Celebrations: WBO Anniversary!

Good morning/afternoon/night World Bladers!

December 5th is usually Brad Day, but this year we decided that it was appropriate to make the transition to simply "WBO Anniversary". As Brad once said over five years ago:

Bey Brad Wrote:This is not my community. This is our community.

So, it is with these words in mind that we are proud to announce that December 4th, 2012, is the WBO's 4th Anniversary!!

For the official 4th anniversary of the World Beyblade Organization, there are tons of festivities to celebrate these four years full of hundreds of tournaments all around the world, the highest degree of innovation in customizations, and always the hottest Beyblade news! You definitely can’t find that anywhere else, and we should be proud to be a part of this phenomenon!

Tweet away and be sure to share these celebrations on Facebook too! Don't forget to follow and like us as well!:

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To start off, you've probably already noticed, but we've updated the index banner with the newest incarnation of Pegasis, Samurai Pegasis!

Scavenger Hunt
Now, to kick off the celebrations, we’ve got a super exciting, month-long activity : a Scavenger Hunt!! The goal of this hunt is to gain as many points as possible by fulfilling several objectives related to the WBO. Here they are :
  • Host or participate in at least one approved tournament (4 Points)
  • Find the fact on worldbeyblade.org : "What's the average RPM for a Metal Fight Beyblade?" (1 Point)
  • Get four of your referrals to Like the official WBO Facebook Page (2 Points)
  • Earn four (new) valid referrals (3 Points)
  • Get a photograph of at least four people playing Beyblade, with a big sign saying "Happy Anniversary WBO! " (3 Points)
  • Share a Beywiki article (requires proof such as a screenshot) (1 Point)
  • Share a BeyChannel video (requires proof such as screenshot) (1 Point)
  • Where on BeyChannel? "Bring on the power!" (1 Points)
  • Receive an additional, new Face (2 Points)
  • Be the first to find the "____ Face" hidden around the site each week (2 Points)
  • Post an entry in the "Face Contest: Design Burning Kerberous ZERO-G Ver.!" (2 Points)
  • Find the fact on worldbeyblade.org: "What was the precursor to the World Beyblade Organization?" (1 Point)
  • Find the fact on worldbeyblade.org: "What was our first ever official tournament?" (1 Point)
  • Upload a video to Youtube discussing what you like the most about the World Beyblade Organization (2 Points)
  • NEW!! Find the fact on worldbeyblade.org: "What were the original names for Sagittario and Leone?" (1 Point)
  • NEW!! Find the fact on worldbeyblade.org: "Who are all the Members who were shown wearing a WBO T-shirt on this site?" (2 points)
  • NEW!! Find the fact on worldbeyblade.org: "What are the usernames of all WBO Committee and Global Moderators, past and present, excluding those who have the Face of Soul?" [12 usernames] (2 Points)

The first hidden Face this week is Sagittario! [Image: sagittarioface.png] This is a big big site, where could it be?! Stay tuned to this thread each week for which Face needs to be found! And if you end up being the first person to find it, be sure to post about it here in this thread as quickly as you can! That way, everyone will know when it was found.

Update: Sagittario has been found!

Whenever you have completed a goal, please PM Kai-V and she will confirm that you have completed it. She will also periodically update the leaderboard that will be added to this thread soon!

And please be aware that posting answers to any of the fact-based questions anywhere on the WBO is prohibited. If anybody does, we may be forced to warn and disqualify you from the competition.

Scavenger Hunt Prizes
As mentioned, whoever gets the highest number of points will win, but the prize is awesome! Mtwo, whose recolours you might have seen lately, has generously agreed to make us exclusive Pegasis customs with the colours of the WBO! These will include Big Bang Pegasis for the Member with the most points, Galaxy Pegasis for the second place, and Storm Pegasis for the third place. The top three winners will be the only ones in the whole world to have these recolours! Mtwo should be posting sneak peaks of the recolours as they reach completion just to make you all drool!

But this isn’t it, we wouldn’t stop there! All Bladers who will have gathered at least 4 points will automatically get the exclusive WBO Anniversary Face!! [Image: anniversaryface2012.png]

In addition to this, you can actually spend your Scavenger Hunt points on Face Boosters, including the brand new, limited edition, Face Booster VIVID [Image: faceboostervivid.png] !

