How did you come up with your name?

Hey, I'm starting this thread so we can all know a little more about each other.
When I started playing MMO's I used the name Cyrus in reference to King Cyrus. King Cyrus is known as the King of Persia in some parts of the bible. Usually I sign up with just the name Cyrus. I wasn't so lucky this time around, Cyrus was taken. I just added Otaku to separate it from all other Cyrus'. I hate having a number on my name.
How long have ya got ?
Literally years ago I was trying to come up with a screen name to use online. I wanted something short, instantly recognizable and yet easily distinguishable.

So I took my actual name (Ryan), and replaced the "Y" with an "O". Little did I know at the time that "Roan" is actually a real word, but the meaning of the word actually just led me to like the name that much more. I've tried changing my screen name a few different times over the years but it just never felt right, I always came back to Roan. It just sort of stuck. haha
i always watch yu gi oh and one character joey always says nyeh so i decided to put nyeh its joey
Its my real name.
My name is the Hindi word for 'game' or 'sport'.

Thought it was fitting.
It's kinda obvious. I was Watching MFB (Subbed) and Gingka and Kenta were having that whole conversation about having a Bey-Heart so large and all of the energy in the starry sky and such.
It's kind of complicated.

I originally registered to Beywiki as "Takao", the Japanese name for the main character of the original Beyblade series. However, one day I felt like being cute and tried splitting my username. So I planned to change my username to "T o" with the underneath usertitle being " aka " so that it would read as:

"T___o" (underscores used to represent spaces)
" aka "

So it'd be "T aka o", or "T also known as o". However, the forum doesn't allow you to have spaces within your usertitle, or username in that fashion so I ended up as "To" (which is also cute when you realize I'm from Toronto, often known as "T.O."). It stuck, and here I am today.

I swear, the whole spaces thing sounded like a good idea in my head.
Haha, I love burning things.
Mine is off the mark, but it was from watching a fan vid of Aoi serenading Uruha from The GazettE.

It means maple buns, I believe.
(Nov. 12, 2010  2:19 AM)momiji manju Wrote: Mine is off the mark, but it was from watching a fan vid of Aoi serenading Uruha from The GazettE.

It means maple buns, I believe.
I always thought a Manju was a a snack cake type thingy with a Creamy bean paste filling thingy. although I thought it was spelled Monju (I got this idea while reading the "Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Part 1" Manga and Zelda bought some Goron Monju so at the bottom of the page it explained what Monju was)
I just like taro bubble tea Grin

Momo means peach, and Tarou, can mean "plump" (I'm not chubs), but it also means "boy", hence, my name is "Peach Boy". Momotarou is actually the hero character of a famous Japanese folk-tale that my mum used to tell me when I was growing up. Now, I can read it by myself lol.
It was originated from a Cerebral Cybernetic Implant Artificial Intelligence (CCIAI) named REtread, an ever-running memory cache entity.
I'm sure there was a thread for this a long time ago ... Can't seem to find it though.

No special meaning behind mine. When I was signing up at OtC I was going to use "Kai" or some variation of the name, but then thought it would be more interesting if I changed the "a" to an "e", and voila! Kei (well, it was Kei-X at the time, but I dropped the last part a long time ago).
My username is just a card from Yu-Gi-Oh.

Yu-Gi-Oh was what originally drew me into anime things in the first place. The card my username is from was the first Ultra Rare I ever pulled (Byser Shock). When I was crazy about the game, it was my favorite card. Even though I've traded it away now, the name has always just stuck to me.
Well, I got interested in the WBO while Kai-V was showing some of BeyBrad's "in your face" replies to mainly noobs (Including myself, of course) I found them funny and expressed the idea of joinning. I believe she already was an admin, at the time, can't remember. She basically said "Oh, if you register, your username should be Dude. Just Dude." and I agreed because I really liked the movie "Hey, dude, where's my car?"

Captivating story, hey, kids?

EDIT: Oh, and Blader Kenny's crazy stories got me to join, too. It's too bad that he got arrested just a while before I joined XD
Let's go back to...2008. I was still into speedcubing and I was subscribed to this YouTuber named VietCuber (She was obviously Vietnamese). I was planning on making videos of my speedcubing times, so I stole her name and tweaked it to use Oki (Okinawa, where I live Tongue_out). As time flew on and my videos got no popularity, my brother was digging through his closet and found our old plastic beys, and we had a nostalgic moment. This brought me to the WBO, where I had to face the everlasting challenge of finding a suitable username (which by the way, I'm very glad that you don't have to make a new account to change usernames Grin). I took my old username, and replaced "Cuber" with "Blader" to fit the hobby. About a month or two later, I had a need for a hobby-neutral username, so I switched "Blader" to "Blaze." So basically,

I took VietCuber --> OkiCuber (Pre-WBO) --> OkiBlader --> OkiBlaze

That actually took a while to write, haha.
At least it's not as many name changes as Diamond, haha.
EDIT: I have the longest explanation so far, haha.

(Nov. 12, 2010  3:24 AM)Kei Wrote: I'm sure there was a thread for this a long time ago ... Can't seem to find it though.
Are you thinking of Striker Axis? Because I know there's a thread like this as old as January, and you posted the same story.
I think I don't need to explain what my username means? Lips_sealed
It came up in my mind when Rock Escolpio was first showed in the anime, and I threw my first glance at Busujima, he looked like a character in G-revolution which I like very much. After that, I'm lazy to change it anymore. Tired
Catslikeeggs = Me just being Random and silly.

Nova= This one was a little more difficult I tried to research SuperNovas (Home Work) Then I was like
Super Nova sounds way cooler that catslikeeggs. then I thought about it and then came to the conclusion that The super bit was a little tacky and just went with Nova.

Moss= Coolest guy on TV
When I first started using a computer, 4th gen pokemon were just being revealed, and I joined Serebii under Lucario_x. So, when I went to go join another forums (forget which), the name was taken so I decided to try to keep the name, just shortened. So I took the "Lu" and "x", put it together, and I had Lux. It was catchy, so that's what I'm known by.
Well my favourite pokemon is Aron, and I always used to pwn people with it. So then I came up with the name Aron101, the 101 meaning the basics and Aron! Get it or do I need to provide a further explanation?
I named a character in my stick people comic Megaknight, so I adapted it to beyblade, but Megablader2 was taken! So I changed it to 9.
i was signing up on maplestory one day and i was about to put down my id which was xxmesorangerxx it was the trend to put Xs in front and back of ur name. so finally i pressed submit. i tried logging in but it wont work, then i finally realized that i forgot to put Xs in front of my name. i played maple so much eventually the name stuck
its my name, plain and simple.

my character is also named after me, its well a ME character so alot of the time when some people see kanato they see it as a character to a story.

i also use Kanato Dolsrin as a related code, just like all names Skallevan to Tallevan, Fell to Fellen, Adversary to Nemisis. it all has a reason for being. everything is complicated but to summon it up........

its just my name, and im proud of it.