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Full Version: [London, UK, 19/02/10] Nevermind the Beyblade
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[Image: nevermindthebeybladeshr.png]
No more than a few feet away from Buckingham Palace itself is St. James’s Park, which will be a new location for the UK branch of the WBO, as all of our non-expo tournaments so far have taken place in Regents Park.

Although Regents Park has been a great venue before, we feel that St. James’s Park is a better location for this time of year.

Not only does the point we’ve chosen have good food and toilet facilities, but it is also very close to a gazebo in the event of rain.

The meeting point will be just up and to the left of point 5 on the St. James’s park map:

You’ll also be able to see on the map by clicking on “Transport & info”, the nearest tube stations.

We'll me meeting at point 5 (The blue bridge) at 12:00pm, and will move to an area of nearby grass at 1:00 to start the tournament. The tournament will most probably go on until around 3:30, yet it could go on for less, or possibly longer.

We'd recommend travelling to the event from Green Park station (one stop on from Oxford Circus), as it's closest to the event.
• The tournament style will be block round robin, since this worked well at the last event.
• The main tournament will be MFB only, but free battles will allow plastic and HMS as usual.

Items we'd recommend for you to bring would include a hooded coat or jacket in case of rain, possibly an umbrella, and layers such as jumpers and scarves as the weather will still be cold at the time of the tournament.

We'd also recommend that if you do intend to take part in the tournament, then bring your own beys.

This may sound like an obvious suggestion, but in the past people have come without, expecting to borrow other peoples.

This would not be a problem, but more than half the blades that have been lent out to people have either come back damaged from improper use, or not come back at all (as those who visited expo will know).

Obviously this has made people a lot more reluctant to lend out their own beys.

The entry fee will be the same as usual, free with a blader passport (£6 to buy), or £3 otherwise, and as usual there is no age restriction.

We hope you'll be interested in this tournament, and enjoy it as you have done with previous tournaments.


If you're looking to sell any beyblades at the event, please post here:

Banned parts:
For this tournament (which will probably be one of the first of many), Libra will be banned as was decided by popular vote.
We feel that this will make the tournament a lot more interesting, and encourage people to use both new defense, and attack combinations.

the master
Cyber Kerberous
BlacK PhoeniX

Bringing Stadiums:
BlacK PhoeniX
Cyber Kerberous
Yes, definitely coming down. Sounds like it will be great, St. James’s Park is much easier to get to from Paddington.
Moved to thread in bey marketplace
Megablader, if you could edit your post as "edit: moved"
and please post what you're selling in the events sales thread (linked in the opening post).
Trying to keep this thread purely for anyone saying they want to attend.
Won't be able to make this one, Will be in Bournemouth sorry guys!
I might be coming probs have a ? next to my name on the list.
This seems like a good turn out ellz and also it's good we have a bit over the minimum cause then if people are ill (hopefully not) we will still most likely have over the minimum.
Must... resist.... Sex Pistols joke.....

But seriously, the new move is great! Just wondering what you'll do with your "Beychange" idea that's bothering me.
Reverted, it's obviously a play on the sex pistols album name. Thought it was appropriate since we're right next to Buckingham Palace.

The beychange idea was abandoned long ago, but if there is a serious want for it then we'll consider organizing it for another time, preferably when Beyblade Metal Fusion is released here making it cheaper to buy blades to customize for the event.
Logo is awesome as usual, haha.
What is the title all about 'nevermind the beyblade'? i don't get it i'm sorry if i'm miss reading a post or something but i just don't know why lol.
There was a Sex Pistols album named "Never Mind the Bollocks"

(This might get censored)
I don't think it'd be censored for the context it's being used in, the album was readily available in 77, and the cover wasn't blanked or covered then.
Could we please get back on to the topic of the event now?
Question, that never got answered in the other thread.

Is libra banned allready or can it be used in this tournament?
There are currently no banned MFB parts for tournament use linh.
oh allright ty. i thaught i read somewhere that libra was banned in one of the aussie tournies. must of been mistaken.
I would appreciate it if you could all vote over at:
This is the best name for a beyblade tournament I've seen to date Tongue_out
The turn out already looks good, good luck for this!
or sounds like fun hope you guys hav fun Tongue_out
Thanks guys Smile
Again, on the note of the Libra ruling, there are still 3 people left who haven't voted.
Which... Could still get us absolutely nowhere, since everything is tied at 3-3-3.
Double post I know, but it's a necessary update.
For this tournament, the Libra wheel will be banned
This obviously includes the use of Libra without a metal face, and on lower tracks.
Would like to say I'm coming but I've got to work haha.
Real shame, you haven't been to an event in ages!
Lol, this is one day before my Birthday and St James park doesn't seem as big as Regents park ever. Unfortnately I can't come because of money and other problems. I hope you all have fun though. Smile
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