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Country: Registration Date: Apr. 03, 2011 Birthday: Jun. 07, 1999 (24 years old)

Hello visiter! I'm Kyle. You may know me as Yoshikid2414 or Bladerkid2414 or even Kaibaman7869 but you can call me ky for short. I am from Ontario but i live in the durham region which is in the GTA and next to Toronto itself. I started getting into beyblade when the game came out to North America and I started playin around the first Generation. Other Hobbie I like to do are play yugioh, cardfight vanguard, music that is in the pop-punk genre, and I like to play video games like call if duty, GTA V, Mortal kombat, and other games. I joined the organization when I went to anime north in 2011 during the crusade. Hopefully we get the chance to battle each other sometime. if you have a question that you would like to ask me, hit me up with a pm and I will try to answer back to you as best as I can! :) yay i finally beat kei... kookaburra rules... i'm using my phone for this site due to the fact that my computer lags and caries too much ads that are not really necessary. Sorry for anyone who get's way too annoyed if my username show on the WBO for way too long currently team captain of Team Apex BeyDragons Here are the tournaments that I placed in Bey frey 3 - finished 4th Jesseobre's birthday bash - finished 4th Midnight's birthday bash - finished 4th B.O.D (BEY OR DIE) - finished 3rd with freshclassik and minion The leaves have fallen and frost approaches - finished 2nd LMAO'S birthday beynanza - finished 5th (decided to add this one in) Beyblade bursts onto the scene - finished 1st - first Canadian and WBO Burst format champion Beyblade shogatsu - finished 1st -1st winner in ontario I Attended: 28 tournaments so far since I joined the WBO Goals: Reach to 10: Burst format reached May 8, 2016 1st place in a tournament: Reached August 2nd, 2015 Participate internationally: TBA Place in an north american tournament: TBA Become a well known player in beyblade around the worldthrough the WBO or through the WBBA: TBA

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