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It's a really funny story when I got into beyblades really... Ok, so 1 day at school, I was seeking the restroom, washing my hands because of all of the dust I had from cleaning the classrooms, when suddenly I saw some kids launching something into the sink... Man, that clanging noise was like.. The noise of torture.. Anyways, it wasn't like... 1st gen or anything.. They were all Metal Fusion and Hasbro's... And I wasn't that interested in it really... But after a few weeks, I started thinking about it, maybe it wasn't such a bad idea, so I asked my parents to buy me one over the internet. I didn't know parts name back then and I didn't know much at all about beyblades, so I bought TORCH ARIES, not knowing it was the lightest beyblade ever... From there, I started beyblade-ing on the school's floor. (Ik.. Nooby of me :O) Kids at school didn't have stadiums or anything, so we played in boxes and sink and stuff like that... Then, after like... A month, I got 3 more beyblades. Stom Pegasis, Lightning L-Drago and Cyber Pegasis. And from there on, my collections started evolving! Trading, buying, having... Then as I knew it.. I had a bunch! My collection never stopped expanding... From there, I got Metal Masters, 4D beyblades and Takara Tomy. I don't like hasbro's that bad, but they're really horrid when it comes to double packs. My first 4D was Fang Leone. I bought it on ebay, then on christmas, I got the BB-10, then grips and attachments for it. And till' this day, I'm still a big fan! P.S. Yes, I do know about Takara Tomy beys. I actually even have more beys of TT then HB! And yes... Ik you're not suppose to launch beys on hard floor... R.I.P TORCH ARIES DIED: ??/??/2010-11 Reason: Busted tip/Retracted into Track. Aries Metal Wheel was kept and the rest was abandoned in a dusty place... Also, check out my YouTube. I do battles, unboxings/baggings and reviews! Channel: PwnP4cm4n182

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