Dranzer Spiral (Burst) Discussion.

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Dranzer Spiral (Burst) Discussion

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Dranzer Spiral's Beyblade Burst remake was something I felt I didn't really need before release, as a player who tends to keep up with the competitive meta and not so much collecting every new product out there. Hearing a few small complaints about Dranzer's recoil as a result of its contact points only left me following my prior instincts. After (very luckily) winning one from a recent event in Toronto, however, I figured it'd be worth putting aside the nice, blue Trans for a little while and focus on the bigger deal. 

Equipment and Procedures:
For each set of testings, I'll be using a Dranzer Spiral with only a few prior usages, an Odin under the same conditions and Deathscyther, Dark Deathscyther and Neptune Layers in their prime. 

In matches requiring two of the same Driver, Drivers will be swapped halfway through the set of 10-round testings, likewise will launches. 

Matches will take place in the B-09 BeyStadium Standard Type and will feature Beyblades launched with a Karabiner Grip, accompanied by a Light Launcher/Long Winder duo. 


Dranzer Spiral as an Attack/Stamina Hybrid: 

Dranzer Spiral Heavy Zephyr vs. Odin Heavy Defense
DZHZ: 2 Wins (ALL BF) 
OHD: 8 Wins (ALL BF)
DZHZ win rate: 20%.

Dranzer Spiral Heavy Zephyr vs. Deathscyther Spread Revolve
DZHZ: 3 Wins (1 BF, 2 OF) 
DSR: 7 Wins (6 BF, 1 SF)
DZHZ win rate: 30%.

For these sets of testings, Odin and Deathscyther lost an acceptable amount of clicks fairly often. Dranzer Spiral—as a Layer with sizable contact points and already taken big hits at the beginning of matches—does the same and Bursts, as a result. 

Mirror Matches:

Dranzer Spiral Spread Claw vs. Neptune Spread Claw

DZSC: 6 Wins (ALL SF) 
NSC: 4 Wins (ALL SF)
DZSC win rate: 60%.

One of the interesting things I had noticed here was how Dranzer Spiral's weight distribution took affect, but not for the best. Even at the end of matches where it'd seem clear Dranzer would outspin Neptune, its weight distribution on the bottom and top of the Layer made becoming unbalanced an issue. 

[Image: weight_distribution.png]

Dranzer Spiral Spread Defense vs. Deathscyther Spread Defense
DZSD: 3 Wins (ALL BF) 
DSD: 7 Wins (ALL SF)
DZSD win rate: 30%.

Closing Remarks:
Dranzer Spiral clearly isn't so much the greatest option for raw Stamina and it is almost common knowledge that a Layer with such predominant contact points and lack of round shape is not going to do well for Defense. Even with unequal weight distribution, it has more-than-exceptional raw Attack power but falls back with a mixture of a design on the smaller end and exposed contact points (which is reasonable under the sense that it was meant to replicate an original design). 
I have played around with Dranzer Spiral a bit, stock and customized, and I cannot say that I would use it in a tournament. I have found it to (self) Burst way too much on set ups for every type (Attack, Defense and Stamina), and see it as the jack of all types but the master of none. It really shines in Attack, and has some of the best Attack power amongst other Layers, but this isn’t effectively expressed as it Bursts too often. To go a bit farther, I think that it Bursts so easy because the teeth cannot handle the Attack recoil (since Dranzer Spiral has fairly large attack points). Its Defense is just bad, and I do not see a way to make it better as it is bursting no matter what. Its Stamina is actually decent, but compared to DeathScyther or Dark DeathScyther, it is not a top choice by far. Below I have included testings between Dranzer Spiral and Dark DeathScyther, which I will talk more about after. Overall, I see no real reason to use this over any other layer that is top tier in their typing.

Bey launched first alternated, Long Winder and B-09 used
DZHR: 3 wins (3 OS)
D2HD: 6 wins (3 BF, 4 OS)
DZHR Win Rate: 30%
Dranzer bursted 3 times in a stamina match up, showing its lack of major Defensive capabilities. It also had issues keeping up with D2 in stamina, where it only won when it was launched first, and it was narrowly.
Thanks so much for the testing, guys! Seems like these initial tests confirm what our impressions of the Dranzer S Layer were upon release.

Mitsu your comments about Dranzer S being unbalanced and it seeming clear like it would OS Neptune at first reminded me of the tests I did with the Driger S Layer for Stamina; it looks great until the end when it just ... becomes unbalanced and ultimately loses haha. Maybe if they come out with a wider Disk in the future with greater outwardly focused weight things like Dranzer S or Driger S could become useful (that being said, I'm more confident in that happening for Driger S).

This imbalance issue was probably inevitable to some degree because TAKARA-TOMY clearly wanted to make the design of these Layers as faithful to the originals as possible, which I can respect. I think if we can find any use for these remakes (like Driger S which appears to be decent for Attack at least), it's a bonus because the fact that they even exist is cool!
I will post my testing results aswell tonight! I think I might of found a combo that makes it decent!
So I'm super motivated to make Dranzer work because it nearly cost me 72$CAD.. I was super excited to try it out and it wouldn't stop bursting, So as determined as I was I went out and bought a bunch of new parts for it, After trying every single customization I could find I came up with 2 really good ones.

DZAR (Dranzer Armed Revolve)
DZGT (Dranzer Gravity Trans)
Personally I like DZGT better because I can change the modes, Anyways here's some documented testing for DZGT, I will upload recorded footage of Dranzers battles on my Youtube channel here
YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrnia0w...1nw/videos

Dranzer Gravity Trans vs Valkyrie Heavy Xtreme
G1: DZ wins SO
G2: Valk wins KO
G3: Dranzer wins BF
G4: Dranzer wins SO
G5 Valk wins BF
G6: Valk wins SO
G7: Dranzer wins BF
G8: Dranzer wins SO (Barely)
G9: Valk wins KO
G10: Dranzer wins BF

Will upload more results but these were mine, What do you guys think?
Try Dranzer Polish Yeilding, I think I fixed it lol
(Feb. 13, 2017  2:48 AM)Utoshi Wrote: Try Dranzer Polish Yeilding, I think I fixed it lol

Is there anything in particular it's successful against?

(very glad this topic isn't dead just yet thanks for keeping it alive)
(Feb. 13, 2017  3:08 AM)Mitsu Wrote: Is there anything in particular it's successful against?

(very glad this topic isn't dead just yet thanks for keeping it alive)

Seems like it's some kind of pure stamina type?

From my testing I found Yeilding was able to make beys really beyreallly hard to burst. For example despite W2 is easy to burst. My new combo W2_Y was able to burst D2, Neptune and VGR (yes my Valky was only used 7 rounds before testing lol).
Any Test For Hasbro Dranzer F? (Or a thread?)
(Apr. 24, 2019  4:48 AM)AsaladTheAnime1 Wrote: Any Test For Hasbro Dranzer F? (Or a thread?)
You can find tests I've done for Hasbro Dranzer Flame in this post (https://worldbeyblade.org/Thread-Hasbro-...pid1508135) and other posts after it.
sorry if im a bit off-topic here is trans still a viable driver in the current metagame?