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Country: Registration Date: Apr. 17, 2011 Birthday: May. 27, 1994 (29 years old)

Name: Conner Beyblade Team: XSV [Excessive] Bio: I've been into Beyblade forever. Gone through 2 collections already and am active on my 3rd. I'm always up for some conversation. ---- Team XSV is a north-western team that's never been to any official WBO event yet. We've recently had some members resign and have been hurting for more teammates. Seattle isn't too big about the beyblade scene, so we haven't had much action lately. ---- I still have plans for the sport of Beyblading in the North West. Let me know if you're within states and wanna battle/kick it Beyblade style! We're trying to get together some tournaments! ______________________________________ Goals: 4/12 [O = Complete] [X = Not yet done] 1. Obtain 5 beyblades: O 2. Obtain 10 beyblades: O 3. Obtain 20 beyblades: O 4. Obtain 50 beyblades: X 5. Get a face: O 6. Get 5 faces: X 7. Get 10 faces: X 8. Get 15 faces: X 9. Attend a WBO event: X 11. Help host a WBO event: X 12. Become a champion Beyblader: X

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