[ Long Island, New york USA] Anyone out there?!!

Well i was actually able to get a few people to sign up for this website. So i was wondering if there were any others that may wanna join up and maybe have one of those small tourneys!=3 so any1?
You should add USA to your prefix, as North America contains other countries.
wups! sry about that...i knew i was forgetting sumthing, thx man
I would be interested in coming.
AWESOME!! im still working out the details and stuffz but im pulling together a list. TY for ur interest btw. I didn't think i'd be able to get more people this way.
bey blade sucks! lol i jk ill join haha i no u
dude dont txt stuff like that. plz tell me u read the rules and stuffz. cuz if not do so now. and yes u do. The info has not been decided yet. Im thinking it will be sometime in November.
kk im rly tired ill chel8r but im def thr we talk 2morrow at skool k?
(Sep. 15, 2010  1:50 AM)gianc6 Wrote: kk im rly tired ill chel8r but im def thr we talk 2morrow at skool k?
Write things like that in private messages, not here. Also, improve your writing.
I warned him *sigh* sry bout that.
Hey, I might be able to come to I just need a date to go on.
ok AWESOME!! i just hav to let the othr two ppl i was talking about sign up and post here. Also my brother will be coming/participating. We hav the same computer so dont say we r same person. his usernsme is rayunicornoQ
Cool i need to get my skills up anyway.
yo sorry bout tht lol umm yeah im definitely joining just but the date man
I know we just need JB and Jarred now. after that we es good. also i need to figure out where now because people outside my friend circle are coming. So where is a good place in nassau county?
Do you know where Eisenhauwer park is?
yh that's not to far. That's actually perfect. Also i need to know if u hav a Takara Tomy stadium cos all i hav is the PTW,super vortex, and L-drago stadium
I also have an L drago stadium but its the only stadium i have. Ask some of your friends and ill try to find more ppl on here that live in nassau county ok Grin and by the way im 12
that sounds awesome. hey that's kewl, im 13, and my bro 10. im bidding on 1 tommorow cuz i need my dad lol. so if u could get one that would be Gr8.
ya umm i dnt got a stadium but could get one if u want but what the problem wiith l drago stadium im kinda new too this lol but ya i cango to eisen whatever park cuz lighting libra it right by skool remem?
blade me
idont lose i'm am the blader of mississippi
i shrede bey blade and i make sparks
r u in nassau county now blader of mississippi Grin
uh wut? u live in mississippi, but u want us to blade u? r u in our area now? ur welcome to come. the more the merrier rite? and dark werewolf would u be able to buy a takara tomy stadium? they're pretty expensive and i'm only able to buy one. PM me if u haz questionz.
ohh! i think the best date has been found. the ninth of october. its a saturday and im free. now if any1 cant make it on this day just say why, and maybe we can change it. =3
Kool im probly going to go but can u make the tournament in september if you can and we also need a rain date.
i dont think i can do september. and yh i knw. i'm ordering a stadium rite now btw. i'm getting the super attack stadium. yeh october second is the closest day for me. sorry. my parents are going away b4 then so yea...