Fun Combos thread!

(Mar. 04, 2022  9:07 AM)th!nk Wrote: Also, while it isn't legal (tbh I think it really could be), Killer Deathscyther Knuckle X' (and ig also D3.K.Hn-S) are tonnes of fun in classic. They're sorta like v2 level, maybe a little below, but it can have rounds where it KO's anything and rounds where it just whiffs. It's a really fun setup and IMO it would probably be both healthy and positive for the format.

I'm gonna test this lol
My favorite fun combo has to be lost Longinus 0 wall evolution

I love the scraping
One combo that i love using is buster xcalibur 13 operate’
I love the jumping and i use 13 to make it as light as possible
When the sword hits the top of another beyblade while jumping its like a dopamine factory
Drain Fafnir (any disc) Cross Gyro is something ive been trying out
Nightmare Longinus.αngle.Bearing is pretty fun as a stationary attacker. Not very heavy in comparison to later seasons but the αngle frame on Nightmare Longinus does act like a second set of teeth not effected by spring strength.