Favourite Songs

As difficult as this is to admit, the old English Beyblade songs are pretty fun. I don't even remember their names, but they're just fun. The nerd inside of me wants to listen to them now.

I think he's winning.

I guess that's a crappy elaboration, but they made the show more fun and I like being an idiot when I listen to them and it isn't while watching Beyblade.
KILL EVERYBODY by Skrillex. I really like it because it has one of the best drops by Skrillex. Also because it has a more dark theme. Also Monster by Skillet because the lyrics have good meaning.
lately i've been listening to an old song that was in a movie i was OBSESSED with when i was younger it's You'll Be In My Heart by Phil Collins it was in the disney movie Tarzan and i LOVED that movie and i think Phil Collins' voice is tremendous (the link is to a youtube vid with the lyrics for the song)

its not difficult to admit, i think the songs from then made the anime for fun Smile and everyone should rock out all across the nation while listening to them Tongue_out (i know, stupid pun lol)

NICKELBACK FTW!!!!!!!!!!!! BEST BAND EVER I DONT CARE WAT BEY BRAD SAYS!!!!!!! Luving their new album, and Fall out boy. And it turns out im not the only one on this site who knows Skillet.
One Direction- Thats what makes u beautiful. luving it
Wow, I like rock. Tongue_out
"From Heads Unworthy" by Rise Against.
If anyone watched the last Street Fighter X Tekken Trailer, they should've heard of this awesome song. It's not peaceful at all. Nope, this is not a downside because Rise Against songs aren't aren't meant to be peaceful. xD Also, I'm liking almost every content and lyric of the song, and the awesome upbeat pre-chorus lyrics set you up very nice for the chorus itself.
"The crown slips from heads unworthy, as we take control." -Rise Against, "From Heads Unworthy"

"Safe and Sound" by Taylor Swift.
Now this is very peaceful and I like the meaning of being safe and sound. I listen to it every night to help me go to sleep. It's my lullaby actually. (Except the part where they're moaning. That part creeps me out, but is one of the more peaceful parts of the song.)
It's on my Signature too.

"Hey Jude" and "I Want To Hold Your Hand" by The Beatles.
I can't explain how I like this song really.It's just awesome.

.... GalaxyPegasus80, it's "What Makes You Beautiful"

I like different types of music, my top 3 favorite songs are....
Bat Country by Avenged Sevenfold...
Comatose by Skillet...
Livin young, wild, and free by Wiz Khalifa.

I don't know why I like them, I guess they are just catchy.
My favorite song (it's a lullaby) is the Power of One by Donna Summer. I also like Make a Wish by Cindy Mizelle and Asuca Hayashi. You can listen to them on YouTube.

I like them because they're just so sweet. They help me to relax and forget about everything around me.
this song is awesome it reminds me of queens harmony mixed with street fighter
My favourite song is the I Like Trains asdfmovie song. I love it because of the catchy tune, and best of all, it has the I Like Trains Kid!!

Here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHkKJfcBXcw
My favs song are party rock anthem by lmfao and harder better stronger by daft punk

Because they have cathcy beats Grin
My new favorite song is "Invasion" from Bleach. I don't know why, but I just LOVE it for some reason. It catches my attention, I guess...
Gotta love that Nickelback, at the moment im in a bit of a Flo Rida mood, Wild Ones aughhhhhhhhh yeah. Performed at Wrestlemania 28. dJoyful_3b awesome
just listen to this and youll know
Definitely Way I Am by Eminem. Some powerful hidden messages in that song, minus the obscene language and violent descriptions. I also like Rock Bottom, Beautiful (Both by Eminem), and Where'd You Go by Fort Minor.
I favor Streets of Gold by 3OH!3. They add just the right amount of techno for me in that song...

Along with that, I also like: Party Rock Anthem (LMFAO), This Afternoon (Nickelback), The Hell Song (Sum 41), and Marilyn Manson's playing of the Resident Evil Main Title Theme...

For obvious reasons. (Click to View)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=loIUe0iCHBE Because Krispy Kreme is just that great. "Life is a race and everybody's behind me" <33
Let's see here...
SNSD - Gee
SNSD - Genie
SNSD - Oh!
SNSD - Hoot
SNSD - The Boys
SNSD - Paparazzi
I really like SNSD :3
They're really catchy and because I'm a Sone.
I also like Wonder Girls - Like This. Recently came out and it makes me wanna dance xD
Well, I'm like Llama1 above me... just a different band(s).

Big Bang - Blue
Big Bang - Monster
Big Bang - Lies
Big Bang - Bad Boy
Big Bang - Tonight

f(x) - Electric Shock

Yeah. I like almost every Big Bang song, aha.
rise above the storm and all of eminem's songs
hey does any mumbai blader have rise above the storm in your cell?can you give me during the tourney via bluetooth
I Like Basically Any Dev Song But This One Touches My Heart!
I like Metallica because they make great music in my opinion.
I've started liking Volbeat because they make good songs.
I am sorry if this is spamming.
I recently added "North America Scum" by the LCD Soundsystem to my list of favorite songs...

I really only like the song just because of the beat, and the fact that it's a soundtrack for one of my favorite video games...
Songs? Hm.

Punk or whatever: Jesus of Suburbia by Green Day

Dubstep: Not Another UKF Dubstep Tutorial by Dubba Johnny

Post Hardcore: A Candlelit Dinner With Inamorta by Asking Alexandria

Nerdcore: Indier Than Thou by MC Frontalot

Other: RANT by Bo Burnham

Those are the genres I mostly listen to.