Beyblade Metal Fight Grips-What's your custom?

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The Beyblade Metal Fight
The 3 Segment (Explosion)
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I customize my grip not that much but I put on the Rubber Grip from the Launcher Grip 2.0 from Hasbro and my beyLauncher LR
Heres mine but it will change soon
Right spin
.Red launcher grip
.Shiny red string launcher
.LED sight
Left spin
.Black launcher grip
.Red rubber
L/R beylauncher
My launcher setup is like this:

BB-15 Takara Tomy Black Launcher Grip
BB-16 Takara Tomy Blue BeyPointer
BB-61 Takara Tomy Rubber Grip Red
BB-101 Takara Tomy Grip Extension
BB-79 Takara Tomy Metal Assist
BB-49 Takara Tomy Angle Compass
BB-115 Mars Red BeyLauncher LR
BB-58 String Launcher Suspension

Alot is for aesthetic purposes only, but the Launcher Suspension and Grip Extension are must-haves.
This is what I currently use:

-3 Segment Launcher Grip (TT)
-Black Grip Rubber (Hasbro)
-Red BeyLauncher (Hasbro)

I was using a BeyLauncher LR with a red Launcher Rubber, but the handles snapped off of both of my launchers (even with the rubber, for some reason). Sooner or later I'll buy the red BeyLaucher LR so that I can have a solid launcher for right- and left-spin.
I use a Hasbro grip without a Grip Rubber. It has a Mars Red LR string launcher with a black Launcher Rubber.

You all should see Tech's grip, it's HUGE. XD
Mine is the simplest as could be

Carabiner Grip

Beylauncher LR
Here's mine:

Just a 3seg, yellow Beylauncher, a white Launcher Rubber, and a WBO Promo Card that I've altered to fit the Beypoint Card slot. Joyful_2 It comes out occasionally, but it makes it look a hundred times better. I would use a Rubber Grip on it, but it feels weird on the 3seg to me. Confused
I used to use...

-Launcher Grip (Grey)
-Beylauncher (Orange)
-Rubber Grip (Red)

Now I have to use Hasbro launchers because my Beylauncher broke a long time ago. I have a blue one, but it's fake... sadly.
Setup is custom painted, nut cool looking:
Regular Grip
Chrome Red BeyLauncher.

Mine is going to be cool when im done with it. Should i make the grip Chrome or flat Black? Chrome to match my Red chrome Launcher. Any Designs you ask? Yep, just a Cherish Ball nead the beypointer attachment.
At the moment I am using
Beyblade Launcher Grip
Grayish Blue String Launcher
Launcher Suspension
I bought the Launcher Suspension because my hands would end up slipping on the small handle to the String Launcher. Gives me more control. Need to add an Extension to the Grip and a Pointer when I get around to it.
I use a very basic set-up,like VERY basic. I prefer attack types so I don't like anything in my way.
~Blue Launcher Grip From Hasbro
~Yellow Bey-Launcher From TT
~ Bey-launcher Suspension From TT

I might consider switching around my grips and get a beylauncher l/r. I also have a dark blue 3 seg,and a black one from hasbro. If I switch to a beylauncher L/R,I'll use my black grip.
I use the 3 Segment Grip with Grip Rubber, Grip Extension, Metal Assist, Silver Bey Launcher (from Big Bang DX Set) and Launcher Rubber. I have an angle compass and a LED sight coming in the mail so i will have the full grip soon =D
i have a takara tomy metallic blue beylauncher, sonokong blue beypointer, and a black launcher rubber (for the beylauncher)
(Feb. 01, 2011  4:22 AM)Kai-V Wrote: There is no such thing as "grip mule" though ... It is called Grip Rubber.

acutally it is also called grip mule
No, that is not the official name at all ...
My grip that I used just basicly for recording and playing with friends:

Grey Launcher Grip, Blue Beypointer, Angle Compass, Blue String launcher.

