MF-H Phantom Cancer 230 CS

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Needs more testing
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i'll try do the testings tomorow and come up with results later
i guess using a Coated Sharp is always a gamble.
the testing depends upon how your Coated Sharp performance tip is....
i'm actually trying to test a the same combo but with CF,in zero-g and bb-10.i might post a thread for this later

On a very serious note (Click to View)
(Dec. 07, 2012  6:44 PM)wpardin Wrote: Your statement need a valid test results. You don't just say that this combo is good without any proof. Do some test against top tier combos. My suggestion is to do test against;
MF-H Flash_W145/GB145RF for test against attack
MF-M Duo_230EWD for test against balance
MSF-M Killerken/Gargole Dragooon B : D for test against spin stealer
MSF-H Killerken Killerken BD145RB/RDF for test against defense

After you have done the tests, post the result here.

Hey wpardin. I strongly suggest you look at my profile to see all my beyblades. Maybe that'll help you out.
(Dec. 07, 2012  7:26 PM)Insane Wrote: Hey wpardin. I strongly suggest you look at my profile to see all my beyblades. Maybe that'll help you out.

That was an extremely rude way to let someone know that you have no way to prove your statement.

Seriously though, if a combo like this (one that has parts which have been out for a while now) is not on the tier list, it is considered outclassed. You cannot just come in here and claim that it isn't outclassed without valid tests vs top tier combos.
Insane, You could always improvise by using the former top tier parts for the respective types -.-

*2 cents*
This combo is honestly very basic, it combines the flywheel effect of Phantom, the height and non-recoily plastic 230, and the defense/stamina powers of CS*** Yes, Defense/stamina, the only reason why we use CS as a defensive tip is cause of the rubber, while that gives it a chance of attack, it depends on your mold... so yeah, tricky topic here. I used to use this and well... It's decent, but with the current Flash on rampage, etc etc. Doesn't stand a chance. Even LLD would KO this, easily IMHO. *If you can KO Basalt, you can KO this (again, IMHO, and IIRC)...
*2 cents*

And to really stress this point, CS is a real balance tip, get a passive mold, and you have defensive stamina, or vice versa, get an aggressive mold, and you'll have an offensive bey with more stamina than RF, and better grip than XF...

So, you really have no grounds to call this Top-Tier anymore, cause well, it's KOed, EASILY, by long outclassed attack types, and current attack types would throw it like us throwing a pebble, it's not top tier. Plus, there are better choices, and since 145 is the PRIME height now, you won't go far on 230 with Phantom's recoil-happy underside. Well, maybe a feet or two from the stadium.
(Dec. 07, 2012  6:17 PM)Insane Wrote:
(Dec. 07, 2012  6:04 PM)Ultra Wrote: All of those combos are wierd and outclassed so its no surprise that it beats them. Also you think that CS on 230 makes the combo unstable? You're completely wrong about that. EWD has never been found to be good on 230. CS is a top tier bottom for this so you're wrong again.

Hey! Guess what? I found EWD on 230 in the advanced forum section. So that means your doubting all the Special members and Moderators on the wbo. So your wrong! ( When I said unstable, I meant it leans alot. You should think twice before you post Libruhhh )

I very much doubt you did. I've been here a long time and i've never seen it being used on 230. Just because someone isn't an advanced member or mod doesn't mean they don't know more than them. Maybe you should think twice about shooting your mouth off when you don't actually know much. And especially not talk to people in such a rude way Libruhhh .
230EWD setup is used in Jakarta's tourney environment but we use Duo as the metal wheel since Phantom has high recoil & is not really a suitable choice for this setup.

As you can see in this thread from Indonesia subforum:

The last time Duo 230EWD was used & placed was in September 2012. We never used Phantom for this combo because it is Not suitable. 230EWD is a decent combo that has some use in a competition but will not be your 1st choice of combo. It just compliment the other combo because you need a balance/stamina combo.
OK, play nice guys...