First tournament in Israel

This thread is more for the expirienced tournament organizers 
Im 14 years old kid from Israel and there are no beyblade tournaments in my country,so i started fit project (first israel tournament)
I want to become the first organizer in my country but im afraid i wont be able to do this alone,I need you,the great people of the beyblade community to make the dream real.
so... if you have any tips
if you are from Israel and want to help or just want to help (designing signs,posters,tips tricks guides to the begining player...) no matter where are you from please comment I would appreciate it.

By the way I am sorry if there are any grammer or spelling mistakes because I speak Hebrew and not English
one more issue is the equipent in my country there are no stadiums so i have none of tt's stadiums or spare beyblades for open tournaments so equipment is issue also
i finally got to 50 post count!
need your help asap!
(Mar. 18, 2018  9:25 PM)galaxyvirgo8580 Wrote: i finally got to 50 post count!
need your help asap!

where you from? in Israel?