How did you get into beyblade?

Here's how I found out about it. At first, the Beyblade show aires on Cartoon Network. I thought it was boring, but them, I wacthed an episode one day, and it was good. Then, people at my school started playing and I stuck around. I thought it was cool and fun, and I watched more beyblade. Then, while Christmas came, I thought I should get an early present. My Dad brought me and my sister to Toys R Us and got a Storm Pegasis and a Storm Aquario. I was really happy. Then I got a grip and string launcher. I later got a Super Vortex Battle Set Stadiam. I then got a Ray Unicorno on Amazon, and gottwo more beys. A evil piecies and earth virgo, and that was my Beyblade history.
Went to Wal-Mart back in the day of the early 2000's. I was looking through the toy aisle (obviously) and I happened to notice something called a Dranzer-F. Cute I picked it up and asked if my mom could buy it along with a Dragoon-F for me She said yes. Grin I was so happy and still am that she bought them for me that day.
I got the Super Vortex Set for my cousin and we played with it for awhile. I soon bought my own beys, and then more... and more...
My brother got one when he was younger. Then I wanted one when I tried it out. I got one.

I was in a dollar store one day and they had a almost an entire wall filled with TT HONGLI Blades, not knowing any better I bought at least 10 of them, found official ones at Walmart and bought a bunch of those too! Having a paper route really helped feed my addiction to these things. Years later I discover MFB and here I am, back at it.
I was watching this old show called metabots on fox kids, when it was over i skipped through some channels to find something to watch, and i came across beyblade's cool theme song that made keep watching, that made me hooked. Grin
(May. 22, 2011  7:31 PM)ShadowPegasus01 Wrote: I was watching this old show called metabots on fox kids, when it was over i skipped through some channels to find something to watch, and i came across beyblade's cool theme song that made keep watching, that made me hooked. Grin
Metabots was great! Its just too bad it didnt kick off and ended up drowning under everything else. I had a deck of the cards and some very small toys. Kinda like the ones that came out for pokemon. The 2" ones.

It was probably the theme song that kept me so hooked to the beyblade anime. I still find myself with it stuck in my head. "Thats Beyblade! Beyblade!" haha.
Really, I played with the plastic gen when i was 4 or 5, got out of sink with it, found out about it last year and was HOOKED ON THIS AGAIN AND OTHER JAPANESE THINGS!
I was bored of Bakugan, so I went to Beywiki and clicked on a bunch of links until I saw that "Every blader should own multiples of this Beyblade (Storm Pegasus.) So I picked one up at the store, and enjoyed it! I'm going to TRU today, hoping to get Counter Leone 145D or Thunder Libra DF145BS!
Episode 1-39 was on Netflix, then the kids said Lets get some BEYBLADES!!
My friend introduced it, i bought my first blade, burn phoenix. Then i started buying more. Then at church i told my mom about galaxy pegasis and since ive been buying online.
I got into beyblade when i was 13. I quit when i was about 17 or so when they stopped production of them. Then i got back into it about 8 months ago after my ex fiancee left. I needed a constructive way to take out my frustration.
Quite simply I blame my friend from elementary school, she was the one who got me into it a LONG time ago I was hooked . Than pretty soon I was pretty obsessed with it.......I kind of based my whole life off of Beyblade.

i had actually packed up all my Beyblades when i turned 18 but it wasn’t till my late 19s I found out Beyblade was back. so come to think about it its almost half my life span was Beyblade related in some way.
watched it when it first came out, i was hooooooooked.
like a fish on a fishing pole.
Well I saw it in a shop and was about to buy it but I didn't have enough money so I went home got some money went back and it was gone! I then walked into K-Mart and guess what?.There was metal fusion! I didn't manage to find one I liked so I walked back home for my birthday. I unwrapped my first gift and it was Burn Fireblaze! I saw at the top it said WBBA and I accidentally typed in WBO and this came up so.
Edit; The one I saw in the shop the first time was fake.
The anime, I was addicted, even when my friends stopped playing I carried on lool...
I only remember some of it. My friend always liked Beyblade as a kid. One day, he showed me a Dragoon(V2, I believe), and I thought it was cool, so I got some set at Toys'R'Us, played with it for a while cause I liked it, and then my mom threw it awayCrying Here I am about 10 years later, and I have gotten back into Beyblade(trying to get that friend back too) and deeper than ever. That is a totally different story. One day, Cartoon Network had a Beyblade: Metal Fusion marathon. Little did I know it was a new series(because I thought it had kept running during the time gap), and I decided, "What the hey, I'll watch it." And that is how I got back into Beyblade. Long story, isn't it?
well i just saw a add of it on cn and liked to watch it well the toys came earlier where i lived and buyed many it ran for years there so the game through people stopped blading but i was in touch with it when i get to know it's back so i again started playing it
The whole metal fusion system just works better cause plastic gen was COMPLICATED for me...
The way I got into beyblades was because of morning cartoons. Used to always watch cartoons when I was younger, beyblade just happened to come along.

As for how I got back into quest for a Galeon beyblade led me to some YouTube videos...which lead me to videos of MFBs.
I got into beyblading by watching the show then eventually I bought a bump king, my brother bought dranzer, we battled, a peice flew off so I couldn't fix it(I didn't know how to fix beyblades), they stopped selling so I couldn't buy a new one, then mfb came out and I'm back. That's all.
I found out about beyblade by my brother when he moved out and found his old plastic beys and then the next day I went to walmart and saw MFB beys
first i thought it was retarded then i saw beyblade metal fusion when it first started and i thought why not? so i bought a flame bull/rock leone set. i then got my whole town influinced. i made custom stadium in my backyard. every one visited my house! then i saw my school principal knock on the door and thought that im in trouble. he actually wanted to blade! soon he allowed beyblades in recess! now dont even ask me how i got hooked to wbo!
I got into it seriously about 8 months ago. I got into it to relieve stress from my ex fiancee leaving. And in the process of playing ive made some really good friends up here.
I was at School and one of the Kids brought a Flame Libra. A couple of friends and myself went over to see it.
Most of them had an EPIC Nostalgia trip. "WOOAAHHH I REMEMBERTHOSE!!!1111" "Werent they Bigger?"
All of them got bored of it. I went out and got Storm Capricorn and Dark Wolf (Shuddup the CW's looked cool so I got them) Loved them. Watched some Youtube Beyblade found the WBO and My life has Been Better 100x since.