Favorite Super Smash Bros Character

mine is Mii (lord umar, brave umar, slash umar)

your favorite can be from any smash bros

even switch

its dying the thread
3ds = dark pit.
either Sonic, Dark pit, zero suit Samus or Young Link
None of them but fire emblem characters
(Nov. 21, 2020  5:36 AM)EarthHelios Wrote: Mega Knight or Sonic

I think you mean meta knight
(Nov. 21, 2020  11:30 AM)BeybladeManiac0 Wrote: Sans, Cuphead, Vault Boy and Steve.

carp I forgot that sans and steve are in the game
If we where to play a 3 person squad strike I would choose byleth, joker and sheik but if I where to pick one it would be joker
Isn’t there already one of these? It’s just like the least favorite Pokémon repeat
N64: Been so long since I've played, I don't really have one.
Melee: Samus. Actually why I got into the Metroid series to begin with, and thus became my favorite series.
Brawl: Snake. Literally all the records of "Most X" had Snake's name on it. Aside from drownings.
4: Corrin. For some reason Corrin was the only character I could play decently at all in 4, despite being decent with other characters in other games.
Ultimate: Hard toss up between Ridley, Dark Samus, and Piranha Plant
Just one word, no need for anything else:

might as well:
Greninja, Dark Pit, Link

if I'm playing against a ton of people, Ganondorf or Ness
IDK if this is necroposting since the last post was in feb but anyway, my most fav is probably Dark Pit :>
I know have 4. Kirby, cloud, Ike, and Sephiroth
I like using Falco, Samus, Link, Captain Falcon, and Greninja