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Full Version: Favorite Super Smash Bros Character
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mine is Mii (lord umar, brave umar, slash umar)

your favorite can be from any smash bros

even switch

its dying the thread
3ds = dark pit.
either Sonic, Dark pit, zero suit Samus or Young Link
We like Ike
None of them but fire emblem characters
Mega Knight or Sonic
(Nov. 21, 2020  5:36 AM)EarthHelios Wrote: [ -> ]Mega Knight or Sonic

I think you mean meta knight
Pit, and Sonic.
Sans, Cuphead, Vault Boy and Steve.
(Nov. 21, 2020  11:30 AM)BeybladeManiac0 Wrote: [ -> ]Sans, Cuphead, Vault Boy and Steve.

carp I forgot that sans and steve are in the game
If we where to play a 3 person squad strike I would choose byleth, joker and sheik but if I where to pick one it would be joker
I love Dark Pit and Rob
i like ike!
Pikachu all the way
Ultimate: Sonic The Hedgehog
Isn’t there already one of these? It’s just like the least favorite Pokémon repeat
N64: Been so long since I've played, I don't really have one.
Melee: Samus. Actually why I got into the Metroid series to begin with, and thus became my favorite series.
Brawl: Snake. Literally all the records of "Most X" had Snake's name on it. Aside from drownings.
4: Corrin. For some reason Corrin was the only character I could play decently at all in 4, despite being decent with other characters in other games.
Ultimate: Hard toss up between Ridley, Dark Samus, and Piranha Plant
Just one word, no need for anything else:

might as well:
Greninja, Dark Pit, Link

if I'm playing against a ton of people, Ganondorf or Ness
Girl Robin or Ike.
IDK if this is necroposting since the last post was in feb but anyway, my most fav is probably Dark Pit :>
I know have 4. Kirby, cloud, Ike, and Sephiroth
I like using Falco, Samus, Link, Captain Falcon, and Greninja