Fun Combos thread!

I don't actually have the parts, but I thing making the lightest bey possible against a heavy attacker would be really funny.
Not really, it gets boring after a few rounds.

Can we focus on combo's we actually have and find fun? Not particular matchups or particularly bad things or themed beys?
ha, sorry about that. coz metal balls are fun too.
(Dec. 22, 2011  10:15 AM)the.successor Wrote: I think a combo with full of metal balls seems reasonable.

Jade Jupiter GB145MB, meta, balls anyone?

LOL, sounds fun... It would be funny of someone tested that, just for lolz... or rather bollz?
Phantom Orion 85 XF LOL Suicides and KO's everywhere....
MF Duo Uranus D125XF. This is IMO top tier
Torch Aries M145Q vs Vulcan Herculeo 90R2F (if you're feeling in need of entertainment add an LF) - 2 beys going crazy
meteo perseus/scorpio/gemios 145 hf/S
much recoil is much. o3o (only in RIGHT spin)
Ray Unicorno 85 MS... I just love to see it get bloody killed by any decent Attack type
Cyber Pegasus 145HF.
It actually works great against 230 combos and also good on Tornado Stadium.
It's actually pretty fun watching it fly off the stadium when used against low track defense tipes.
It does good against 230?!
Surprising! Grin
About the Tornado Stadium, well of course! Its a delight to watch the plastic variants of Flat tips battle in a Tornado Stadium. Smile
Lately,as I got SVS Sonic version,I've been playing around with the terrible Hyper wheel- and I found it's actually ok using it with Hyper Libra 100HF. Libra and Hyper go together like peanut butter jelly,but it's still pretty bad
never test it before but icame random le to my mind Hell Kerbecs BD145PD Vs Basalt Horogium 90 R2F should be crazy and KO probably
PD? Why in the world I never heard about that tip until now..
I love using Evil Scorpio BD145WD...look at that thing. BD is so muck wider then the contact with Evil must be dreadfull hard.
PD is just a very unpopular tip - it's sold with a useless accessory and is inferior in every way to SD, WD, D, etc.
Really? PD was considered superior to WD in its time, just that the power creep of 4D plus unavailability made it slowly fall out of popularity.
I do not recall PD ever actually being tested very thoroughly, and upon inquiring about it, I actually never found anyone who would support its supposed superiority.
I believe it was considered "on par" with WD. EWD and W2D also performed similarly to WD but are largely ignored, especially W2D.
I definitely remember W2D being called inferior a lot. Something about poor balance issues and not having nearly as much wobble time, iirc...
Mmm, maybe, but IIRC it still did very similarly in testing.
Regardless, unless something glaringly outperforms WD, there's no reason to pick it - WD is the most abundant part in MFB.
Of course, but if something performs equally, there's still no reason to ignore it completely, especially on the off chance they don't have WD (it happens sometimes), all their WD's are worn, etc. It's always irked me how anything close to WD usually ends up being ignored entirely.

Anyway, I just noticed the post that began this discussion, and reviewed the PD Discussion thread :

(Dec. 30, 2011  12:04 AM)Hazel Wrote: PD is just a very unpopular tip - it's sold with a useless accessory and is inferior in every way to SD, WD, D, etc.

It struck me as odd, considering you yourself said the following a few days ago, given all the information we have says that it is at least as good in at least some aspects as WD, SD, D etc:

(Dec. 25, 2011  5:00 AM)Hazel Wrote: ...I'd like to see proof on both of the claims you just made.

If you can provide none, you will suffer a consequence for it.

(Dec. 25, 2011  5:19 AM)Hazel Wrote: For future reference, do not state things as facts when you are not certain, especially not on something so touchy a subject as part differences - you know full well the policy on claiming such things.

@th!nk: I would've simply warned him otherwise.
Black ver. Infinity Cancer S130 CS. Has a nice 'neon' feel to it. Pegasis Inferno ver. face Cyber pegasis II 90 WF is pretty fun.
@th!nk, that was concerning weights, not comparative part functionality - which are two very different kinds of claim.

My claim was based on what I had seen others say, and asked other members myself. I really do recall seeing tests and testimonials - possibly from the MFB Tier List thread? - that put PD below everything else. If I got bad advice, that is on me, then, and I apologize.

Regardless, this was almost all off-topic to begin with.
Not really, both relate to part performance, within-part or between-parts, it is close enough as makes no difference, especially if one is close enough to consider warning someone for, especially given that was a regular (albeit rather repsected) user. You're a Committee Member now, you just can't go around posting those kinds of things unless you're absolutely sure. But yes, it is off topic, and I do apologise, but I felt it needed to be said.

Anyway, on topic, I was playing around with Dranzer V's AR, on 10 Heavy and an SG Flat base, admittedly against an MFB (the amazing Midnight Aquila B: D), the other day. It was actually really fun, and before this turns into a "lol recoil" thing, the Dranzer V combo did pretty well, so I went onto playing with it against a few other plastics, and before I knew it, an hour disappeared. Probably the most fun I've had with a combo for a while.