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Country: United States Registration Date: Sep. 22, 2020

"Finish him up Dranzer!" Favorite Beys: 2000: Dranzer Flame/Black Dranzer V-Force: Dragoon Victory 2 G-Revolution: Zeus Metal Fusion: Storm Pegasus/Lightning L-Drago Metal Masters: Meteo L-Drago/Sol Blaze Metal Fury: Death Quetzalcoatl Shogun Steel: Samurai Pegasus Burst: Lost Luinor Evolution: Nightmare Luinor/Tempest Wyvron Turbo: Turbo Spryzen Rise: Union Achilles/Sword Valtryek/Dusk Balkesh Surge: Jet Wyvron Favorite Character in BottleMan: Ryo, Cota Coga, and Muto Yukiji Favorite BottleMan: Colamaru, Aquasports, Black Fujin, Rising Milk, Wonder Grape, Cruel Bot's Thesis , and God Bren Dragon I will defintely try to come up with some bey and bottleman names Right now I got nothing lol

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