L-Drago Destroy Discussion

Hahaha oh god that was the most undescriptive description I have ever read. I think he needs to know what it looks like..
im smart enough to know that the attack one is blue because blue is cool

Eh, whatever. But ali, if you want Attack, the Attack Mode will work better because of exposure. Sometimes, tracks like H145 work good in Absorb, though.
alright thanks Grin ill keep the h145 in mind Smile
Absorb Mode works best for MF LDD CH120XF, which Bluezee just posted in the customisation forums. Attack mode generally works better for traditional attackers (generally, when using RF/R2F/LRF), as LDD has pretty poor balance (and therefore poor stamina), so on Rubber attack bottoms, any additional spin steal from the rubber is largely wasted.
Can someone test MF-L L-Drago Destroy TR145WD against MF-H Duo Aquario 230D?
Standard procedure:
Duo Aquario 230D: (13 wins, 13 os)
L-Drago Destroy: (7 wins, 6 os, 1 ko)