Improving WBO Tournament Play Rant

NoticeApplies to all forms of beys, just because I mentioned Zero-G stadiums, doesn't mean I wasn't also wanting the same for Limited and Burst. 

Larger, Wider, Bigger, "Tournament" Stadiums
I find it mighty idiotic that every stadium is simply "kiddie" size. Wouldn't using a stadium like this, be more versatile and anime accurate? Like how can you expect two players to continue using a stadium, where it's opening is covered by two peoples hand size. Kneeling down, high risk if damaged beys by OOB (Out of bounds) KO's. All in all, there's little to no space and makes banking shots more and more unnecessarily broken. These standard stadiums we are using, should only be for casual dueling, not for tournament play. And any organizer serious about Beyblade should invest in constructing stadiums like the photo included, to even a Zero-G attack variation. 
[Image: Screenshot_2017-08-11-21-35-33_kindlephoto-81868071.jpg]

Stage/Stadium Selection 
Another thing is, I find the usage of one stadium laughable. Shouldn't they allow the winner/loser to choose another stadium to be in their favor? So let's say a certain Bet dominates in Attack stadiums? Okay, opponent losers. Opponent chooses a separate type stadium and so forth. The first stadium being randomized. That would make more sense instead of allowing a biased meta of Attack beys. Other types are at a disadvantage.

Tournament Stages (If complaint 1 wasn't implemented, YET!):

Sponsorship!: Oh boy! Unless you were a big Beyblade fan, would you have known the WBO actually exist? We need to get this out there, look for sponsorships, make Beyblade and actual E-Sport and obtain permissions. Twitch, YouTube, Redbull and GameStop! We cannot let this game take another hiatus, increase our audience. Make WBO posters, put em at the front of stores. I would not mind printing out some posters for us and posting them around my state. Cause I'll do it. Passing out cards to potential pro bladers? Sure! We got to try harder, increase our circle. This game should be bigger than it already is. 

Charity events shouldn't be a problem, same for having regionals, local store supporters, you guys like Magic the Gathering? Yugioh? Have our products in store, separate space for Beyblade players. Or start your own Beyblade store with that huge anime stadium sitting somewhere where bladers can practice. Having the mini stadiums optional. Rubber mats all over the floor. We can do it. A big Beyblade shop in each state, while beyblade supporting locals spread out through out the state. Therefore making it extremely accessible. Gotta get that funding man! Merge with the WBBA, be an affiliate.

Leagues and Graphs: Again with the handouts, should've done it a long time ago. Stop limiting ourselves to mega stores. Maintain a proper part list, banlist maybe, tier list, ranking system if each individual part and bet. Have it in plain sight.

As for leagues, it's a bit optional, similar to what Yugioh dies, having leagues by ages. 8-15 league then the 16-infinite league. I could care less about this one. A kiddie could easily beat a grown man.

So, I guess that's about it. This is all just my opinion and what I feel needs to be changed. Like or not, I hope this can steer some of you guys in a "better" direction. Thanks for reading. And oh, do we have an app? We need an app!

Professional Skills: Graphic Design, PhotoShop, Microsoft Office, Computer animation, Computer graphics, Animation and Architecture

Years of training, earning certificates and etc. I don't mind helping out by designing the posters, advertisements and etc.
the stadiums are not based on an attack meta and if the stadiums were bigger attack would be useless. attack is already useless in burst. all types do well in the BB-10/B-09/BBG-03
Idea of stadium is good, though problem is its too big for attack types to do any damage. You would have to strugle even more to KO in middle and small recoil KOs will be impossible like by using Stationary Attack. Stamina and Defence won't have much advantage instead of less likely to KO each other which will make stamina to dominate this stadium. If we assume bladers will adapt in this stadium and get stronger, problem would be that it will be harder for someone to be organizer in firsy place. Getting a legal stadium is already not possible for quite a few blader due to its cost (refering to BB10. Burst solved issue kinda). Making it at home will require quite a few days and getting it shipped from somewhere would cost alot. WBO is trying to make it easy for organizer to start and run community and making tournament happen easier and chaos free

As for selection. We actually have a format where we can switch beys called Deck format which you can see here rules

Charity event sounds good too. Infact I was thinking of doing this since a while. Though no one particularly jumped on idea except regular members (we ATM havimg only 5 regular members atm).
.Yeah, the huge stadiums isn't much as a big deal to me as stadium selection is. 

Swapping Stamina, Attack, Balance between rounds. Random stadium, loser picks next, winner picks next. I forgot how Melee does it?