Favourite Songs

Started listening to Jack White again; his "Lazaretto" song is killer.
but i recently had "Glorious - David Archuleta" stuck in my head since i saw it on a Youtube ad.
Some of you are going to say "Wow.. really? This guy?" i'm NOT religious but its actually a nice song, its actually a cover but its the best cover I've heard of this song. I think most you would enjoy it if you took the time to hear it. It's one of those 'world-wide pure good' songs.
My favourite song is Stereo Hearts by Gym Class Heroes Smile
Definetly theses three.

Warriors - Imagine Dragons,
Forget About Me - Escape The Fate,
Still Waiting - SUM 41,
these are my 3 fav songs out of 100.

all time low - Lost In Stereo
ed sheeran - Don't
Breaking Benjamin - I Will Not Bow

i enjoy listening to these songs
I've started to like that new song "Uptown Funk" it's so catchy, and Bruno Mars is amazing in that song! UPTOWN FUNK GON' GIVE IT TO YA!
My top 3:
Stereo Hearts- Gym Class Hereos
Blame it on September- Allstar Weekend (and every other song by them ;3)
Soul Sisters- Train (and every other song ;3)
Take Me To Church-Hozier
Juice-Chance The Rapper
Gangster's Paradise-Coolio
Most things by Macklemore and Eminem.
I've got somewhat of an old-school liking to music, ah whatever:
Beastie Boys ft Cypress Hill mash up of "So Watcha Want"
M.O.P.- Ante Up
J Dilla- Waves, Welcome To The Show (it's actually Donuts outro)
Knife Party- Centipede, Destroy them with Lazers
Rage Against The Machine- Bulls On Parade, Testify (very political, unfortunately)

I'd bet this is the first time some of you have even heard of the song names... If so then I feel sorry for you.
I have so many songs that I love. Here are some that I could think of:

Lost it all — Black Veil Brides
Knives and Pens — Black Veil Brides
Castle of Glass — Linkin Park
Guilty All The Same — Linkin Park
Miles Away — Memphis May Fire
A Single Moment of Sincerity — Asking Alexandria
Moving On — Asking Alexandria (I'M IN THIS MUSIC VIDEO Grin)
So Far Away — Avenged Sevenfold
This is Gospel — Panic! At The Disco
Mercenary — Panic! At the Disco
Second and Sebring — Of Mice & Men
Bored — Deftones

The list could continue on and on but I am getting tired of typing, haha. I mostly listen to metalcore, nu-metal, alt. rock, and punk/emo rock.
Some of my faves

Eiffel 65 - Blue - catchy song
Dimrain47 - Surface - aspiring Fire Lord
Dimrain47 - Twilight Techno - because of Driger GT's video
Scotty - The Black Pearl (Dave Darell radio edit) - this video
Cartoons - Witch Doctor (radio mix) - this video, a YouTube classic, to me that is
Parry Gripp - "Do You Like Waffles?" - I like waffles, pancakes, and french toast
So, my favourites are so far :

Animal I Have Become - Three Days Grace
Monster - Skillet
Warriors - Imagine Dragons
Current Top 5 (although this changes quite often):

1. SKisM - Experts
2. Feed Me - Onstuh
3. Feed Me - Patience
4. The Prodigy - Nasty (Spor Remix)
5. and [url=https://soundcloud.com/edm/designer-drugs-drugs-are-in-control-fool-remix-edmcom-exclusive]Designer Drugs - Drugs Are In Control (F.O.O.L Remix)

As you can see, I'm a huge EDM fan. Trust me, the last one isn't what you think, haha.
I've recently how a new band I like called Beartooth. They aren't that average, unoriginal metalcore band thankfully haha. My favroite of their songs so far are Beaten In Lips, In Between, and I Have a Problem.

I'm starting to like a lot more 90's Alt stuff now as well, especially songs from Oasis. Wonderwall has always been a favorite of mine, but I'm starting to broaden my playlist of their stuff especially since I realize I like a lot of their stuff, especially Don't Look Back In Anger.

Tool is another band I found that I was forced to listen to as a child a lot. I didn't like them much, but after hearing them on Pandora on Korn Radio the other day it was like "why did I not like this as a child?". I love their song The Pot.

