Beyblade Metal Fight Grips-What's your custom?

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The Beyblade Metal Fight
The 3 Segment (Explosion)
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Woohoo, just got a Launcher Rubber from my friend. Grin I am one step closer to my dream grip, that being:

-Regular Grip (check)
-Grip Rubber (check)
-Beylauncher (check)
-Launcher Rubber (check)
-Metal Assist
-Grip Supoort
-LED Sight

(Sep. 18, 2011  1:08 AM)SilverPoseidon Wrote:
(Sep. 18, 2011  1:05 AM)DeX Wrote: Mine is just a 3 segment launcher with my LR launcher.

I am getting a LED sight,though

Is your LR launcher the MARS red version or is it just the normal one or the clear one.

normal. I got it from My gravity perseus

it's actually full of stickers
hasbro saggitario grip with bike handle rubber XD and hasbro beylauncher, I use takara beylauncher L for left spin.
That is very cool. My 3 segmeng grip came with stickers. and my dream grip is to have
3 seg grip green(check)
launcher rubber(check)
Green Wbba string launcher(check)
LED sight
Metal assist
Beylauncher LR Green version if there was one
[Image: 2.jpg]

my launcher grip is>>>:
Launcher Grip
Black Grip Rubber
Grip Support
Red Launcher Rubber
Light Launcher Left Right

just need a Metal Assist and LED sight, thats all that i need to get for my ultimate grip!
(Sep. 20, 2011  12:29 AM)Ultimate Kcpj Wrote: [Image: 2.jpg]


Wow that is a nice launcher. But does having all that stuff on it work, or is it just for show. It looks so jumbled up and smushed. Why not just have on launcher on it instead of 3.
I like to keep things simple .
I really like just to have a Grip and Beylauncher .
The grip is grey and the beylauncher is red .
A lighter grip works better for me .
i just use the gold launcher that shoots 2 beys, cept i only shoot one from it for added power 8D
I changed my launcher custom, now I use a 3-Segment Launcher, Beylauncher L/R, and the card from my Bloody Thermal Lacerta. Looking to get a metal grip assist and grip rubbers/an extension soon, though.

Mine is a Dark blue launcher grip with red grip rubber and a red beylauncher
3 segment Grip: weight for launches. A grip with a Hayate 2 sticker on it.
Beylauncher R/Use to be LR strength. I get cut by beylauncher handle.
Hasbro Angle Compass:yeah use less adds weight
That is my acceptable grip.
Yeah trust me I Have 4 grips 2 before having a stadium. But yeah thats my grip set up
I like to use the BB-73 3 Segment Launcher Grip, with a Black Rubber Grip, and the Launcher Grip Extension. I also have a Metal Assist, and I use the angle compass, and Beylauncher LR. I also use the LED Sight.

Other times, I use the BB-15 Black Launcher Grip, instead of the 3 Segment Launcher Grip. Of course, that means I don't use the LED sight at that time.
i use a Green wbba limited edition 3 segment launcher grip and beylauncher, red launcher rubber, grip extension and a metal assist
I use 3 Segment launcher grip with blue beylauncher and white rubber. I will also get beylauncher L or LR and i'll set it up with 3 Segment launcher grip with beylauncher L or LR and red rubber! XD
Current Setup: I like the clean and sleek look of black Grin

[Image: photo010.jpg]

1. black 3-Segment Launcher Grip (From Ultimate Reshuffle Set Gravity Perseus Version)
2. Beylauncher LR from Gravity Perseus starter
3. Grip Support (with batteries inside for balanced weight)
4. black Grip Rubber
5. black Launcher Rubber
6. LED sight
7. Beypoint card

I just need an Angle Compass and Metal Assist to complete my setup...
I use a 3 Segment launcher grip with the Beylauncher LR from the Ultimate DX Set.
I use a hasbro Custom Grip with light laucher v2
I keep it simple Smile

BB-15 Launcher Grip
Dark Blue Beylauncher
Launcher Rubber
My grip is very simple:
BB-15 Launcher Grip
BB-68 Beylauncher Orange

I will add a Beypointer when I get one.
My grip:
launchergrip+grip rubber+grip support+beylauncher LR+ launcher rubber+beypointer+LED sight+ metal asist
Currently have 3 grips -

Big Bang Pegasis DX set 3-segment with black grip rubber from Hasbro's grey grip.
Grey grip, no grip rubber (Don't really find it useful)
Grey-blue grip.

Mainly use the plain grey grip from Hasbo which holds my redbeylauncher LR. For me, I hold the grip pretty far up - i pretty much wrap my hand around the detachable part of the grip where the launcher is held, and the 3 segment, even sliding the card holder out of that spot is not very conducive to my style of holding.

I feel acquiring a metal assist would probably alleviate this and perhaps give me some more options, but in the meantime I rather like my barebones setup.
Hasbro Grip with Red Grip Rubber and Rev-Up Launcher.
Keepin' it simple.
Nothing too special for me with these two below

Hasbro BeyTarget with left-spin ripcord launcher
Hasbro BB-15C Launcher Grip with Twisted Tempo launcher
I use:

Standard Grip Set-Up:
- Hasbro Beyblade Metal Fusion BB-15 Launcher Grip (Black)
- Hasbro Beyblade Metal Fusion BB-17 String Launcher (Orange)
- TAKARA-TOMY Metal Fight Beyblade Explosion BB-101 Grip Support (Metallic Red)
- Hasbro Beyblade Metal Fusion Grip Rubber (From BB-15)

Rev-Up Grip Set-Up:
- Hasbro Beyblade Metal Fusion BB-15 Launcher Grip (Black)
- TAKARA-TOMY Metal Fight Beyblade Explosion BB-101 Grip Support (Metallic Red)
- Hasbro Beyblade Metal Masters B-203A Rev-Up Launcher (Maroon)
- Hasbro Beyblade Metal Fusion Grip Rubber (From BB-15)

Left-Spin Grip Set-Up:
- Hasbro Beyblade Metal Fusion BB-15B Launcher Grip (Blue) (Flame Saggitario Value Pack Version)
- Hasbro Beyblade Metal Fusion BB-43 Lightning L-Drago (Launcher)
- Hasbro Beyblade Metal Masters (BB-43/BB-88/BB-98 Ultimate C) L-Drago Battle Set (Ripcord)

Back-Up Grip Set-Up
- Hasbro Beyblade Metal Fusion BB-15 Launcher Grip (Black)
- Hasbro Ripcord Launcher