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Country: Registration Date: Aug. 01, 2010 Birthday: May. 31, 1997 (26 years old)

hi im quite a skilled blader for my age the strongest in ayr maybe scotland stongest i know ps im very strong i have trained my own team its called bladefusion we have lots of members view forum if want info i have trained for about six years i have had a dragoon v a dranzer f 9first beyblade a dranzer v2 a dragoon v2 a grifflyon a metal dranzer . i currently have dragoon g a dragoon gt unfortuanatly tthongli but i made it good i gave it a ten wide wd plastics dragoon g dranzer g strata dragoon g dranzer gt dragoon gt griffolyon only ar metal driger wolborg 4 hms draciel ms strata dragoon ms driger ms MF have storm pegasus 105rf rock leone 145wb dark gasher ch120sf dark bull h145 sd (special two pack version storm capricorn m 145 q flame sagittario c 145 s storm aquario 100 hfs rock aries ed 145 b special tornnado wing storm pegasus rock aquario 125sf rock pegasus 105 wd special flame claw sagittario storm leone 100 hf dark wolf df fs normal lightning ldrago 100 hf earth eagle145 wd thermal pieses t125 es flame libra t125 es rock orso d125b ray unicorno burn fireblaze 135 ms burn phoenix 135 ms earth virgo gb145 bs nigh virgo df145bs torch aries 125D poison serpent sw145 sd cyber pegasus105f meteo ldrago lw105 lf gravity perseus ad145 wd lion gale force wall rival pack darkness howling blazer rival pack big bang pegasus fd l'drago destroy F:s hell kerbecsbd145ds ldrago105f fang leone 145 w2d i have a grip and beylauncher too friend gave me a left spin beylauncher and metal face a dragoon shooter several grips and more ps some call me the dragon blader beyblade is my life i love it never a day when i dont blade iv played from the day it came out and its so awesome il never stop :) i am very very passionate:) also if any one wants ask for my phone number so we can text:)

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