Nevermind the Beyblade [SELLING] thread

For all of those who are selling at the Nevermind the Beyblade event, please post your items here.
I'll be selling some stuff mainly plastics if I go. All of them are used. Here's a list of what i'll be selling. I'll update it if I find any more to sell:

PLASTICS £3 each
wolborg x1
Master draciel
Metal driger (Hasbro No HMC)
Dranzer v sold
kid dragoon
Wyborg sold
dragoon v sold
dragoon f sold
Marksman grip Offer between £5-£10
Launcher and ripcord £1
Makendo £1
Polta x2 £1 each

Spare parts
galman attack ring 50p
dranzer s blade base 50p
Dark green takara driger s random booster attack ring £1
Trygle attack ring £1

Plastic deals
5 for £10
All spare parts for £2

Draciel ms £2 sold
Gaia dragoon ms £2 sold

Hms deal
Both for £3

pegasis 105F BB-20 version £10 Reserved
wolf 125B BB-20 version £10 reserved
Green beylauncher £5 reserved
beypointer x2 Reserved
Orange light launcher £5 Reserved

Also if you have these and are looking to sell them then bring them along cause i'll buy:

wolborg ms
Metal driger/HMC (takara)
Saggitario wheel

PM me if you want to buy or have anything to sell me.
MegaBlader, i've got a MSUV if you want it?
yeah i'll pm you an offer
I'm selling metal faces at the tournament PM me if you want to reserve some so there will be a definate amount.
Items for sale, all of these blades are used but in good condition:
None of these blades come with a Launcher or Ripcord but if you want one, i can supply free of charge.
I'm also willing to trade any of these blades for MFB blades.
Phantom Fox (Red)
Driger G
Dragoon G
Dragoon GT
Dragoon MSUV
Zues (Takara)
Dranzer G
Draciel G
Rock Bison
Dragoon V
Flash Leopard 2.
I also have a NIB white Phantom Fox, but the bit protector is missing.

These are the items I would like to buy:

Mirage Virgo GB145BS
Pre-HWS Virgo (Good mold please)
Beylauncher Suspension.
MFB Attack style stadium

I'll list any other things im willing to buy as time passes on. cant think of anything else right now lol.

PM me if you wanna buy or sell anything. I'll provide pictures if you need them.
Thanks! =)
anyone selling dragoon msuv at the tournament coz ill buy thanx
any one selling a dragoon v2 at the tournament
Megablader, I've got a Crystal Driger S (without stickers), PM me if you want to make an offer, or trade for it.
Cool i'll send you a pm
i might be selling my one-of-a-kind sword launcher that i built, if anyone is interested.
pictures would probably help if you're trying to sell a custom.
Edit: Obviously as I'm no longer attending I can no longer be selling any items.
my mom says i can go so put me down as a coming
Wow... MetalFightKai, this is not the topic for that. Use the topic in the actual "official events section"
Hey i know i've already said i'm selling metal faces but i also want to put up what i want to buy.


Metal faces £2.50 each (4 left)


L.L Drago
F. Libra
Random Booster vol.4 Mirage Virgo*
Random Booster vol.3 Stardust Pegasis
Random Booster vol.3 Aries

Pm offers for buy and PM me if your willing to sell any of those at the tournament to me.

* means what i want the most.
i will definitely buy the mfb's of you and i might buy some plastics so if you can reserve pegasis for me


jjsonickid: Hey who was you aiming that post at? Because you haven't said.
I think he was talking to me since he talked about pegasis and plastics
It would have been posted if people were.
Oh I forgot about that i've got one to sell if you want it metalfightkai.
(Feb. 03, 2010  10:57 PM)megablader2 Wrote: Oh I forgot about that i've got one to sell if you want it metalfightkai.

how much is it ,and is it clear of points
£5 would be enough and it should be good as new since i've never actually used it.
perfect, i won £10 of a scratch card today
cool good so you'll be buying that for £5 then on the 19th feb. excellentSmile