Beyblade Plastics Price Reference List.

Whoops made a slight error. The set has a different stadium in it. Still though it should be more. I'm sorry if it felt like i'm talking down to anyone but this thread annoys me. Mainly due to it's inaccurate pricing and also the fact that it tries to give a price for things people are likely to never find and the fact that it's been abandoned when it's not done. And no I don't have too accurate a price but I would say at minimum $50 since it has Dragoon V and it's a rare set. There is one on Plamoya(look it up in google if you haven't heard of it) for $100 and that price doesn't include the shipping although their prices are mostly rediculous anyway so it probably doesn't matter much.
Make your own version, by your own rules. You know a lot about releases and pricing, and if you think you can do a better job, do it, for the community and yourself. If you won't, then you have no reason to talk down to them, as at least they tried.
You guys sure on the price off Avairon/Zio, as well as Etanzel and Donitrus? They're basically impossible to find now, and seem to be quite a bit more expensive than $30-35?
Um the list is largely inaccurate on pricing tbh. If you do manage to find one and the seller didn't pay a lot for them then I think that would be an alright price since no one but a collector would want one.
Heh, I'll have to keep an eye out, then. Someone has to write an article on them eventually...

Still seems awful low given they're so rare that most people don't know they exist, though.
Have you found one our are you looking for them?
They are one of the things I always have an eye out for, simply due to the extreme scarcity of information on them. I don't think anyone else would be willing to use them for the sake of beywiki. I mean, even I'd only use them in a fairly limited manner (unless the AR turns out to be amazing or something, haha). I only use my Dragoon/Dranzer GT because I'd already used them back when they only cost me $20.

Also the AR looks sweet.

There was a Zio on ebay for like $80 last I checked, a week ago.

Anyway, I'm a little short of money right now, and there are more important things I need to get first (that said, if I saw one for $30, I'd probably scrounge up the money). I've asked JR_Tiger for some pictures of the base of his, seeing as there is absolutely no information on it anywhere as far as I can tell and it would be quite useful information, seeing as they seem, like Griffolyon/Salamalyon, to use normal weight disks.
I know this thread has been inactive for a few months but did anyone ever create an updated list? I created one in Excel but i would like opinions on it, possible edits/changes. I don't know a whole lot about pricing but if no one else is going to do it, why not?
Can i post it somewhere, either in this thread or a new one to get reviews on it? I would like to help out the plastics/hms community!
i is just nice to post your version in this thread..there is no need for double thread for the same purpose..i agree it need an update..
Post your version and i'll comment on it.
Yes, It could use a bit of an update, Seeing as a lot of the blade's seem to have gone up in price, And some down ....

You could either gather up a few people that you know who give price's for Plastic and HMS's and do a forward of your list to them, And get everyone's opinion through that PM, Or just post it and talk about it here.
Scrap it altogether. As i've said before looking at it the prices are inaccurate and most don't take into account rarity or demand for them.
Plastic's Price List

Driger and Dragoon S are worth more than that although I know there are sonokong ones on ebay. And I don't agree with the prices for gekiryu-oh and Ultimate frostic dranzer. They're impossible to find and worth way more than $15 even NIP. Apart from that the prices seem good. Two more things you could do is prices for customize grips (there are 6 from takara and 2 from hasbro and maybe catapault grip and the common starter recolour like black Dragoon V etc.
Advice well appreciated, i'll edit the list as suggestions come in.
The price's for Apollon, Venus, Poseidon, Dark Gaia Dragoon, And Shinning God MS are all to low, There extremely rare, And are all pretty sought after.

I haven't seen a Shinning God MS for sale in age's, And I've only seen a handful of people own Dark Gaia Dragoon. Apollon, Venus, And Poseidon are also all worth more, I sold my spare NIB Apollon on here for $140 a few month's back, And price's have gone way up since then.

If you could gather up a list of as many of the Re-Color's that you can that would be great too! Smile I'm not gonna lie, It's gonna be a hard task, But I think between a few of us we can get the full list.
Here are some of the commoner recolours:

Metal masters
clear hasbro ones
Black Dragoon V
Black Burning Kerberous
Red Dranzer V2
Red Driger V2
Blue flash leopard
Black Draciel F
Clear green galman
Purple Metal Dranzer
Green Vortex Ape
White Dranzer V
Black Driger V
White Draciel V
Gunmetal Flash Leopard
Silver Flash Leopard 2

There are a million others which are less common which I could spout off if needed.
I've already edited the list and raised the prices on said Beys that were suggested. I'll be adding Black Dranzer to V Series(cant believe i forgot about it.)
I'll get to work on listing all the Re-Color's of the HMS Series. I'll edit this post later with the full list, Hopefully sometime later today or tomorrow.

Perhap's someone else could cover one of the other Series?
What do you mean by one of the other series?
He's going to cover HMS recolors. Do you want to list and possibly price the Plastics recolors?
I can list them and have a go at pricing some of them. I'll have it done soon(there are loads of recolours and those are just the ones we can identify.) I'll only do the ones people can find though. There's no point trying to list and price stuff from the first few random boosters for example.

Flame should not be that high..XD
Sonokong one is just about 20USD TAKARA one should be around 35-40 for NIB..its not rare..unless it is Thunder Pegasus..

as for Gaia it suppose to be that low?i thought it has some value?but not that sure..ahah
There aren't any around atm.
Funny how I bought my Torch Pegasus for $17 with shipping like a year ago on eBay ... (Takara)

There were like 10+ or something in stock .. so meh.

EDIT: Also, I think Blizzard Orthros is worth much more than that ..