Legend of the Bey Results thread!

Legend of the Bey Results

Disclaimer: These results are not official in any way. They offer to provide accurate provisional results until the BeyPoints system is updated.

382/382 Matches completed.
69/69 Bladers Updated.
6/6 Groups completed

Legend of the Bey Statistics:

Total Attendees: 69

1st LeeDraciel
2nd ControL_
3rd Blitz
4th Linh004
5th ArkBoy
6th BladeStorm

Blader results

Name BP
LeeDraciel 1320
ControL_ 1225
Brazman 1220
Akatsuki 1217
Linh004 1174
Blitz 1162
jjsonickid 1145
CyberDunn 1130
Bladestorm 1118
ThePokeBlader 1106
BlacK PhoeniX 1104
EnzoXS 1097
ArkBoy 1096
Phantom_Blader 1092
Pamorlai 1089
BeyJun 1088 cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute ^^
rockbull360 1077
Flymewmincrew 1069
Cyber Kerberous 1062
CRAZE 1054
hell Kid 1051
MCO 1050
xHB SAUCEx 1046
blazing dragon 1035
hasan125 1032
black aries 1025
Sexy Child 1022
Raijin 1019
Wolfy 1018
Team Taurus 1008
Vortex-Pegas 1006
Vulcun Horseus 1002
ErazmusG 997
Jaafar125 997
Beyblade247 991
Wolf-Typhoon 990
evilbullboy222 987
burnbull960 986
ShizzyShea 985
ThermalBlaze 984
Bvsb 983
Razor1 983
RockL-drago2866 982
aron101 976
AKstormT 974
Madmuppet98 968
phantomshark 967
leo2000 957
OmegaZX 951
Vamp69 942
Kidtala 940
yash2001 940
BBladerFin 934
Cor28 933
Killerkidchaos1 932
InfinityLibra 931
Beyunit-DL 927
SMG4Life01 923
Ahmed 920
Tarik125 899
Bob_Acid 892
CrustaciousCrab 892
Cyberpega101 884
DragoonKid 882
Jamie Thunder 878
Rentao 878
DarkSag4000 866
doctor blade 861
GeorgeAP3000 860

Match results - all 382 of them Eee
Good luck calculating the beypoints. Thank you for putting your effort into this.
Have The Most BeyPoints In My Group Smile
Missing these people due to name change:

Excel21 ----> cyberpega101
Woffie5225 ----> Wolfy
BBladefin Mis-spelling

Bladers found! Thanks to ThePokeBlader for his help.
Just to let you know 'PhantomDark' in my group is actually Phantomshark
Yeah i could barely read it and i searched Phantomshark and found nothing, does he have an account?
(Jan. 30, 2011  2:42 PM)LeeDraciel Wrote: Yeah i could barely read it and i searched Phantomshark and found nothing, does he have an account?

Hmmm well my search bar is broken then lol well i have notified Kai-V of this thread so she can use it to solve any furthur mistakes.
Are we gonna get beypoints from the tourney?
Yes, that is the whole point of going to tournament's. That and having fun.
Raw results for first 17 matches are on the OP.
Is this really worth it when this tournament's results are the very next on my list, as I have just finished processing tournaments that happened before this ?
It's worth it for me. 44/382 Matches completed.
104 results completed
is that all of the battles that happened?
317/382 Matches completed.
4/6 Groups completed.

Have not compiled bladers but you can search for your BeyPoints in the Matches - over 40 bladers updated but not compiled.

Will Update at 4-5PM, 31st January 2011.
(Jan. 30, 2011  1:23 PM)ThePokeBlader Wrote: Have The Most BeyPoints In My Group Smile

Right behind you.
Results completed! Congratulations to all that attended! errors corrected!
10th Best UK Beypoint Ranker XD So Happy!
bladestorm should become a moderator
(Jan. 31, 2011  6:05 PM)jjsonickid Wrote: bladestorm should become a moderator

i soo agree!
This is truly impressive, you managed to calculate all of these the long way instead of just slapping in their names mod-wise! Awesome for me, I'm ranked 4th overall and 2nd in UK now.

BeyJun obliteration.

BladeStorm ftw.
Unhappy i can beleive after all those battle my points have only changed by 8 points lol
We had 34 bladers added to the UK BeyPoints list this tourney! Bringing the total to 121 competetive Bladers in the UK! A Healthy increase of 39%