[Lansing, MI] Team Legendary Destiny

Lansing, Team Legendary Destiny!
National Team of Team Grand Destiny!

Team Grand Destiny was founded by Coach, Phantom W and Madoka's Spirit

The Archer, I am the Commander of this team. Currently I am the strongest blader on the team with a rank as 178 (about to be in the 150's, 130's, maybe even lower), and currently #5 in the state. I have placed 4 times my last 6 tournaments that I have attended (One of the tournaments was Unofficial), and at my last tournament I went 9-3

Team Legendary Destiny is part of team Grand Destiny. It is part of their National and Worldwide program, to have affiliate teams all over the world. This team is for Bladers in the Lansing area only. Currently there is the main Michigan team, Team Grand Destiny which will be divided into Grand Rapids and Detroit once we find another member in each area that deserves a spot.

You don't simply join, you earn your way on the team
  • But if you want on please have a Google+ page they have a hangout feature where everybody on the team can video chat at the same time. I also run the WBO Google+ page, please share with your friends this is an awesome new way to interact with eachother, where Skype is one on one and is no longer free, this you can talk with 9 others at the same time!

  • Experience is key I want a team of strong bladers, but if you're in experience the desire to go out an pursue local tournament is a must. If you need guidance I'll help. A good attitude and willing to learn and the ability to adapt to their competition is all that matters. If you find a connection with a character will help too, well it at least makes it more fun Stupid.

  • If there are WBO members from around the world that want to be part of Team Grand Destiny, You can Join as an out of area Team affiliate! The keys I look for in my members is Helping Others, Having Good Spirited Fun, Using Good Strategy, A Huge Desire to WIN
Team Legendary Destiny!

This Thread is for conversations of Team Legendary Destiny Members only, as well as Coach. If you request to be on it you must request at a Tournament, for this is an elite team of tournament bladers. Also a localized team so we can battle together more frequently as well.
Love the name change Archer! also cant wait to be able to battle all of you on the 18th. I will be battling. I trust you 3 as judges now so along with Madoka we're good! hope you guys do well, but hope to beat you all! :-) that's what rivals and teammates are for! And October 27th's State Championship will be in your backyard East Lansing. Hope you guys get that Saturday set aside for this, which is why I'm announcing this so early! It'll be an epic set up!
I plan on beating you coach it will be my first time battling you and I will be there October 27th for sure
I am going to try my best to beat you libraten
I Live in Jackson please test me so I can join
Hey i'm not sure if this team is still active but I would love to join. Although I am new I love competitions but will need help learning this sport a little more I only can learn what I see online plus I think it would be fun to goto some tourneys and know there are people there that could help me with my combinations and stuff. I am 14 just in case that is a factor. Thanks!
i like the name but i need more expertiece practice before i can consider even joining
Wow is this still open? The Archer is not active at all and I shut down The Bladers of Destiny about a year ago...
(Mar. 17, 2014  12:37 AM)SageFist2201 Wrote: i like the name but i need more expertiece practice before i can consider even joining

O OK Uncertain thanks for the info
(Mar. 17, 2014  11:49 AM)Coach Wrote: Wow is this still open? The Archer is not active at all and I shut down The Bladers of Destiny about a year ago...
Wait, what? I never heard about that! Probably because I was inactive. But since things are starting to clear up I can start Participating.
If there's enough interest, you could do a reboot; I'd certainly join. I've gotten a few team invites before, but none of them have been even close to where I live. Looking over the closed Bladers of Destiny thread, I really like this idea - it seems to be well set up and I really like the Google+ Hangouts idea.
That is what I'm thinking I'd have to do. Might be difficult though.
The thing is being active enough to maintain it. And that's why stopped. Too many other things in life keeping us busy.