Fun Combos thread!

another fun combo is mind blowing Scythe-___-Ed145-ES/EDS its is mind blowing (to me) that there is 4 different spins at one time!
My favorite fun combo is thermal leone because of its amazing stamina.It can go forever without stopping.Also it survived a 30 bey battle royale.It has disadvantages because it is so tall.-.-
I'll post this for Kilo-X, but he made this wierd rock combo he showed me today. It was like, Rock Bull T125RB I think. Anyway that thing KILLLLLSSSSSS Basalt Combos. And I mean smashes like Variares! SO WIERD! It's one of those hilariously stupid random combos where you just stare at it in the strangest ways. Very fun to watch
Well its MF Rock Bull T125RB to be exact
A great fun one is Bakushin Cetus 135WD it is pretty oka but is fun to watch because it stays in the same place for a while and has a good balance reputation... and another is Earth Susanow AD145DS it is fun blance type because it doesnt wobble to much
Inferno Escolpio BD145 DS. Build it and just look at it. Look at that space between Inferno and BD145. Oh heck, someone could shove another Inferno in there.
@Crab Commando: You think that's a big gap? Just look at a stock Hell Kerbecs with BD145 in Normal Mode! Grin

I found that if you launch Hell Kerbecs 230CS the right way against most 145-height based opponents or lower, the Hell combo can make enough contact with the opposing Bey's Face Bolt to unscrew it, if not entirely, partially to the point that its parts are rattling or on the brink of disassembling.
Lightning L-Drago 85RF,I don't know why but i'm much better with left spin attackers than right-spin but now i use a Flash combo considering the fact it can beast through Defense types. I also like Flame _ 100SF. You guys should try it,its not half bad.
Flame Cancer 100SF was once a popular combo for destabilizing long ago, but has lost almost all use competitively thanks to BD145 and other modern-day Defense track's being. Still pretty fun to use against outdated Stamina types, though. Smile
Flame Cancer 100 SF is actually one of my favorite combos. Burn Cancer 100/90 WD isn't bad either for using against old Stamina/Defense types.
I personally LOVE the looks of the silver-paint Burn. I also like sticking Gravity on super-low tracks and tips. It looks like a spinning glob on the stadium.
(Apr. 13, 2012  1:36 PM)Crab Commando Wrote: Flame Cancer 100 SF is actually one of my favorite combos. Burn Cancer 100/90 WD isn't bad either for using against old Stamina/Defense types.

I used mine against Burn _ AD145WD,my stamina wheels stink Unhappy. Except for Duo but i use that for Defence. Meh,Stamina is kind of boring anyways to me. I'm gonna get more parts to build better defence types.
I made a Twisted Pegasus W-105 HF and it beat my Ray Striker 105 R2F EVERY time.
That is because Ray isn't too good for Attack, while Twisted is too good for Defense. Twisted on that setup would mean a rather Hasbro-based anti-attack, which is quite dangerous for those lowly attackers like Ray.
Moreover, if this was in a Hasbro stadium, where Stamina means everything, its understood that Twisted shall win, haha!

I am currently using a Wing Attacker's AR on Volcano Change Base, haha!
Wing Attacker has got a powerful attack, IMO, but humongous recoil for that matter! Whenever it gets a perfect hit onto the other bey, both of them stop, but Wing Attacker wins; thanks to Volcano Change Base's LAD.
I love to battle Ray Unicorno and Gravity Perseus . SO MUCH RECOIL.
i think my fun combo is MF-H Basalt Bull M145Q
the thing is when i use this combo i feel scared if the other bey might break, i mean imagine the heaviest metal wheel jumping around in super speed on other beys! dam god bless the beyblade which comes in its way Tongue_out
Does anyone still use Light Wheels for fun battles? I put 4 LW Beys in the stadium with Blitz! MASSIVE KO's, LW Beys flying everywhere! LOLOLOL! XD
My fun combo is mf leone 145 RF. 1. My friends don't believe it is legitamite. 2. It has so much smash against my friends who use stamina types
Flame Aquario ED145 HF/S: This is a lot like the "White Whale" combo th!nk mentioned on the op. It is really hard to destabilize with the free-spinning part of the track in the way, and exposes the track more with the HF/S and Flame. Aquario is simply thrown in for Stamina purposes. The combo isn't super competitive, but works VERY well against most weak/outclassed combos. It works fairly well in the Triple Battle Set stadium. Use the red/normal core piece, get it into a ridge in the core, watch it take most of the hits you throw at it.

EDIT: I'll consider it a Stamina combo for now. It works best it Hasbro stadiums.
I use ED145 too! I use Poison Virgo ED145ES sometimes, I use Zhou Xing's bey! Lol! XD
A customization I made back last year that was oddly good was Bun Pegasis 145FS and Basalt Leone AD145WD. To me, Earth Eagle 145WD and Hell Kerbecs BD145DS are naturally strong beyblades and my results came out as predicted.

Burn Pegasis 145FS Win 5/Lose 2
Earth Eagle 145WD Win2/Lose 5

Basalt Leone AD145WD Win 3/Lose 3
Earth Eagle 145WD Win 3/Lose 3

Bun Pegasis 145FS Win 4/Lose 3
Hell Kerbecs BD145DS Win 3/Lose 4

Basalt Leone AD145WD Win 2/Lose 4
Hell Kerbecs BD145DS Win 4/Lose 2

Basalt Leone may not seem like a good bey, but has a lot of stamina for a defense type. I tested it against many attack types and if ferociously took over the battle.

Burn Pegasis on the other hand is a pretty great balance type just like Earth Eagle (just with more stamina). Its a very cool bey
I find midnight Uranus145XF very fun.I like to see it get destroyed.Grin
How it works,is that it's a light, but very high speed bey.When it rushes at things like diabloBD145MB,it just repels off as if nothing happened.Its hilarious to look at.Grin
Some times I use a mf-f and I would try a Plastic wheel on it,as well.
I just made a really fun combo that could eventually destroy my stadium. It is
Basalt Quetzalcoatl M145(outer)ES
Yeah, but now imagine two Synchromed Wheels with a Metal Face on M145MS... xD

Soo many holes.
Hyper Serpent M145Q is very crazy, especially in a BB-10. It's either getting recoiled everywhere, self-KOing itself, or just getting slammed by my MF-H Basalt Aquario GB145D...

Also, Inferno Leone D125WD is pretty good. I love seeing my very low attackers strike it and making it lift off of the stadium...