone collectors red
i know beyblade753 what are ur top 3 beyblades
i broke my beyblade noooo
my top 3 is dark gasher, frang leon and flam libra
What r u guys doing use pm not our tournament thread
Hows it going guys? Hope to be back sometime soon and host another one, wish you the best of luck for now.
Feel free to PM if you have any questions.
Keep these newbs in check Yuko! lol
Getting back to the Bey-sics, Plastics rock! look for Plastic tournaments in the future when I come back.
Hey coach! Haven't heard from u in a while. I actually have some pretty important questions. So I'll send those to you via pm. Also, I have random booster 3's for the tournament!
as prizes or can we buy them
Sweet random boosters, great to see ya coach
yep, but thats not all, those prizes are like lame compared to what i have in store.
Blaziken will you be selling beys or other stuff? If so can we reserve items early?
yes i will be sellin lots of stuff, but i want the event approved before i cement whats for sale, and whats a prize. although, i have lots of thief phoenics which will definetely be for sale. although some can be reserved the others are first to the tournament gets it.

soo yeah, i can only guarentee random booster ones. if theres a specific bey from that you want reserved pm me.
(Nov. 07, 2012  2:26 PM)ozzyb Wrote: Do you have a specific location to find directions to?
And is it still on the 17th?

yes its still on the 17th
how do you guys like this? http://i1144.photobucket.com/albums/o483...estuff.jpg
sweet blaziken. I NEED a Dark Knight Dragooon
Better win then. Wink
Very nice blaziken Grin
So Sykes blaziken!
Who couldn't be syked about a beyblade tournament
Yo if I drove out would any of the older bladers house me for the night before then ill drive back out to my city Chicago. trying to get my beypoints up on this account. I'm 18 so you'll probably have to be a bit older xD
Cant wait! I'm going to be in both tournaments and I'm DeFiNeTlY getting a Theif Pheonic. I think I made a good Saramanda Ifraid combo
K then, guess that means I'm reserving one for you
I want one as well, but if I can't buy one I definitely want to win it that's for sure