Los Angels Tournament Report: No One Breaks the Law

This was KingLoofa’s birthday tournament.  I think we ended up with 40ish participants.  And guess who won the tournament?  That’s right, KingLoofa!  Congrats to him and happy birthday.

Before the tournament I started testing Xt+, Proof, and gF.  I did not have much success with gF but I was pretty sure proof and Xt+ were good.  I was fournate enough to get 2 copies of Xt+ pretty early and was really impressed.  I looked at the stamina mode of Xt+ right after inserting the upgrade chip and thought “bearing dash!?”  I think Japanese youtubers are starting to see the same thing as me, there is at least one video showing Sr.Xt+ Beating Sr.Br (I think TFS?).  I did my test of Xt+(stamina) vs Br in the following fashion:

Layers: Sr (blue) Sr(red) to be used in opposite spin
Disk: painted green 7 (x2) from hK triple set
Driver: Br (2 white copies 1 Gray one) vs Xt+(stamina) (one red Xt and one Orange)

I will post the actual results in the testing thread “Xtend+ test.”  I also posted proof testing results under “8’ With proof frame”. In the above scenario, Xt+ is the overall winner.  Xt+ is certainly tighter than Br.  It also has the same spin stamina around revolve when I tested with these same layers and disks.  But My testing in regards to stamina is not complete and can be inaccurate.  It is just much harder to test same spin.  

Both Mitchjett and I had pretty disappointing results.  Mitchjett went 3-2 and I went 0-2.... neither of us made the final stage obviously.  We chose poorly...and ran into to some bad matchups.  Some trends that I noticed:

1) Sr is making a comeback.  
2) suprise!  aH.Et, hS.At, hS.Br are still everywhere.  You chose poorly....you probably lose.  
3) rP is getting more popular... maybe we are finally starting see why rP is so popular in Asia.  
4) very few gFs present I think. People that had them didn’t really use it.  

Going into the tourament Mitchjett and I settled on aH.10.Xt+, hS.0P.At/Br, bL.7B.X’, and rP.0B.Ds  as our go to in stage 1.  I personally loved aH.10.Xt+ While knowing rP presents a problem for this combo in my hands.  

Round 1: (me) aH.10.Xt+(stamina) vs rP.10.Fr (stock)
From my testing I knew I lose to rP on At.  I did not test against Fr.  It turns out I lose 2-3.  To be fair, my opponent predicted my defeat way before the match. 

Round 2: (me) hS(10 blade.0P.Br vs Sr(right spin).0L(down skirt).Br.
Lots of ties.  I lose 2-3.  In my own testing this is actually pretty even, maybe slight edge goes to Sr.0L.Br. So I deserved the loss.  Right Spin Sr, when I switched spin direction from round 1, is too good.  

What I know of the finals:

I apologize I didn’t see much of the finals.  I think I saw gF made an appearance on At.  I don’t think it did well but I am not certain.  Lots of aH vs hS.  Grand finals came down to KingLoofa vs the same Sr.0L.Br that knocked me out.  Only one Beyblade in KingLoofa’s opponent’s deck.  It was Sr in Left spin.  KingLoofa had hS in his deck...

Congrats to KingLoofa again!  And as always a thousand thanks to the Hosts. And a thousand thanks to OctoJohn for providing Astro Turf!, Tables!!, and even 2 layers of Table cloth!!!  Talk about being spoiled.
Awesome. This was a fun tournament
Same to shindog today I just thought of bearing dash
How do I find out when these tournaments are scheduled? I must been looking in the wrong place.