For the one I use at school or maybe a tournament:

3 segment with a clipper (For show xD) with a L/R string, angle compass and metal assist.
Oops! I also forgot to mention that everything is TT!
My grip is basic a 3 segment grey grip and a dark blue string launcher
(Jan. 31, 2011  1:16 PM)Sparta Wrote: Why do you like this custom? Does it help you in battle? Or is it just for show?

Definitely for show ... (Click to View)
(Jul. 01, 2012  8:44 PM)Ginga Blader Wrote: I use a Hasbro grip without a Grip Rubber. It has a Mars Red LR string launcher with a black Launcher Rubber.

You all should see Tech's grip, it's HUGE. XD

Haha, funny guy Tongue_out

But yes, my grip is gigantic. I use everything, a 3 seg, a gray LR, a white rubber, (occasionally suspension) a black grip rubber, an extension, an angle compass, and an LED sight.

I use this because of the extra weight, which I like. People think it's for show, but it really isn't. I've actually downgraded a bit to just an LR, so yeah. Smile
My grip setup is pretty basic. It's a hybrid of the gan gan galaxy gift set's silver grip and the standard silver grip from metal fusion, with black takara grip rubber, a hasbro metallic red beylauncher, and an angle compass for show.

The reason I chose these parts is because the silver hasbro grip was the easiest grip to access by the time I first started competitively playing in MFB, and because my paint job I did for my old brown Hasbro grip had failed. Overtime as I gained more gear and found places to get grip accessories for a good price online, it began to evolve into it's current state. The gift set's grip was the final step in it's evolution, giving it a specific theme for me to go for.
I really like the color combination of my setup at it's current state, and even though I have a 3 segment, I still use the hybrid of two Hasbro MFB grips, I find it a lot more comfortable to hold, due to there being no unnecessary card slot to slam into my wrist when I launch incorrectly. Plus, I'm just used to my standard MFB launcher grip.

I also have a secondary grip setup for casual play, which is made up of the parts unused for my standard grip setup. The only launcher I ever use with this one is a Light Launcher 2. There's another variant to this setup that uses the blue grip from the Gan gan galaxy gift set. this setup looks nice, but are just made to fool around with when I need to quickly grab the nearest grip.
My new set up is the segment grip from the BBPDX set, Hasbro red rubber, LED sight and grey beylauncher L/R
(Aug. 09, 2012  3:23 AM)Insomniac Wrote:
(Jan. 31, 2011  1:16 PM)Sparta Wrote: Why do you like this custom? Does it help you in battle? Or is it just for show?

Definitely for show ... (Click to View)

Holy carp, that looks hilarious! XD

I use 3 Seg. Launcher Grip, with the rubber and extension, and Mars Red beylauncher L/R.

When the Zero-G string lanucher comes out, I am going to use that on my 3 Seg. Grip handle, and use a Black Launcher rubber instead of the red, so it looks nice. Even though I stick to Pre-ZeroG format, I like the vertical launcher.
~Silver 3 Segment Launcher Grip (From Big Bang Pegasis DX Set)
~Silver Bey String Launcher (From Big Bang Pegasis DX Set)
~Black Grip Rubber
~Black Launcher Rubber
My Custom as of 8/14/12

[Image: lI5RW.jpg]

And I have a Grip Rubber(Red),Grip Support,Metal Assist and a Ultimate DX Set coming in the mail so when they come, I will post another picture of my grip custom when it comes in.

EDIT: Here's a new image of my new custom: [Image: xLdC3.jpg]
I have a black beylauncher coming in the mail. I use a 3 seg grip (grey), rubber (launcher & grip), a grip extension, and a compass. I also gave everyone at hitsus bday bash a 3seg card with their username on it. i have one too.
Still don't have a "REAL" setup, but my dream setup is this:

Mars Red Launcher Grip
Black Grip Rubber
Black Beypointer
Black Beylauncher And/Or Beylauncher L/R
Red Launcher Rubber
Metal Assist
And/Or Grip Support
White Launcher Grip
Black Grip Rubber
Black Beylauncher And/Or Beylauncher L/R
Black Beypointer
White Launcher Rubber
Metal Assist
And/Or Grip Support