Building a Plastic Top Tier List!

the little hf/s transfer nubs on the side of the base kill it. same with its awful weight/height combo

The first combo LeeDraciel listed. I have no idea what we'd list it as as it combines a lot of attributes. Generally some kind of Anti-Zombie Tank, super low recoil deal.

Finding it very hard to land a decent hit on it with anything.
That is what we call "Endurance", th!nk.
Fair point. I must lose this idea that "Endurance=Zombies".

The only issue is that it is extremely hard to KO, like, harder than most defense combo's.
Yeah, but it's not new information that Plastics often combined endurance and defense to ridiculous degrees.

Compacts say hello.
Exactly, however compacts are classed as "balance types" overall (compacts also have some minor attack power). If you look at this bey, it is not a compact.

This would also mean your classification of "endurance" wouldn't really be applicable, as it is not purely "endurance". And, if it is a sub-category of a particular classification, that subcategory would need a name due to the way this tier list is organised. Which is where the problem I see lies.

It is, in all, a problem with the organisation of the tier list as a whole, as there are often unique combos that do largely unique things, where part substitution is limited, and this method of organisation does not really suit that. I will give it some thought myself...
This can actually be used in many different ways and does have marginal attack potential at the start of the match. If you wind the engine gear up and let it just reach full speed before you lauch, it will go around and grip the tornado ridge..... or wind it up, hold it with your finger and sliding shoot it to push opponents out of the stadium. Or don't wind the EG and you will remain central in defence mode and also you can simply just wind it up and launch straight for a slow release endurance mode.

Eiver way you will continue charging the EG everytime you are hit and if there is a lot of grinding nearing the end of the match it will fall over and continue spinning with the protection of the circle survivor.

In the case of a zombie combo it simply can not spin steal from the circle survivor and even if its close you will always get the last spin again protected within the circle survivor.

Once I have made the vid for the UK tourney you will see it in action in the finals against compact, attack and zombie combos.

I love this combo XD
Yeah, honestly I'm having trouble working out what to use against it to get any kind of success, other than maybe I guess a better direct stamina combo, but those aren't exactly common or well-publicised...

Curious, any particular reason for the choice of 10 Balance?
Just always favoured it to be honest, I use it for most of my combos and was the first thing i tried. But due to its success yesterday I will be doing a lot more testing with it to see if it can be improved further....
Anything 10 Balance does, 10 Heavy usually does better, in this regard...
10 heavy has less stamina.

I am more interested in "Why Not Wide Defense?" (and other major WD's). Or just the question as it was.
Not by a whole lot, in my experience - and it adds the benefit of a more noticable increase in straight defensive ability. I continuously forget Wide Defense even exists.
Purely because I don't actually have a Wide Defense in my possession at this time, its 30 miles away at my mothers house in one of my many boxes of blades I havent picked up yet.
Ah, so it would be a better choice then?

I appreciate you sharing this with us all, by the way.
Just reviving this thread because I think there needs to be an update or two..

It might just be me but Storm Grip is really tame unless mint and I only see Grip Base and Grip Change Base (and maybe Customize Grip Base, which I have great experience with) being worthy of an actual Tier 1 mention, the others are just the layman's alternative. (Not good ones when you've seen the other two in action.)

Just worth a mention. Maybe you disagree, I'd like an actual conversation to take place here considering the last one was held last year.
Yeah, I completely agree, for smash attack, storm grip is a league below the other options.

Though, it's probably best for left spin AR's like Eight Spiker and G Upper (which IMO is better than Eight Spiker), because Grip Base is right spin and Customise Grip Base and my SG setup thing are too tall for most AR's (Triple Tiger is amazing on it though).

And yeah, I want to revive this, but I was going to wait til I had written out a new draft, considering when we started on this I knew relatively little.

Oh, also, given that I know a lot more now, I am a little less comfortable with the format... Chemistry plays a huge part in plastic beys and I don't think our part-by-part setup is suitable any more. I'm not sure what to do but will give it some thought, I'm pretty busy right now though Unhappy

Expect a new draft soon. Monstrous revamp seeing as I know about a billion times more about plastics now than when we started. Hopefully there won't be too many objections to changes, because there are many. Tentatively included the Uriel 2 tip thing, but yeah.