Beyblade world Championships

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I love the article! One small thing, in the first USA section where you wrote about Hasbro hiring companies, you said "the latter" when you had only mentioned Hasbro's name.
How far did Pattara from Thailand get, does anyone know? I missed the livestream completely. I was really "rooting" for my home country. I also had Japan as my secondary bet (because I love Japan) and Hong Kong as my third. So is everyone happy with the outcome?
What was the Australian rep like, if you met him? I never even knew we had tournaments they were that poorly advertised, haha.
Probably wondering where the alligators he was supposed to be wrasslin' were, poor guy.

Did you see how he went/what combos he used?
Ahh, okay. Thanks anyway. It's lovely to have your insight here, by the way.

I don't know if Zakiah saw on facebook, or will see it here, but I do send my sincerest congratulations for doing so well with such huge odds against him, especially with the Tornado Stadium thing, I couldn't have done better myself.
th!nk, there were no tournaments for Australia. I wrote that in the article ...

I only have the first round of "pool play" left to do, so it should be finished tonight.
Sorry, didn't see the article.

And now I see how the Australian rep was chosen, I wish I hadn't.

>Pay Double For Beyblades
>Don't Even Get Tournaments to Choose a Champ
Thanks Hasbro! DJ - Yeah!
(Mar. 26, 2012  1:44 AM)Kai-V Wrote: How did they introduce the Attack Type BeyStadiums ? Any special presentation to the "crowd", or they just layed them about and asked the players to battle in them ?

What I thought was ironic was that the guy "hosting" the championship even admitted that the battles in the Attack Stadium were much more exciting.

(Mar. 26, 2012  3:17 AM)SarabScientist Wrote: @Kei,I did give out some cards and tried to explain what the WBO was and stuff but many of the participants didn't speak english (or very little english).But Finlay did promise to check it out(he was interested).

Thanks for the effort. Smile Even if we only get Finlay on here, that would be cool!

(Mar. 26, 2012  5:45 PM)Kai-V Wrote: I made quite a complete article on the Beyblade World Championship 2012.


I feel like the customizations used in the semi-finals/finals (finals especially) should be listed as well. We can determine all of that from the stream, I think? No clue why they weren't announced explicitly on the stream (except in the finals, but that was only Blader Ken talking to both competitors) or on the Official Facebook Page, though ...

(Mar. 27, 2012  1:28 AM)SarabScientist Wrote: @Kai-V, I was on my way to get Takafumi's autograph but on the way I met Ken,so I got his first.Then when I asked him where Mr.Adachi was-he said he'd already left with the other aisan sponsors/special people to see the Hockey gameUnhappy

And...there was no way that the event was full! Man,they should've let one of the WBO members come and video tape+interview.Seriously! You would have been a good aspect! Well,they missed out on having someone from the World's largest beyblading community!

Oh, so Takafumi actually was there? You'd think that they would make this fact known on the stream. :\

(also, what hockey game? The Leafs didn't play on Sunday lol)

The World Beyblade Organization definitely needs to have information on the combinations used, hah. However, you watched the stream more : could you look into it ?
That post of mine reads rather awkwardly, like I'm asking you to congratulate zakiah, forgot an enter and missed a word, haha. Edited that now.

Anyway, can't wait to hear your summary Smile
(Mar. 27, 2012  2:35 AM)Kai-V Wrote: The World Beyblade Organization definitely needs to have information on the combinations used, hah. However, you watched the stream more : could you look into it ?
From what I could see on the video:

Zakiah vs. Finlay Battle 2
Zakiah: Hell Kerbecs ???
Finlay: ???

They didn't even show the first battle, and they only just barely caught the first battle on camera, because it ended so quickly. Zakiah almost self-KOed, but his Hell combo bounced back, came around the tornado ridge and KOed whatever Finlay was using.

Neil vs. Ryo Battle 1
Neil: MF-H Basalt Aquario 230???
Ryo: MF-H Hell Kerbecs BD145RF(?)

Neil vs. Ryo Battle 2
Neil: MF-H Burn ???
Ryo: Basalt Horogium 230MB(?)

3rd Place Match
Neil vs. Finlay Battle 1
Neil: MF-H Basalt Aquario 230???
Finlay: MF-H Basalt Horogium ???

Neil vs. Finlay Battle 2:
Neil: MF-H Hell ???
Finlay: Something with a yellow Clear Wheel

Neil vs. Finlay Battle 3:
Neil: ???
Finlay: MF-H Bakushin Susanow ???

Zakiah vs. Ryo Battle 1
Zakiah: Hell Kerbecs ??? WD (Blader Ken kind of jumbled up his words here, so I'm not sure if he said "AD145" or not)
Ryo: Hell Kerbecs 90HF

Zakiah vs. Ryo Battle 2
Zakiah: MF-H Hell Kerbecs BD145MB
Ryo: Basalt Horogium 230MB

So uh ... it's a little bit incomplete.

SarabScientist Wrote:Not sure what team was playing but it was on Saturday.The event welcome was on Sat and the rules were explained and stuff.And the pools were chosen and explinations...

Oh, that makes more sense, then.
Yeah, I think Dark_Mousy should ask Zakiah what he remembers of the combinations used, haha.
Did you see the Russian Rep at all?

I was really hoping he would live up to the old plastics anime Russian team, haha, what with there being no information listed on the site about him.
All the schema are in the article now, and I highlighted which people got eliminated when.

I do not want to upload the pictures of the competitors, because that is slightly personal, I would need their authorisation ...
There'd still be the limitation of who was able to redistribute their images, and as a fan organisation it's always better to be safe than sorry.

Perhaps just throwing in a link to the site/an archive when it goes down or something (back it up, perhaps), is enough anyway.
Zakiah said he used MF Basalt Horogium AD145WD for the final. (Facebook)

NZ pride.
4th place he came? Finlay.
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