[Hasbro]  Octa Performance Tip Testing and Discussion

Hi guy! I was able to pick up orichalcum recently for Hasbro. I thought I would open up a testing thread if anyone wants to post some combos requests.
Spryzen reqiem 0bump octa left weak launch vs l3bump extreme
sX 0Bump Octa vs Spryzen reqiem 0lift or bump bearing weak launch left spin
I would love to see some tests on it (as it's one of few Hasbro Burst I might purchase). Maybe you can give it a try on nL? Or Sr 0BOc (sorry I'm not familiar with Hasbro naming scheme)

Also make sure you follow these guidelines while posting https://worldbeyblade.org/Announcement-P...ting-Rules
I’ll start testing these soon!
I don’t have bump or xcalius, so I might use lift instead of bump(I don’t think it’ll scrape since octa is huge)
I’ll have to borrow someone else’s x3 though
Can you try SrS3 0L Br against X3 7M X and then try SrS3 0L Octa against X3 7M X
Hell Salamander 0G Ds(defense mode) vs. Spryzen Requiem S3 7F Oc(left)
Salamander : 9 wins (5 Overspin, 4 burst)
Requiem : 1 win (1 OS)

Salamander 90% win rate
Requiem 10% win rate

Hell salamander 0G Ds(defense) vs. Luinor L3 Oc

Hell salamander: 10 wins (10 OS) 100% win
Luinor 0% win

I removed the lift frame since I found out it starts scraping the stadium in either mode.

Luinor is still too unbalanced and too light for the same spin match up.

For those of you who want god layer/evolution beys to be able to compete with takara, it’s not gonna work that well. It might do ok on opposite spin though.
Will test spryzen in right against salamander soon.
I also believe Octa is one of those drivers that require slight wear to be competetive, just like Variable and certain revolve builds.
Based on my results it not that good.
(Mar. 05, 2019  6:58 PM)XXSYPHERXX Wrote: Based on my results it not that good.

can you please post your results? i havent had the time recently to test it.