Face Booster VIVID will come at a cost of 8 points.

These Face Boosters will cost 6 points each.
And these, 5 points each:

And here's a break down of how the recolours will be distributed, and what other physical prizes can be won through participating in the Scavenger Hunt:
  • 1st Place: Big Bang Pegasis F:D WBO Ver. + BBG-26 Starter Samurai Pegasis W105R²F + Face Booster VIVID
  • 2nd Place: Galaxy Pegasis W105R²F WBO Ver. + BBG-26 Starter Samurai Pegasis W105R²F + Face Booster VIVID
  • 3rd Place: Storm Pegasis 105RF WBO Ver. + BBG-26 Starter Samurai Pegasis W105R²F + Face Booster VIVID
  • 4th-8th Place: BBG-26 Starter Samurai Pegasis W105R²F
  • 9th-15th Place: ZERO-G Booster of your choice
  • 16th-20th Place: BBG-23 Zero-G Random Booster Vol. 3 Bandid Genbull F230TB

As was mentioned earlier, the Scavenger Hunt is a month-long promotion. The WBO Anniversary is on December 4th, but this game will last until January 4th 2013, so you have a whole month to rack up as many points as you can! This is also when Face Boosters will officially become available in exchange for the points you have accumulated.

No Entry Fee: Dec 16-24
To notably help with that goal of hosting or participating in a tournament, we’ve come to you with an awesome limited deal : from December 16th to December 24th 2012, the entry fees will be lifted!!

In other words, all WBO tournaments in that period will be entirely free, so don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Anniversary Celebration Videos
As you may have noticed in the list of goals above, we’d also like to invite you to film a video of yourself, masked or not depending on your preference, because we want to hear what you like the most about the World Beyblade Organization.

We’ll tag all those videos along to a video we will upload to BeyChannel soon to advertise these Anniversary celebrations!

Face Contest
What are festivities without a Face Contest?

To honour the WBO’s Beywiki, you can immediately go participate in the Face Contest : Design a Zero-G Burning Kerberous Beyblade!

The winner will actually win a Burning Kerberous, as well as the Zero-G Beyblade of their choice! Woo!

Blader Rewards: 3rd Wave

On December 18th 2012, we’ll be launching the 3rd wave of Blader Rewards, after such a high demand! Included in the rewards is the brand new Face Booster JET [Image: faceboosterjet.png]

Check out the rest of the awesome rewards here that are just about to be released!

However, to ensure that all the top prizes are not gone as soon as we release the new wave and to set everyone with a fair start, we’ll be reducing everyone’s Credits to 7 for Bladers who have more Credits than that at the moment, like we did with the advent of the 2nd wave.

Since tournaments have not started being processed yet, we have recently been distributing all Faces and Credits won at all events hosted before September 19th 2012. This will be the cut-off mark, so all tournaments organised after that will not count in the reduction mentioned above. After December 18th, we will give the Credits and Faces for those later events and you won’t lose them at all.

So, hurry up and spend your few additional Credits in the Face Boosters you prefer!

New Faces
Ohoh, here come brand new Faces!

[Image: mf2face.png] The MF2 Face will be given to WBO Organizers who have hosted at least ten successful tournaments! They truly deserve the 0.6-gram surplus!

[Image: platinumgoldface.png] The Rose Platinum Face is taking the collectioners' dream to the next level: instead of fifty Beyblades, you must collect at least 150 Beyblades to get this Face!

[Image: alexandriteface.png] Oh, an old Face that finally gets a meaning! Bladers who will have spent a lot of time testing Beyblade combos, as well as those who do the effort of testing the latest-released parts as soon as possible for the community will be eligible for the Alexandrite Face!

Finally, dimsum2u, our Authorized Beyblade Dealer, has built an amazing WBO souvenir: the WBO USB key!

They come in three different capacities, and they're quite cheap! This USB key is ideal to save all your Beyblade content, your tournament-organising software, and many more things!

On top of that, a percentage of all sales goes to the World Beyblade Organization as a generous donation from dimsum2u. Don't waste your time, it's a limited and exclusive offer that you won't find anywhere else! Stop using that ugly, common USB key; yuck.

This is a celebration for all of us, so we hope you enjoy everything and have a wonderful day, or even a whole month if you participate in the Face Contest and the Scavenger Hunt! We're all winners here whatever happens, so let's give a wide round of applause!

