Jan 2017 Beyblade Burst Giveaway: B-69 Jail Jormungand.I.Cy - Passport Holders Only

Enter me in!!!
Hope i get more chance this time
This bey is as cool as a cucumber
Tried to think of a J2 pun to no avail, so good luck to everyone!
(Jan. 24, 2017  2:07 AM)Basedsamuraij Wrote: Tried to think of a J2 pun to no avail, so good luck to everyone!

You should be thrown in Jail for that effort.
Did I do it right?
(Jan. 24, 2017  3:15 AM)Manicben Wrote: You should be thrown in Jail for that effort.
Did I do it right?

you're gonna be thrown in Jail for posting twice in this thread!!
Enter me
Lynx is under used
Oh yeah, I have a passport...
enter me in!
Enter me
I am in..
Enter me since i missed the last one
I'll enter! 
Please add me to the list.
Thank you and good luck to everyone!
Count me in!
The results are in! The lucky winner of the B-69 Booster Jail Jormungand.I.Cy is ... ToxicAtom! Congratulations!

Please PM me your full name, address, and phone number and I will have the item ordered and shipped to you as soon as possible! Additionally, please post which Bit Booster you would like here:
  • Bit Booster RED [Image: faceboosterred.png]
  • Bit Booster BLUE [Image: faceboosterblue.png]
  • Bit Booster GREEN [Image: faceboostergreen.png]
  • Bit Booster ORANGE [Image: faceboosterorange.png]
  • Bit Booster YELLOW [Image: FaceBoosterIconYellow.png]
  • Bit Booster PURPLE [Image: FaceBoosterIconPurple.png]
  • Bit Booster CRIMSON [Image: faceboostercrimson.png]
  • Bit Booster AZURE [Image: faceboosterazure.png]
  • Bit Booster AMBER [Image: faceboosteramber.png]
  • Bit Booster VIOLET [Image: faceboosterviolet.png]
  • Bit Booster JADE [Image: faceboosterjade.png]
  • Bit Booster JET [Image: faceboosterjet.png]
  • Bit Booster VIVID [Image: faceboostervivid.png]
  • Bit Booster AMETHYST [Image: Face_Booster_AMETHYST.png]
  • Bit Booster SAPPHIRE [Image: Face_Booster_SAPPHIRE.png]
  • Bit Booster EMERALD [Image: Face_Booster_EMERALD.png]
  • Bit Booster RUBY [Image: Face_Booster_RUBY.png]
  • Bit Booster ONYX [Image: Face_Booster_ONYX.png]
  • Bit Booster DRIVER[Image: h9jFJhE.png]
.. or try your luck with our new selection of Bit Boosters!:
  • Bit Booster GARNET [Image: TPWnL0l.png]
  • Bit Booster AZURITE [Image: btnxiVU.png]

Thank you to all of the Passport Holders who entered. Stay tuned for another giveaway soon!
Oh my gosh, I can't believe I won! I'd like to thank all at the WBO for allowing me this opportunity! Despite my 20 years on this earth, this is the first random draw I've ever won! I can't express how grateful I am to you all. Thank you.
extremely sorry for the double-post, but I'd like a bit-booster Driver please. Thank you all again..
Congratulations from Germany
I would like to enter!
(Feb. 03, 2017  1:30 PM)Tempest546 Wrote: I would like to enter!

But it just ended.. :p