If I did this more often it would constantly grow because my music is always evolving haha.
90's Alternative rock is awesome! I'd personally suggest Collective Soul (especially their songs December and World I Know), Hootie and the Blowfish (I Only Wanna Be With You and Time), REM (too many good songs, I can't pick just a few, haha) and The Verve (Bittersweet Symphony).
Yes i finally found the thread where i can share all my weeb songs i love!

Okay so i like a lot of songs that carry deep messages in them (note they're all japanese because i am a small weeaboo)
So here are a few songs i like with deep nessages in them and it hust gives me goose bumps everytime i listen and read the lyrics

Unravel - Tokyo Ghoul Intro 1
This song is just such an amazing song and my favorite quote from it is "I am just so hurt that i hold my breath and freeze" It's great and when it geats near the end i always get goose bumps when the song says "unreveal the world" it is just perfect. To add on the anime intro is really fitting to the song as well which is why i decided to look up the lyrics of the full song.

AI - Six Trillion Years and Overnight Story
This song doesnt really have as deep of an affect on me personally but the story in the song is just quite sad and brutal so i like it as well.

Yui - Again
I personally do not know the lyrics to this song but from the intro in FMA brotherhood is just so touching and her voice is AMAZING! Yeah it is just a great beat and anime story!

Now just some songs i like because of the rythem of them song (This is usually decided through osu, (a japanese rythem game) the knowladge of the beat comes from the game and if the song sounds amazing it is 100% going in my playlist haha.

I generally like ONE OK ROCK but some of my favorite are: NO SCARED, Clock Strikes, and Liar

I love Rin and Len aswell one of my favorite songs from them is Streamline Prism (Just because i love to double time it on Osu!) and Ninjen Shikkaku

I like most of Hatsune Miku songs but i find some of them just lure annoying, one of the better ones is Black Rock Shooter, and worlds end dancehall (i prefer the rocketman remix)

Cannot forget about K pop haha! I like Girls Generation quite a bit, Gee and I Got A Boy are some of my favorites from them.

Lastly i like some of the Fairy Tail intros but i never really took my time to look up lyrics and such Opening 9 is my favorite and obviously the main theme is crazy good!

So yeah i have rambled long enough i bet i missed a lot of songs since i... OH WAIT i love like all Touhou songs especially enotional skyskraper!!! But yeah that is mostly everything... but i still probably mossed a lot due to me only having my phone playlist and not my actualy computer with about 5000 songs on it haha!
song: Hail to the king
artist: Avenged Sevenfold
reasons: I like the mix of guitar and drums.
Boten anna by basshunter
Excision-Bass Cannon. Really hardcore dubstep, epic motivator for me while playing games like Smash Wii U and stuff.
(Jul. 04, 2015  5:04 AM)The Real Libra Wrote: song: Hail to the king
artist: Avenged Sevenfold
reasons: I like the mix of guitar and drums.

A7X is awesome. They peformed this song last year when I saw them at Mayhem. My favorites of A7X are I'm not ready to die, God hates us, and so far away.
Rising Hope,Crossing Field,and Oath Sign by LiSA (Mahou Koukou No Rettousei,SAO,Fate/Zero OP)

Unravel by TK from Ling Toiste Sigure (Tokyo Ghoul OP)

Database by MAN WITH A MISSION feat.Takuma (Log Horizon OP)

Moving Soul (Fate/Kalleid Liner Prisma Illya 2wei OP)
Some are remixes , some are Dubstep . Soo yea haha.

Here it goes some of my favorites:

Dr Dre - the Next episode ft Snoop dog ( San Holo remix )
Aero chord - Ctrl Alt Destruction
Aero Chord - Surface
Diplo - Revolution ( Remix )

I liked Remixes since i first heard it , because it gives the original song a bit more excitement because of the beat and drops. Especially the Next episode one. the Drop is sick. As with Ctrl alt destruction . The drop is sick too ( i got this in KSI's video vs W2S). Also Surface although its not a hard dubstep thing the beat is good. with Diplo its good.