Cooking Thread: your "i cant cook" jokes aren't clever

We tried one of these before, but it didn't go well. So, uh, let's try again.

Tonight I'm making linguine pasta with garlic alfredo sauce and roasted chicken legs (rock salt, fresh black pepper, paprika, and basil with extra virgin olive oil). Will try to get crappy webcam pictures once it's done!
Earlier that day I cooked lunch. I took ground beef and cooked in a wok, then added noodles from the last day. Seasoned with soy sauce, pepper and very little chili.

We didn't have real good stuff at home so I had to make something from the things we had. Couldn't go buy stuff 'cause it was very hectic since my mom was sick. Normally she makes lunch, so I had to jump in.
Didn't taste too bad, though.

(Tell me if you only want serious recipes here so I stop posting stuff like this)
I loveeeee:

Angel hair in a creamy sauce with just enough lemon. Not too much to override the taste of the sauce, but not too much to not be noticed. Add grouper or trout with a layer of bread crumbs, baked until it's a golden brown.

Freshly ground black pepper and some salt!
BT that sounds amazing!
Sasch Wrote:what's angel hair?

a type of pasta
SexyMichael Wrote:
Sasch Wrote:what's angel hair?

a type of pasta


I made some pan fried pollock a few months ago. I used cracker crums, garlic and montreal chicken spice. Tasted amazing.
Bey Brad Wrote:BT that sounds amazing!

Oh, it is. Smile

that seriously looks delicious

too bad we cannot taste over the internet yet
The best thing I can make is breaded cauliflour first I crack a couple of eggs mix them drizzle them on some cauliflour (both sides) Litterly throw them in bread crumbs and simmer them on the stove mix in a little chopped garlic add salt and pepper and enjoy (or say they taste like carp)
bugturtles Wrote:dude

that seriously looks delicious

too bad we cannot taste over the internet yet

it was seriously amazing, rock salt and paprika on chicken is amazing
For lunch today I made a grilled cheese sandwich with havarti, provolone, bacon and spinach. Very delicious, but very rich.

[Image: Photo10.jpg]
[Image: Photo11.jpg]
[Image: Photo9.jpg]
That looks amazing. Im gonna make that minus the spinach
i would recommend only using one kind of cheese or foregoing the bacon or something because i feel a little ill
Im gonna go with provolone bacon and tamatoes
What you think?
Sounds good.
Tonight I'm having seared steak, stir fried vegetables and hot soba noodles with tamari soya sauce and honey sake teriyaki.

[Image: Photo16.jpg]