[London, UK, 19/02/10] Nevermind the Beyblade




One Beyblade is prepared and used in each First Stage match.

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[Image: nevermindthebeybladeshr.png]
No more than a few feet away from Buckingham Palace itself is St. James’s Park, which will be a new location for the UK branch of the WBO, as all of our non-expo tournaments so far have taken place in Regents Park.

Although Regents Park has been a great venue before, we feel that St. James’s Park is a better location for this time of year.

Not only does the point we’ve chosen have good food and toilet facilities, but it is also very close to a gazebo in the event of rain.

The meeting point will be just up and to the left of point 5 on the St. James’s park map:

You’ll also be able to see on the map by clicking on “Transport & info”, the nearest tube stations.

We'll me meeting at point 5 (The blue bridge) at 12:00pm, and will move to an area of nearby grass at 1:00 to start the tournament. The tournament will most probably go on until around 3:30, yet it could go on for less, or possibly longer.

We'd recommend travelling to the event from Green Park station (one stop on from Oxford Circus), as it's closest to the event.
• The tournament style will be block round robin, since this worked well at the last event.
• The main tournament will be MFB only, but free battles will allow plastic and HMS as usual.

Items we'd recommend for you to bring would include a hooded coat or jacket in case of rain, possibly an umbrella, and layers such as jumpers and scarves as the weather will still be cold at the time of the tournament.

We'd also recommend that if you do intend to take part in the tournament, then bring your own beys.

This may sound like an obvious suggestion, but in the past people have come without, expecting to borrow other peoples.

This would not be a problem, but more than half the blades that have been lent out to people have either come back damaged from improper use, or not come back at all (as those who visited expo will know).

Obviously this has made people a lot more reluctant to lend out their own beys.

The entry fee will be the same as usual, free with a blader passport (£6 to buy), or £3 otherwise, and as usual there is no age restriction.

We hope you'll be interested in this tournament, and enjoy it as you have done with previous tournaments.


If you're looking to sell any beyblades at the event, please post here:

Banned parts:
For this tournament (which will probably be one of the first of many), Libra will be banned as was decided by popular vote.
We feel that this will make the tournament a lot more interesting, and encourage people to use both new defense, and attack combinations.

the master
Cyber Kerberous
BlacK PhoeniX

Bringing Stadiums:
BlacK PhoeniX
Cyber Kerberous

Need-to-Know Information

1. During Registration, Open Your Account Page

Open your account page on your mobile device (if possible) during registration to help us keep things quick.

2. Arrive On Time

You must arrive by the tournament start time to enter. We cannot add new players to an event once it begins. If you're running late, contact the host.

3. Stay Aware of Your Belongings

We do everything possible to ensure a safe environment, but can't be held responsible for lost or stolen goods. Keep your gear close by!

4. The Tournament Will Last At Least a Few Hours

This event is likely to last at least a few hours. If you can't commit to the entire tournament, you're welcome to come watch and play for fun instead!

5. Listen For Your Username To Be Called

Your name will be called when it's time for your next battle. If you need to leave early or take a break, tell a judge. Missing a match could mean disqualification!

6. Players Must Meet Regional Product Age Restrictions

All players in this event must meet the age restrictions on Beyblade products in their region. TAKARA-TOMY recommends Beyblade for ages 6+. Hasbro recommends Beyblade for ages 8+. Players under these ages may only participate with the permission of their parent/guardian.

7. Players Under 18 Must Be Accompanied by a Parent/Guardian

If you are under 18 years old, a parent/guardian must accompany you and be present for the duration of the event.

8. Contests, Raffles, Gambling, Betting, and Selling Are Prohibited

Advertising the sale of any product or service, as well as posting about any contest, raffle, gambling, or betting on this event page and conducting them at the event without approval by Fighting Spirits Inc. staff is prohibited. Please contact the Organized Play team if you require approval.

9. Terms of Service

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Poll: Will you be coming to Nevermind the Beyblade?

Total: 100% 64 vote(s)
i have a spin attacker stadium if we need it
We only use Takara certified MFB stadiums MetalFightKai :\
(Feb. 10, 2010  7:34 PM)theflightyellz Wrote: We only use Takara certified MFB stadiums MetalFightKai :\
is mine a fake?
not a fake, but not MFB. Probably quite old as well Pinching_eyes_2
(Feb. 10, 2010  12:59 PM)theflightyellz Wrote: It's currently snowing outside.
I wouldn't get my hopes up too much on it being a warm day considering it's just over a week from now.

Lucky it hasnt set for the past 14 hours (it started when i was walking to school) Wink
I so hope I can make this one Pinching_eyes_2
(Feb. 10, 2010  11:14 PM)Ash Wrote: Lucky it hasnt set for the past 14 hours (it started when i was walking to school) Wink
I so hope I can make this one Pinching_eyes_2

why dont we just have an inside tournament?
Do you think we haven't thought of that before :\?
Having an inside tournament involves renting a place, which costs money, money that we don't really have.
Most halls in accessible places (e.g. Central London) are booked up to a year in advance, and the majority of people can't commit to something that far ahead because peoples circumstances change at a continuing rate.
People have suggested having tournaments at their houses, but the majority of people wouldn't want 25+ unknown people invading their homes, and it also becomes even harder for people to get to.
There's a possibility that we'll be having an indoor tournament at the October expo after Beyblade Metal Fusions UK release.
And things are more likely to get stolen inside IMHO - if everyones cramped in a small space someone could just snatch somethings from people and it would be chaotic Tongue_out
i got the idea!
we rent a plane for everyone
we airdrop into buckingham palace
we threaten the guards with our blades
we take down the queens super corgi 90WF
and we build a beystadium!
its fool proof!
i would really like to see videos of this i hope it goes on youtube
It will do, every tournament so far has.
(Feb. 12, 2010  1:58 PM)theflightyellz Wrote: It will do, every tournament so far has.

awsome its kind of hard to find the videos on youtube since i forgot what user they were under but i remembered it beyblade channel
Yeah, LeeDraciel's channel is most likely to have this tourney video, but otherwise check the Beyblade Channel and My Channel (I mostly do the Expo videos Smile.)
I doubt it will be on BeyChannel, unless someone can bring a camera/camcorder with HD video capabilities.
It doesn't need to be HD (High Park wasn't). It just needs to be good quality.
The only video recording we seem to get is off of mobile phones.
I'll ask if I can borrow a decent video camera from a friend, no guarantee though.
i have a decent camcorder but no firewire cable
Hi my friend is coming to the tournament can u put him on the list plz thanks
(Feb. 12, 2010  5:24 PM)Khel Wrote: It doesn't need to be HD (High Park wasn't). It just needs to be good quality.

i watched the high park throw down on youtube
(Feb. 12, 2010  5:20 PM)♥ Wrote: I doubt it will be on BeyChannel, unless someone can bring a camera/camcorder with HD video capabilities.

If you can get a camera that can shoot at least 640x480, I would say that is good enough for BeyChannel.
can you put me on the list im definitely coming
hello I'm new to bey blade and i used to play it when i was a kid and i was wondering if you could tell if they are selling any metal fight bey blades at the tournament