How did you get into beyblade?

I used to wake up early And antyime the TV was on i loved Daichi and gaia dragoon ever since that im an addict
How I got into beyblade? I started watching the Begining of V-Force and then i wanted the toys when I was little.
Up till now I still have the same enthusiasm that I used to as a kid, buying
I got into beyblade when one day I was the the local drug store that sold toys with my nan who had to get her prescription so me as a kid I had to check out the toys so I pick up this one package off the shelf and said to my nan can I get some please? So I got 2 which were driger s and galux. I was so excited to tell my best friend who lived in my apartment I ran in through the door and opened the bathroom door without thinking and his mom was standing there whipping his bum in her towel so I was pretty embarrassed so after that we played tip supper time the. I went home the next day he go some blades too. When Christmas came around I got a few more and a staidum so every day we would go to school together blades in hand and battle during recess. Now I have about 13 mfbs and alot of plastics I miss them good old days I wish I could relive them Unhappy
Beyblade Story:
I went to my cousins house this one day, and I noticed him with beyblades. he had 2 so me and him battled out on the concrete floor. I had then done some research on the game to see what numbera and letters like 125 or Rf meant. when the release of the beyblade game game out for the ds i had bought the (Bakushin Susanow) kind and learned every inch about beyblade. And Susanow was my first bey (I didn't say battle bey). I then got a Flame saggittario and I had started battling by brother and we were hooked to the game. I then got the psp kind and i had learned even more.
It was the last week of school and I was in fifth grade. In my elementary school, you didn't really have to show up since it was pretty much over but the school did have a strict attendance system so most parents forced us kids to go. So one of my friends took out his Beyblade (Draciel Fortress) and started talking about how awesome it was. Then these 6 other guys just happened to have their beys with them as well (coincidence?) but there was no real stadium. So then Mark pulled out a fairly large box from under a desk and asked the teacher if we could use it. Then we pretty much had a battle royale and I remember having to borrow one of Elmer's beyblades.

I pretty much bugged my parents to take me to Toys R Us to get me some and my first two (and only two plastic) were Knight Dranzer and Auto Change Balancer.
Wayyyyy back in 2001 when I was in 3rd grade I was watching some morning anime on ABC Family and saw an ad for this new toy called Beyblade. From the moment I saw them I was hooked. I forced my mom to take me out to Target and picked up Draciel S and Spark Knight Smile I didn't even know there was an anime for it until a few months after I started playing.
The anime did it for me. When I was in fifth grade I would always wake up at least an hour before school to watch tv and saw the show that way and thought it was cool. Then my friends started getting the tops so I immediately followed. I just got back into them through the anime as well because my little bro would watch it before we went to school, then after a couple trips to Target and some online ordering I'm back in.
Guess I forgot to mention why I got back into it. I really started missing the game, and I came into a large bit of money so I decided to start up again.
when i was about four just two months before my birthday i saw some walmart dudes hosting a demo for them and i asked to play and the said i was to young and i wouldn't get how to play so ever sence i wanted to prove those guys wrong so i asked my dad to buy he said no so i waited till my birthday asking for nothing but beyblades and i got three and then i started playing and then i got even more hooked cause it's how i made almost all my friends and im now very thankful to those walmart dude for saying that stuff cause with out them i probably wouldn't have most of my friends
I remember going to the store one day and saw a whole section of beyblades. So I asked my mom for one. My first ever beyblade was this one that the bit beast was a pumpkin headed guy holding a scythe. I for the lift of me can not remember it's name. I went to school the next day and everyone seemed to have one. So the next day I brought mine with me and beybattled all the kids, sadly my beyblade wasn't exactly the best. It would get taken out in a heart beat, I always lost. So my friend told me to go to his house and he gave me one of his bigger beyblades. After I won a few battles I enjoyed the game so much I started getting a lot of beyblades and beybladed everyone I knew. I lost all my beyblades when my parents and I got evicted from our house. I couldn't get them and take them with me...from 2007 till now till late 2010 I wasn't able to play. I was living in a place where stuff like beyblades and all that was looked down on. But I still love the game and am so glad they are back.
when i was in kindergarten i saw a bunch of first graders playing beyblade on the slide so i asked about it and this one kid gave me dragoon storm i loved it I got so good that i could beat almost anybody who challenged me until this really mean kid shot his beyblade at mine while i was in a battle i was so upset
My friend told me about a new season of beyblade called Beyblade Metal Fight, me and my friend got interested in that season cause this time it had Metals so I started buying Lightning L-Drago as soon as the beyblade came out.
Well it all started with season one episode one............thats pretty much it
One day just heard about it. My friend and I went to toys r us and picked one up.
YEH!! Thats the exact same thing that happened for me Caesarbeyblade! Thats so weird! I went to toys r us with my friend when i just randomly heard about it!!!
Starbreaker got Earth Aquila, I got Poison Serpent... That's SUCH a coincidence.
When the first MFB commercial showed up, I was like "Meh. Beyblades. Are they even still popular?". During my school fair, I saw my classmates blading. I asked "Can I try?" and later on, I wanted to buy one. My parents said at first "Fakes na lang" (Just buy fakes) I said "No!" then I started buying originals.
Cheez TV for original series.
Youtube for MFB, hah.
I was very young when the first gen of beyblade came out, at first i wasn't into the TV series, but I went to the store with my mum and saw a Driger S (at the time i had no idea which ones were attack, defense etc) but i bought it solely because Ray on the box art looked pretty amazing lol.

Second beyblade i bought the following day was a Dranzer F (bought it because kai also looked awesome lol)
After that, i was suddenly into the TV series :)
Alot of people got into blading the same way haha and I missed it for Soo long when I lost my plastics so when I heard about metal fusion coming to Canada I got excited then I found my plastics and now I currently gave 13 new beys and I have 50 bucks to spend on more Smile
I saw one at the store and it looked like fun so I bought it and took it home. I never watched the original series until years later lol.
Funny... during the first season I ahted it.... -w- but I was too little to really know what it was anyway... Then later I went to the store to buy a video game, but the one I wanted wasn't there so I looked around and found the Beyblade V Force game, bought, later that night I found the show on TV. Fell. In. Love!!now I've watched every season more times than I can count -w-
Plastic Gen-One day, I saw Episode 6 (Tyson vs Ray) first season, at first I was ehh. Then the next episode, It was starting to become cooler to me. Speaking of the ep I saw thats when I became an Ray and Tyson fan, then Kai.

MFB-I saw it randomly on a sunday morning going to church with my uncle. Then I saw Storm Aquario and Storm Pegasus. I chose Storm Pegasus because on Wikipedia its supposed to be an "artitecture" of Dragoon STorm which also was my first bey.

Good times good times =)
I got into platic Beyblades becuase of the anime.

Got into Metal Fusion because of my cousins.