[Illinois, USA] Tournament Interest #2


Hello Illinois bladers! Welcome to the 2nd Illinois Tournament Interest Thread! If you would like to know about the first Illinois Interest thread, go here

Two HUGE rules to go over for tournaments:
#1: NO STEALING. If you steal, you will be banned from the World Beyblade Organization, tournaments, and will do anything in my power for more concequences. A second offence or coming to our tournaments after being banned will make me contact the police.

#2: NO BULLYING. In Illinois, we joke around a lot, but bullying of ANY kind will NOT be tolerated. If I see this happening, I will force you to leave the tournament and suspend you for two tournaments as a first offence.


But what if I'm not from this area?Remember, everyone is welcome!
Is there an age limit? That's the great thing about the WBO, there is no age limit!
The more, the better Wink
Upcoming Events

So is Illinois ready to rumble?!
Thank you Kai-V for everything you have done for the Illinois community Smile
And like I said. Sundays sundays sundays, the only day that works for me, so if you get something coming up in Feb or later let me know and we'll try. The drive wasn't really that bad.
wait a second, that isn't an official tournament yet... right? need more bladers to confirm, ask for that but don't advertise like it is official.
Then how come The Bishop is advertising his tournament that hasn't been approved yet?

I dont recall "advertising" that the upcoming L.A. tournament was official yet.
It says in your Upcoming Tournaments for the tournament that hasn't been approved by Kai-V for California.
Either way, you shouldn't advertise it. Because it's still not going to happen for sure.
Hey dudes, my son is interested in participating in this. His name is Owen and he's almost 8. We have no idea how tournaments work. Are they Swiss? Double elimination?

The format depends on the amount of members participating. Chicago usually doesn't have too big of a turnout so it'll probably be round robin or block round robin.
You can PM me if you have questions Wink
I'm a maybe for the 25th. Most likely no, however. I have an important test this month.
Ah, sounds very important XD. We might change the date to the 2nd weekend of February. Sound good guys?
I'd have to check closer to the date. I'm probably free.
We are still going to have it on the 25th guys. And I will add Worker Parasite to confirmed.
DATE IS CHANGED TO 26th! Can everyone else still make it?
I'll check. Probably, but I'm not sure.
All right, sounds good.
All right. Now check with Oddity someone.
I'm so sorry to tell you guys this... but the tournament might have to be cancelled. We will most likely move it to another date in February.
(Jan. 17, 2014  10:45 PM)Shining Dog MS Wrote: I'm so sorry to tell you guys this... but the tournament might have to be cancelled. We will most likely move it to another date in February.

Why ... ?
Actually, it's not since I just checked with my friends.
i think im free to come sounds great Niles is close

should i bring a stadium i have zero g and bb-10
Yeah, you should.
which one