Happy WBO Anniversary!
Awesome guys! Thank you all who keep WBO up and running.
Whoa, Ginga was right, this is really extravagant!
Congrats WBO! Happy 4th Anniversary!
This is just too cool! Thanks so much for the news Kai-V!
Hell yes. This is freakin awesome!
Truly AWESOME!!!
thank you WBO
Also happy early WBO Day
So do this mean since I hosted an event this past weekend I automatically get 4 points?
Wow Thank's for the news Kai-V. Happy B-day Beybrad and WBO. Good luck to every one.
(Dec. 05, 2012  12:11 AM)Dark_Mousy Wrote: So do this mean since I hosted an event this past weekend I automatically get 4 points?

The promotion starts today, so unfortunately, no you do not.
Thanks for the news Kai-V.I'm going to try really hard getting those points!

P.S Happy WBO 4th anniversary!
happy brad day
(Dec. 05, 2012  1:00 AM)UltimiteCrown Wrote: awsome
No one worded posts. This contest is awesome. Thank you Brad for making the site and thanks for every one in this community for being awesome. Good luck everyone in the scavenger hunt.
Oh wow... This is amazing. I'll try and do all of the scavenger hunt, enter the Face Contest, and probably just celebrate while I can!
And also, a question, which may or may not be obvious: If you gain 4 points and get the WBO Anniversary Face, does that count as the "Receive a new, additional face" and earn you two more points?
EDIT: Dat Samurai Pegasus.
Damn .... Finally they made the face I (and other collector's) asked for, the Platinum Face. Now to go recount what I have left and see if I still have over 150 ...

Happy 4th Anniversary, WBO!
Wonderful news to see! All of these promotions, contests, etc. sound very exciting and interesting!

I've got some of the answers to these already (specifically "What was the first WBO tournament?" and "What was the precursor to the World Beyblade Organization?"), but I'll try and rack up those points!

It's really a shame that a lot of tournament scenes are dying out and won't be able to get benefits from hosting/participating, though. I'm sure that most people will find innovative ways to recieve points, though. Smile
I see 4 easy points for me already!!!

Congrats on 4 years WBO. My months here have been great!

EDIT, I just noticed the new banner!!!
Awesome! I've been waiting for this. Brad Day was tomorrow, so haha.

Oh look that Alexandrite face finally has a use. None of my friends play Beyblade... D: How will I get some of the points then?
(Dec. 05, 2012  1:21 AM)Primal Wrote: It's really a shame that a lot of tournament scenes are dying out and won't be able to get benefits from hosting/participating, though.

Well, we're hoping that the free entry period will at least help kickstart a few regions. Take advantage of it while you can, guys!

(Dec. 05, 2012  1:23 AM)Tri Wrote: EDIT, I just noticed the new banner!!!

It's awesome, isn't it? Cool

(Dec. 05, 2012  1:25 AM)GaHooleone Wrote: Oh look that Alexandrite face finally has a use. None of my friends play Beyblade... D: How will I get some of the points then?

If you haven't already, try introducing your friends to the game!
The face is on the calendar on December 4th!
(Dec. 05, 2012  1:07 AM)Wombat Wrote: And also, a question, which may or may not be obvious: If you gain 4 points and get the WBO Anniversary Face, does that count as the "Receive a new, additional face" and earn you two more points?

No, since we are going to award everything only at the end of the Scavenger Hunt. Believe it or not, but we are all very busy for once right now hah.

(Dec. 05, 2012  1:39 AM)*Ginga* Wrote: The face is on the calendar on December 4th!

... Damn, that was fast, hah.
Wow nice, nice !

Congratulations WBO ! and Happy 4th Anniversary !
Cool new banner ~!

Great !
Great! Couple of questions, though:
If someone PMs Kai-V with a goal completion, but they're wrong, are they allowed to try again? Or are they done?
Is the hidden face going to be anywhere on the site? As in, in any random thread? Or will it be in a general area? (e.g., a forum or specific page?)
By "share an article/video", do you mean just tell someone about it, or is there a specific facebook-esque "Share!" button?
Is "Bring on the power!" in a video, in a description, or just on the general page? Or is that classified?

Sorry, just wanted to clear these up.
Yeah, but I was stumped at first though. XD