General Burst Combo Discussion

Could domeone possibly test lS .8M.Hn in right spin vs dF .P.At? I need to get a new Takara Tomy Burst beystadoum, and I'm waiting to also get a couple of new launchers too.
I have something to discuss about Variable. Wouldnt the more worn down it is = Less Stamina? More movements use up more energy the beyblade has in store and thus an easy survivor finish. Wouldn't this make sense?
(Dec. 30, 2015  5:56 PM)Bey Brad Wrote: I would prefer Valkyrie Heavy Survive over Defense for that kind of stationary smash attack combo.
Does anyone tried Q2 for attack yet? I found very good resultss with it as a Anti Attacker combo. It was able to burst D2 too on Xtreme

Just problem was against L2 Hold