Favourite Beyblade? (Elaborate!)

Plastic: Driger S
Hms: Driger MS
Mfb: Pisces
Plastic: Master Draciel
HMS: DragoonMS
MFB: Leone
Plastic: Draciel Metal Ball Defencer and Draciel's overall. Though, besides them, my favs are Dranzer V2 (and most other Dranzer's too), Galman and Seaborg 2.

HMS: Draciel MS obviously, though Dragoon MS is really fun to use. I love the way it moves.Grin

MFB: Don't really care, though Libra and Rock Leone look pretty cool and are defencive, which I like. Leone get extra points for being green xD.
mine are some of the ones that i actually have except for the MFB
plastic: engine gear dranzer G
HMS: dragoon
MFB: storm pegasus
my favorite are probably driger ms and rock Leone cuz those are the ones i have now
I haven't had a HMS blade, but my favorite plastic blade is probably Dranzer S, and my favorite MFB is Stadust Pegasis. Both perform and look awesome!
Plastic: Bistool, Galleon, Wolborg 2,
HMS: Driger MS, Wolborg MS(Unfortunately, I don't have this one)
MFB: Libra, Aries, Escolpio, Earth Aquila
HMSTongue_outhantom Fox
MFB:Rock Aries,Ray Unicorno
(Feb. 09, 2010  4:15 PM)megablader2 Wrote: Plastics - blizard orthrous, galeon 2, uriel 2 and gaia dragoon(I own all of these too!)
HMS - Dragoon ms, wolborg ms and dranzer mf
MFB - L.L drago, storm pegasus and rock leone

Did I tell you how much I like you and how you were going to give me Galeon 2, Uriel 2, Wolfborg MS, and Dragoon MS lol kidding

My fav Beys are Earth Aquila, LL Drago, Burn Phoenix as well as Thermal Pieces. I'm pretty sure I posted here before but here are the changes as far as MFB go
(Feb. 10, 2010  8:19 PM)Medz Wrote: Plastic: Driger S
Hms: Driger MS
Mfb: Pisces
What. The. Expletive.
(Aug. 01, 2010  8:50 AM)countdudoo Wrote:
(Feb. 10, 2010  8:19 PM)Medz Wrote: Plastic: Driger S
Hms: Driger MS
Mfb: Pisces
What. The. Expletive.

What's the problem...
Plastic: Metal Dragoon Bearing Core
HMS: Shining God MS
MFB: Sol Blaze V145AS (don't care about its performance, i'm more for collecting)
Plastic - Dranzer GT
HMS - Wolborg MS
MFB - Storm Pegasis
My fav plastic is dranzer gt. My fav hms is dragoon msuv.
plastic:black dranzer

HMS:dark effigy

MFB:meteo Ldrago
Driger S will rule the world!!!! Cute
Death Gargoyle is my favourite HMS and my favourite MFB blade is Killer Gemios
My favorite plastic was........ well, I didn't really have one. The Dranzer blades were the ones I liked the most out of all others, so if I had a "favorite" it would have to be the whole Dranzer series.

My favorite HMS......... well, I don't have one. I didn't get any HMSs. The box was weird and different from regular blades, and I being a young kid, was scared off.
I think the main problem was the most of my launchers had broken, so I wasn't really into blading much at the time.
But, more so, I didn't even know if the HMSs had launchers or cords in them. Otherwise, I definitely would have picked a bunch up. They had them for 5 bucks each at one point. Pinching_eyes

I don't really have a favorite MFB.... yet. I only own the two that came with the Vortex Stadium, so I can't really say which was my favorite. However, based on looks, my favorites would be Thermal Pisces and Burn Pheonix [but before them Poison Serpent was by far my favorite, but these guys just knocked it out of the park].
Big Mac 320Yen Cute
Mine Is Dark Wolf
Plastic-F.Gigars(Would love to know how this beats every Beyblade my friends have..)

HMSGrinark Effigy(First HMS Bey)

MFB:Tied between Lightning L-Drago and Rock Leone
Big Mac 320YEN.

I'm lovin' it.
plastic dragoon gt

hard metal system dragoon msuv

mf storm pegasua
(Aug. 02, 2010  12:59 AM)flameofdranzer Wrote: plastic dragoon gt

hard metal system dragoon msuv

mf storm pegasus


Storm Sagittario 100F