Celebrations: WBO Anniversary!

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Uwik Retired
(Dec. 05, 2012  4:40 AM)zeneo Wrote: ok,some questions
1.Just by attending and participatii in a tourney,i get 4 points?and do i get 8 points for attending two formats?
2.where to post the answers of the WBO quiz questions?on this thread,or should i PM the moderators?
3.I won't be able to do screenshot as i use my cell.can i post the link over here and then,someone can check it?even for sharing the video?
4.how will you come to know that my referrals have liked your facebook page?

please try PM me the answers,my post will be lost,you know..

1. You get just the 4 points.
2. PM a Committee.
3. Screenshot is preferred.
4. PM a Committee your referrals' names. There's a way to check new & recent LIKES.

You know if you guys are comfortable with posting the screenshots here, it'd be much appreciated. Currently, the CMs are overridden with PMs.

Post the photos of people playing beys here on this thread though. We'll share in on the FB page as well.
BillyBlast Retired
This is so amazing... Unfortunatly it doesn't seem I will be able to do most of the events very easily, but I'm certain many people will have fun doing them. Don't really know what else to say really... The WBO certainly has affected me greatly and I'm very grateful for it, The WBO has brought me together with many new friends and experiences, the WBO is just wonderful and it shall last forever!
Happy 4th Anniversary everyone! Can't believe it's already been this quick ..

Anyways, must I build my Beyblade's for the Platinum Gold Face?


Oh God..
since this kind of got ignored: Not sure if right place but does a burning Kerberos zero g mean zio is going to have a role in zero-g?
Uwik Retired
(Dec. 05, 2012  5:27 AM)Time Wrote: since this kind of got ignored: Not sure if right place but does a burning Kerberos zero g mean zio is going to have a role in zero-g?

It has absolutely nothing to do with the anime / manga. Please read Kai-V's post in the Face Contest thread, where she linked an old thread about the reasoning behind it.
Tri Retired
(Dec. 05, 2012  1:36 AM)Kei Wrote:
(Dec. 05, 2012  1:23 AM)Tri Wrote: EDIT, I just noticed the new banner!!!

It's awesome, isn't it? Cool

It sure is.

On the left it's like "Cool, Pegasis!"... then you look to the left "Holy hell, it's freaking Samurai Pegasis!!"

For those that didn't know: this is the WBO's 4th Anniversary, but this past October was also Beywiki's 5th Anniversary! It's hard to believe that it's been over half a decade since this whole project was started. Never was it envisioned that we'd end up becoming this huge, and that we'd end up bringing as many people as we have together.
On the scavenger hunt, some of the stuff could use some more explanation:

* Share a Beywiki article/Beychannel video
Where do we share it, exactly? Like, if I post links to a given article on Beywiki or the Beychannel on my Facebook account or my blog, would that count?
EDIT: This was answered already, apologies.

* Where on BeyChannel? "Bring on the power!"
I don't honestly even know what this means. Does somebody say "Bring on the power!" during a video and we have to figure out which video it is, or what?
EDIT: This was answered already, apologies.

* Receive an additional, new Face
Which ones count, just one of the three new ones or does any face obtained during December work?

* Any of the questions
How many guesses do we get, lol? I think I know basically all of them, but if I get one wrong am I now ineligible for that point?
EDIT: This was answered already, apologies.
Uwik Retired
1. Anywhere. On FB, blogs, personal websites, etc. So yes, that would count.
2. It can not be explained anymore without making it easy. So, this part will remain a secret.
3. I guess it's any of the existing Faces. Starting on the announcement date.
4. Unlimited, but don't spam with random baseless answers.
zeneo Retired
i'll try to get 2 or 3 referrals now,maybe sharven12 will host a tourney on 22nd December,the entry fee lifted will bring us many bladers,many referrals!!
i'm lovin' it!

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Janstarblast Retired
Ah, congratulations to the WBO, and all its members (including me).
Wow, I didn't realize that I've been here since WBO turned two? I actually thought it was much older; like about 6-7 years old...

The new Blader Rewards is a welcome announcement, but losing 7 Credits is all the more depressing... It took me two years to get to 10 Credits without spending even one of them, yo!
Then again, at least I won't start from scratch...

Also, we had a tournament in the month of November, so I am probably getting a Gold Face for it once it gets processed(which would be probably on/by December 18). Does that Gold Face count, or does it not(because it was awarded for a tourney in November)?

As for the Scavenger Hunt, I think I can at least try for the Anniversary Face if not anything. That is quite a good souvenir to have, haha!
I am going to find this darn Beychannel "Bring on the Power!" thing... I've got all the channel's videos running in the background in case I catch wind of something that would make this challenge make any sense, haha!
Janstarblast Retired
Well, I found two answers, and I am trying to find the BeyChannel thingy too! Its for the first time that I am quite pleased to know that BeyChannel has just a few videos...
Then again, I just hope that the "Bring On The Power!" thingy isn't in one of the comments. :\

On second thoughts, how about I post a comment- "Bring on the Power!" in one of the BeyChannel Videos, and claim to have completed the challenge?


HEY WAIT! I read the OP again, and I just got a question-
If I were to spend the few Credits I have at the moment so that I can get the total number of Credits below 7, can I be saved from the "reduction"? Because, I wouldn't mind spending 4 Credits on a Face as long as I can save 3 other Credits, haha!
Damn...Im so much excited about all those things in the OP....Just cant express my eagerness!Eee
Im gona try to get some points here!

And i didnt got that 7credits thing!
Does it mean 7credits will be deducted or does it mean everyone will have only 7credits at this moment??

And yeah congratulation to all WBO members for this anniversary!!
Happy anniversary WBO!!Smile
Uwik Retired
(Dec. 05, 2012  8:47 AM)nik1392 Wrote: And i didnt got that 7credits thing!
Does it mean 7credits will be deducted or does it mean everyone will have only 7credits at this moment??

Ie: You have 30 now. If you don't use them to redeem anything, they will be reduced to 7 on December 18th, when the 3rd Wave of Blader Rewards starts.
so does it mean i have to spend total of 23 credits before 18th...or i can just spend 3-4 credits and save the rest?
Real Madrid Retired
My share of BeyWiki article & Beychannel video on FB
I post here because Uwik mentioned that Kai-V might have PM overload.
(Dec. 05, 2012  9:28 AM)nik1392 Wrote: so does it mean i have to spend total of 23 credits before 18th...or i can just spend 3-4 credits and save the rest?
You have to spend 23 credits before 18th..
Coded blader Retired
Congrats! WBO! make beyblade more better
wpardin Retired
I think I am entitled for MF2 Face since I have hosted more than a dozen tourneys. So, if I get the MF2 face, that means I will get 2 points, right?

TheHentist Retired
After 4 years, this organization is getting bigger and better... Hope for the best, Brad and happy birthday, WBO!

Cheers from the Thunderground Beyblade League Grin
Aqua Roxas
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY WBO. I will attempt to get a face or so. Question If we share different articles of Wiki will we still get points? What do you mean by Find a face in the site weekly. How do we find facts?
darkwocher Retired
Wow.. 4 years! Grin happy anniversary WBO!! Grin Grin
Congratulations WBO!!!!!!! KEEP MOVING FORWARD!!!!!!!!
ashton pinto
have i to post the screen shot of that, my referrals have liked the WBO official page??
EDIT: someone??
I have "tried" answering all the questions, did 2 other things, and started my Beyblade (Which will astonish you hopefully).

I like the way the forum has been edit! The banner looks great as hell. Good Job!

I also never knew the community grew so fast! I couldn't imagine it to be great! another around of applause!
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